Written by alexw

12 Sep 2014

I am lucky enough to live permanently on a Greek island. One big advantage is the beaches and of course the summer sunshine. Although there are no real naturist beaches close to me I often drive down to the south coast where they are several.

A few days ago I drove down to one of my favorite spots. A long stretch of unmade road goes next to the beach for about 8 km. I spied a white 4WD rental parked up so got out and had a look around. There was a middle aged couple in site and nobody else.

Unpacking my towels etc. i made my way down to the beach and set up camp a close but discreet distance from them. I could hear them talking in a foreign language which I later found out was Czech.

After a while they went for a swim in the sea so i decided to break the ice and join them. We got chatting, their English was quite good, but we found speaking in German suited us both best. The waves were quite big so she stood next to him and he put his arms around her taking care to fondle her breasts a few times. As I went closer a wave knocked her over and she all but fell into my arms and although I didn't manage to get a good feel of her breasts they certainly brushed against me.

We returned to the beach and they began writing their names in the sand with their bare feet, then took photos of each other next to it. I offered to take some of them both which they gladly accepted. I asked them to step closer, then to put their arms round each other just as they had done in the sea.

Again he took this opportunity to squeeze her breasts as i clicked away. With encouragement she took his cock in her hand and gently stroked it.

I took this as a signal so, putting the camera down, went over and stood by her side. She was sandwiched between the pair of us. As I reached out for her breast she took my cock in her hand rubbing it up and down.

We went back over to their beach towels and had a wonderful 3-sum which included DP. But that's another stiry.