Written by Ritaloves3sum

16 Dec 2017

Last Friday at our Christmas party I was seduced by my boss and it led to an amazing 3sum with his wife.

I'm 28 , Asian, single, size 8, with 34D breasts and petite. Working for a small marketing company, with 10 of us, where Simon and Anglea are directors both in their early 40s. I've only been there for 3 months and ever since Simon has always been quite touchy and on client visits very flirty. Normally asks me to wear something sexy, high heels and smell nice.

On Friday, we started early, with Prosecco flowing freely with some nibbles. By the 4pm we were very merry and we all caught taxis and checked into a country hotel near Bromsgrove.

I was sharing with my colleague Sunita. We got dressed in our party outfits, wearing short length black dress , trying hard to hold my breasts with 5 inch sandals making me long taller. I had shaven my pussy in the shower and had a nice soapy fingering session with the powerful shower.

Simon and Anglea met us in the reception both looking smart and sexy . He couldn't keep his eyes of my breasts and whispered how sexy I looked. Noticed Angela with a smile as she seductively held my hip while talking. For some reason, it felt really nice and had me wet in my tong .

Food was delicious and I was sat next to Simon. While pouring more wine, his hand occasionally slid on my thighs and at time he stroked it upto my thigh. My pussy was throbbing. Anglea eyes were all over us and caught her smiling at me .

I bumped into her at the ladies and after a brief chat , she held my back , pushed me closer and we ended up snogging. She led me to the enclosed toilet, where we continued and she pished her hand on my tong and with her finger moved it away to enter her index finger in me. I was soaking by now and with my head merry, let her continue. She was very deep and fast. I ended cumming on her fingers. She licked them and said Simon and I have another surprise. Join them in their room in 30 mins.

We had coffee, Angela excused herself, which was m signal. As I knocked on their door, Simon was already there. I was led by Anglea onto the bed , we kissed again and I noticed Simon undressing. Anglea took off my dress, Pushed off my bra and started to kiss my nipples . The feeling was amazing . She positioned me in between her legs , facing away on the each of the bed. She with both hands started to massage my breasts, nipples and kissing my neck. At this time I was totally horny and extremely wet . Simon , now naked and with an enormous erected cock was playing with himself. He knelt down , took off my tong and began to lick my juicy pussy. He was so gentle and really slow at the beginning and then he went deep and fast. He also pushed two fingers in me. With Angela's hands all over me and Simon fucking me , it wasn't long before I screamed with my 2nd cum of the night.

I was then bent over and positioned in between Anglea's thighs. She pushed my head near her pussy. This was my signal to lick her as Simon licked me . It was my 1st time I tasted a pussy and it was good. I just remembered how Simon licked and fingered me and I copied. Angela was kissing Simon and moaning at the same time. I soon tasted her juices on my tongue.

We all kissed for a while , until Simon was hard again . This time I was fucked from behind with Angela fucking herself with a huge vibrator .

Later Anglea was ficked too , while I watched and fingered myself. I spent the night with them.