Written by simon

3 Oct 2009

Hi just to let Julie know yes we did make it to a car park it was after we had been to my works dance

jill had looked so sexy in her new dress i kept thinking about what i was going to do later said i had a sore leg and didn't want to dance and let jill dance with all the guys who asked her

I could see she was enjoying it and told her she was teasing some of them letting them let there hands touch her bottom she said it wasn't her fault I told he it was ok and she should go take her pants off and see if any of them notice.

I told her to go do it she went to the toilet and came back and handed them to me and said tony want another dance and it was a slow one i could see him guide her to the far side of the floor and keep there when she came back i asked her what happened she said he told her how sexy she was and the last time they danced he was sure she had pants on and asked if she had any on earier she told him yes but they were tight so she had taken them off and thats when he had guided her to the other side off the floor and asked if I new she had taken them off and she told him no.

she said he told her how smooth her ass felt like that and did she like to go without pants she said sometimes and he put her hand down to his cock and asked her to go outside with him she said no i was watching.

When she told me about it it got me all horny and said it was time for us to go I had the car outside and had planned this a bit when i new we were going to this dance i checked out if there were any possible car parks near the hotel we were at there was and i was going to go there on the way home.

When we got in the car we started to kiss and had my hand up her dress and was saying bet you wish it was john's hand she was saying yes he was wanting to do this.

I started the car and drove off and headed for this carpark it was near the sea and took us about 1/2hr to get there she kept saying where are you going this isnt the way home i told her i am to horny i want to have you now and was playing with her tits all the way there.

when i found it we drove in there were a few cars around but it was not like a car park just but just tracks along the coast line with small bits here and there to park we drove in a good bit and parked jill asked where we were i told her just somewhere off the road and started unbuttoning her dress I had just got it unbuttoned when i saw someone behind the car I pulled jilles dress down so he could see her tits in her bra I told jill I think we are not alone she said maybe its john I said maybe will i let him see your tits then she said ok and just layed back I unfastened her bra and took it off she looked so sexy laying there i unbuttoned the whole dress and jill was compketely naked by now the guy was right beside the car looking in jill wnted me to fuck her right now I stripped off and kept playing with her tits and opening her legs and telling her how the guy was so horny looking at her naked and wished it was him feeling her

Jill was mooning and agreeing yes thats when i asked her if she wanted him to she was saying yes yes so i opened the window down just enough to let his arm in when she felt his hand between her legs and i was at her head she new it was someone else and stared to suck me like mad the guys hand was giving her a good fingering and i could see jill was near to cumming i opened the window right down and the guys both hands were all over her then he pushed his cock over the door and came all over jills legs some hitting her pussy i think we all came at the same time.

He said that was great and thanks and off he went we both lay there I couldn't believe we had done it i was rubbing the guys cum all over jills pussy and tits and it got me hard again I opened the door and got out but the guy was gone I fucked jill with her legs hanging ouyt the door for anyone to see us.