Written by 2lovers4u

5 Jul 2010

My wife is really pretty with a lovely size 10 body,nice legs,small firm bum and of course a warm welcoming pussy.So much so at times i really dont want to fuck anyone else.

It was a humid Saturday evening we had eaten well and drunk well i was in my study on the computer.Kate came in and reclined on the settee and was talking.As she arched back i noticed she had no panties on and i could see her nice pink lips and very neatly trimmed pussy.Not one to miss a hint i knelt on the floor next to her and started stroking her hair and face and then kissed her lips every so gently.As i did that i moved my right hand to her inner thigh and ever so lightly stroked her legs with the end of my fingers.She responded by parting her legs just a little.I moved my hand up and brushed her pussy lips,she opened her legs a little wider.Using my index finger i worked up and down her warm slit parting those folded lips.Again she responded my opening her legs wide and moaning.Within a minute she was really wet and i moved one finger inside her brought it out and inserted 2.Gosh she was wet but what really turned me on was the feel of her sticky pre cum on my fingers.She pulled them out and pushed my hand to her tight little bum hole there i rubbed the outside gently with my fingers and her juices.She was moaning ever gently now and it was a turn on to see her so abandoned.I had a bulge in my shorts and i really had to have her.

I got on to the settee on top of her and she arched to feel my throbbing cock against her how long will she last i thought as i continued to play with her little arsehole.Kissing me passionately she pulled my shorts down below my bum and guided my cock in to her she was so wet,really really wet,so warm and sticky.I started to slowing poke that pussy faster and faster mindful of coming too quick as i really wanted to enjoy her.Come on she said lets go upstairs.

On to the we jumped both of us naked i suked her now firm nipples put my cock inside her and continued to play with her bum hole this was driving her crazy.Where do you want me she said-on your side lets try this.I began to bang her from behind and then pulled out and rubbed my shaft head against her bum she arched she was enjoying it!

I need my toys she said so i handed her a small 6" vibe which she glided up and down between her pussy lips at this point i applied some lube on to my firm cock and rubbed some on her bum hole ever so gently i pushed in to her arse again she arched back to let me enter it was so tight so warm as i started to get some rythym she was really working her twat with the vibe i knew she was about to come and when she does she likes fucking hard.Out of her arse i slid and back into her slippery twat and fucked her hard she came so fast and screamed out-what a fuck!