Written by simon

27 Sep 2009

I was checking comments on our what you thought about our summer holiday experience this year.

To answer Lewis yes I got my money's worth for sure if i had been told before our holiday what would have happened i would have paid double the price and yes there was more.

When we got home we hardly mentioned the things that we got up to on holiday it was a bit boring after what we had been doing on holiday,

It took about two months after the holiday the opportunity came I was in a shop with jill and she was trying on some dresses when I saw this guy looking into the changing room and could see the curtain at the side next to the mirror open a little but I just made out jill pull a dress over her head and new the guy had seen her as well I got that felling in my stomach again.

Jill came out and asked me what i thought and to get her the other size to try when I came back i brought some more dresses and told her that i liked them and to try them on for me and as I came out just made sure the curtain was open a bit more then took up my position back a bit from where the guy was standing and could see a lot more of jill now we both got a good view of her in her bra and panties and the guy kept looking round to see if anybody was watching him i pretended to be checking out the rails when he looked round it was the horniest I had been since the holidays I went back into the changing room and she asked me what i thought about the dress I told her to try the other one on and it would look better if she took her bra off this time as it was backless and went out again.

when i looked roung she was taking her bra off and standing with just her panties and the guy walked closer to the door outside the changing room to get a closer look then turned and walked to the side just as jill turned to face the mirror full front on wow thats when I decided to tell her what I had done

I went back in to the changing room and told her that I could see her in the mirror while she was changing and had opened the curtain up a little bit more when I had saw the guy outside looking at her thats when i had told her to take her bra off and that the guy was still hanging about outside pretending to be shopping for something she said yes shopping for something like me I bet I told her well it looked like she was starting to enjoy it as well as her nipples were getting hard she told me to go and get her a other dress to try on I was of like a shot looking for a real sexy one and when i was coming back the curtain was open more and could see jill clearly now i took the dress in and said is this ok it was a real tight one she told me she would have to take her panties off or they would show through i agreed and made my way out and walked further away so the guy saw me over at the far side then he went and stood at the doorway again watching jill again I made my way over a bit to see what she was up to and she had just taken off her dress and held up the new tight one putting it up in front of her and turning round looking in the mirror then she put the dress down and pulled her panties down and was completely naked and done the same thing putting the dress in front of her before she put it on wow how sexy did she look doing that.

jill tried the other dresses on again a few times still keeping naked I could have kept taking her dresses in all day but she opened the curtains and came out and asked me if she should buy this one it was the one she had took her panties off to try on then said she was going to keep it on to wear now.

I agreed and was watching to see if the guy heard what jill had said and he had he was only just at the side of the changing room door.

I couldn't wait to get Jill into the car dressed like that she came out smiling i asked her if she enjoyed that teasing the guy like that and we should do it more Jill said it would cost us to much and laughed I told her i had to have her she was driving me mad dressed like that we drove to a car park at a walk i new about when we arrived Jill wanted to just go home as we might be recognized so near to where we lived I said nobody will see us i drove to the far end and it was empty nobody about I wanted for us to get out and go for a walk but jill just wanted to stay in the car I agreed if she took her dress off for me then she was naked in the car with me looking about hoping someone would come along but nobody to to see so i just got stripped of and started fucking her asking her if she wanted the guy to be watching her now like this naked outside we both came big time.

WE lay like that for ages and I was still hoping someone would come along and started telling her that cpls sometimes done this at night in car parks and let guys watch if they wanted to and maybe we should try it she didn't want to incase we were recognized i told her we would have to find somewhere out side the area if she was game i told her it was so horny doing this today and seeing that guy look at her and i had wished he had been there just now and watched them.