Written by Laurie Marks

2 Jul 2008

The difference is that the wife and I seemed to swim against the tide when compared to most of the stories we read on here.

To start with, she was quite keen, and after 23 years of marriage it was she who suggested that we might gain something as a couple.

My only qualm was that she might regret it afterwards, but that has not happened.

Now, some background: Julie has a very tight vagina - never been a problem as I have a small tool, although more recently we have used some KY for normal intercourse, as she sometimes hurts. Having no children, she has never been stretched through childbirth.

Location was never a problem - we have a comfortable home and were happy to use it for any meets. So it came down to \'who\'...and this is where Julie took the initiative again. We had discussed the men we knew, but most were family (uncles, cousins, nephews) and family is bad news...nobody can keep secrets, it seems.

It was SH, then, that gave her her result. After weeks of adding and e-mail ping-pong she finally hooked a 54 year-old divorced man who lived just 15 miles away. Pics showed an average length but thin cock with a small head, just what she would feel comfortable with. Big tummy, which she did\'nt like, but would put up with, and a luxuriant growth of pubic hair. His profile showed he was into nearly everything, but that was\'nt a put-off for Julie...as a couple we had tried most things over the years.

So to the night of the meet. Walter, or Wal as he introduced himself, was well-dressed, and presented Julie with some choccies. Having done the peck-on-the-cheek thing as he first entered the room, she went back and gave him a full-on lips job as thanks for the offering. Even he looked surprised, but had soon taken off his jacket, was shown to the settee, and provided with a drink. During the small talk about the weather, traffic congestion, etc. I noticed he had\'nt taken his eyes off Julie: She was wearing a knee-length dark skirt, almost see-through button-up (or down!) blouse and black hold-ups..she did look good, and putting her hair up to reveal her neck added a sensuality that filled the room.

Now, where to start? Julie had said that she wanted to make the running, and draw stumps if it was\'nt working. Ok, fine by me....I was pretty sure to get my oats whatever happened!

She asked Wal if he enjoyed the kiss earlier. Yes, of course he had...would\'nt mind another! So we started...a few minutes passionate kissing, with hands starting to explore...Julie undoing his shirt buttons, running her nails over his chest and big belly....Wal running his free hand up and down her thigh...then inside her skirt, between her legs.....suitably parted to allow him access to her lacy black knickers - still kissing...then she lifted herself up from the settee to enable removal of her flimsy defences....

My shirt was already off, my cock stiffening as I watched the pleasure unfolding...did\'nt want to rush it, Julie was in charge....she pulled Wal\'s hand away from her crotch, and placed it on her left tit...an obvious invitation which was eagerly accepted...blouse unbuttoned and soon discarded, bra pushed down to reveal her 34DD orbs...and look at those nipples! I had never seen them quite as prominent before, and they soon vanished as Wal\'s mouth closed over them in turn.

By now Julie had undone his trousers, her hand searching for his cock....only semi-hard (surprisingly) it had got tangled up in his clothing, so off it all came, revealing his glory. Julie gasped...not yet fully erect, it was a good 7\", much longer than his pics suggested. But at least it was no thicker!

30 minutes and another drink later, 3 very naked people went upstairs. I think Wal was getting impatient, but Julie made him stand by the bed in front of her while she took as much of his now-hard willy in her mouth, pulling it out, pulling the foreskin right over his shiny helmet before pulling it all the way back and sucking it again. Lovely sight! My cock was being gently wanked by her free hand.

Then the 69 - she made Wal lay on his back before pushing his legs apart and playing with his hairy balls whilst teasing the end of his cock with her tongue, he doing his best to excite the inside of her cunt. My pleasure was to run my hand slowly up and down her back, between her arse-cheeks, and gently carress her anus. She was already moaning softly, and I knew it would\'nt be long before the real busines in hand.

Sure enough, she got up, turned round, and mounted Wal as he lay on his back...his earnest licking of her already-moist cunt made the entry of his cock easy...I loved seeing it slide slowly in, pushing her wet dark-pink lips apart....inch by inch, then she abrupty stopped, and eased off a little. Wal was by no means all the way in, but it seemed Julie did\'nt want to take any more of his length. She tried again, but was clearly not happy with long tool pushing into bits that were\'nt designed to take it.

So, she started to ride him very cautiously, clearly enjoying the length she could take, and soon had her first orgasm, a very noisy one, too...I felt quite envious!

For a few moments she stopped, nibbling Wal\'s ear, before resuming her short by steady rhythym, twice asking Wal if he was going to cum. Not yet, it seems...for a divorcee who claimed not to have had any fun for ages he was quite a stayer!

After cumming again, Julie needed a rest. Another drink. Then all change...my turn to lie on the bed, Julie taking my full length as she had always done, although it did slip in much easier than usual.

Wal looked a little non-plussed: Had he been cut out? No, in no uncertain terms, and in a very sluttish way, Julie told him to fuck her arse.

So he did. I could\'nt see him enter her as she was crushing my cock deep inside, but I did feel his tool pushing in through the thin membrane...all the way in! He had buried himself up to his balls in her bum, and not a whimper!

Well, it was nearly all-cum-together time: Julie came just before I shot my load inside her, and we both felt Wal discharge his duty in a noiseless climax, before pulling quickly out and offering his cock to Julie\'s mouth. She declined, knowing where it had been, but did touch the small drop of spunk lodging in the eye of his now-softening cock.

The after-fuck was good: Another drink (or two), chat, what shall we do next time etc. Then showers, dress, another kiss (goodnight) and Wal was gone.

Julie explained that although it was nice and thin, his cock was much longer than his pics suggested, possibly nearly 9\", and it just hurt too much too take anymore. I remarked that it fitted fine elsewhere! She laughed...I can take anything up thee! Mmmmm. food for thought!

Anyway, Wal and Julie seemed comfortable with each other, so we may soon be arranging another session. In the meantime, she is still looking for a nice short, thin cock. Any offers?