Written by Frustrated wife

3 Mar 2015

Hi all, just wanted to share an amazing experience with you all. I'm Carol I,m 26 and have never down anything like this before which is why I have to share this with you.

I'm married to a lovely guy who's ok in the bedroom if you know what I mean but I'm left frustrated most of the time. I hinted at swapping as a joke to see what his reaction would be but he went nuts thinking it was disgusting so I just read stories with envy.

HOWEVER, a little while ago we went on a camping trip to the south of Spain where we met Amy and Geoff. They are both from the UK and are great fun to be with.

Amy is a bit of a 'anything goes' girl, attractive, skinny with tiny tits, whilst Geoff if F**** gorgeous and huge as in muscular. So onto why I'm writing.

We all got on well but my husband thought Amy and Geoff are a bit loud, to be honest its more that he's a bit boring. A few times during the holiday Amy hinted at having a bit of fun, when I pushed the point she asked if my husband and I had ever swapped partners. I couldn't stop laughing and explained that hubby would freak which Amy found disappointing and the subject never really came up again.

However on the last but one evening we had an accident with our tent which resulted in it being damaged by fire. Hubby was all for buying a new one but Geoff suggested we share theirs for the last couple of nights.

That evening we all got a little drunk but becouse my husband doesn't usually drink he got plastered, in fact Geoff kept passing him drinks which didn't help to the point that he passed out.

When we eventually decided to turn in Geoff carried him into the tent snoring like a pig which we all found very funny but as the tent was only designed for three it was a bit tight and we lay side by side. Geoff, Amy, Me and then hubby. We laughed so much it hurt but hubby just snored I had started to fall asleep when I could hear Amy whispering to Geoff, I slapped Amy's arse and asked her what they where whispering about, she turned round and gave me a kiss on the lips and told me to be quiet.

A few seconds later she climbed on top of me and as it was so warm we where laying on top of the sleeping bags not in them (except hubby) and Amy laying on top of me was quite horny especially becouse we where both only wearing T-shirts and knickers. Amy gave a little thrust and I thought I was going to have my first lesbian experience but instead she told me to move aver and I took her place next to Geoff.

We talked crap for a while whispering in case hubby woke up,when Amy reached over and pulled Geoff arm. He turned onto his stomach and they looked at each other very seriously, I looked from one to the other wondering what was going on when Amy lifted my T-Shirt exposing my breasts.

No one said anything but Amy pulled my knickers down and my T-Shirt over my head and in less than a minute I was completely naked between two people we had just met.

I looked over at my husband who was sound asleep, Amy whispered for me not to worry about him and tugged at Geoff's shorts exposing his thick cock.

No one said anything Geoff just slid over on top of me, Amy took a quick look at my husband and then propped herself up on her arm, lifted her own T-Shirt up revealing her tiny but firm titties and started to massage herself whilst her husband slid into me.

We had to be quiet in case he woke up and that was the hardest part. I was being fucked by this huge guy whilst his wife pleasured herself next to me leaning over now and again to suck my one exposed breast.

Amy wrapped her arms and legs round the two of us as best she could putting her hand between my legs to feel her husbands cock sliding into me. my husband stirred and we froze but as soon as he stopped I was being fucked again.

It was such and unexpected and erotic experience, feeling this cock that was twice has thick as my husbands stretching me and going deeper into my pussy than I am used to. I had a long and deep orgasm and could't help but squeal. Amy was giggling like mad covering my mouth to stifle the sound as her husband shot his hot cum into me and there was plenty of it so much to Amy's sleeping back was soaking with what dripped out.

After he has finished we just continued chatting like this was normal for them, Amy got some tissues and wiped cum from my legs. I had to ask if they did this all the time and Amy just said 'yep' before asking Geoff if he was ready, climbing back on top of me grabbing a quick feel of my breasts and giving me a kiss and telling me it was now her turn, moving off me and onto Geoff.

I lay there and watched her ride him, watched as they quietly fucked before she quivered and he let out a quiet groan as they both came.

How we got away with it I will never know but get away with it we did. The next night I was desperate for a repeat but hubby was just sleeping as normal so Amy just took my hand and pulled it over and I gave Geoff a wank whilst he slid his fingers into me with Amy in the middle. After he shot his loan into Amy's hand she drank it before rubbing the rest into my breasts and having a quick suck. Amy and I did kiss a little and had a sneaky feel but nothing more.

I have had a few e-mails from Amy but I doubt we will meet up again, as for me, well I'm now more desperate that ever to get myself a fuck buddy which is safer than an affair I think.