Written by Ronnie

6 Nov 2009

After my first date with Mark I was so aroused that I had gone home and demanded that Dave fuck me, I was more aroused because Mark had taken the trouble to make sure that I was aroused by kissing, caressing, and talking to me to the point where I wanted him to fuck me. However, I certainly did not want to be fucked in the back of a car.

When Mark called into my office the following morning I closed the door and explained this to him. He said he understood perfectly and that he would make sure that he would provide circumstances next time that I would be perfectly comfortable with. The main snag, of course, was that he did not live locally and that we would have to wait until his next round of calls in our area before we could do anything about it. We agreed that he would call me at home in a month's time and tell me how he had arranged things. The way I felt then was that it was a real 'slow burn' of anticipation until he fucked me.

In some ways this was a good thing but I was on tenterhooks until he rang. Then, just over three weeks later, came the call! We arranged that I would drive to a Motel outside the town on the following Wednesday evening to arrive at seven-thirty. I went shopping and bought some really sexy underwear, what Dave called sexy was hardly what other men would, Dave was very conservative in these things!

On the night I dashed home from work, showered, shaved my bits, did my hair and perfumed my body. A dab of my favourite scent under each breast and in each groin then I put my new undies on. Knowing that I would have lots of time to undress so I decided to wear a sexy dinner dress that I had. I'm blonde and have green eyes and had bought a dress some time before that matched perfectly my eye colour and that is what I wore. I have a good skin and don't need (or like, in fact) make-up. Dave thought I looked 'fabulous', he had a hard-on all the time I was getting ready!

Off I went at seven o'clock and arrived dead on time, Mark was standing in the car park, it was a chilly evening but he assured me that he hadn't been there long. I parked my car and he took me to the cabin he'd booked. It was more like a small bungalow, a main sitting room, a bedroom, with a tiny kitchen and nice bathroom with a shower. I was impressed.

'I've booked dinner in a restaurant just down the road,' he told me, 'what have you told Dave about tonight?' I said that I had warned Dave that I might be very late. 'I think you ought to ring him and tell him that you won't be home until tomorrow,' he said, 'I also think that tomorrow morning you ring your office and say that you're not well, then you won't have to get up too early!' I asked him what he was going to do about his calls in that case and he told me that he had rearranged his calls and wasn't booked to visit anyone the next morning. He certainly was organised!

We had a lovely dinner and then drove back to the motel. We decided that we'd shower and clean our teeth and I went first, I was soon back in the bedroom wrapped in a towel and Mark disappeared into the bthroom. He came back naked and I gasped at the sight of his erect cock. His was longer than Dave's, but not by much, the big difference was in the thickness. I had only ever seen Dave's cock and had no idea that there could be so much difference.

Mark asked me to remove the towel which I did, I could feel myself blushinmg as his eyes roamed over my body, 'God,' he said, 'you are such a beautiful woman, Ronnie!' Tell me of any woman who, A. doesn't like being looked at and, B. doesn't like being told that she is beautiful? I lapped it up, I knew that I had a nice figure, but I really knew very little about men, Dave never said such things to me. Mark took me in his arms and kissed me, it was like the first time, passionate, and it thrilled me, I felt my fanny react to the feelings he engendered in me.

My nipples erected immediately and with his cock hard against my stomach my body continued to react. We remained standing as we kissed, for I responded to him just as passionately, and Mark caressed my breasts and nipples. 'Oh darling,' he murmured, 'you have such fantastically beautiful breasts and your skin is like silk!' I could have passed out, I felt for his cock and we separated slightly. As I took the shaft of his cock in my hand he ducked his head and began kissing my breasts and nipples. Every thrill went straight to my fanny and I could feel it engorging and becoming wet.

More kisses and caresses as I played with Mark's cock, I couldn't believe that just having my back and thighs stroked could have thrilled me so much. I felt hot and very 'horny', as people say, and feeling such a different cock thrilled me too. As Mark caressed my bottom I parted my legs slightly, the pressure of my swelling fanny becoming uncomfortable. I heard someone panting and suddenly realised that it was me as my body demanded sex.

Mark picked me up and laid me on the bed, just to show his thoughtfulness he had covered the bed with towels. He continued kissing me, but now it was all over. He even kissed the insides of my groin on either side and each lip of my fanny. I pumped his cock in extasy, his foreskin making a loud slapping noise, when I looked at it I could see that the big purple head was slippery with a misty juice that emanated from the little hole in the end.

I could hardly believe how aroused I had become and when Mark kissed me passionately yet again and then kissed my eyes followed by my neck, I begged him to enter me. But apart from those kisses he hadn't yet touched my fanny! Now he did, he gently felt the outer lips, caressing them up and down each side, by now I was slippery and he slid a finger inside to feel my inner lips which had grown and thickened rapidly. Dave had never felt me like this and as I grew wet more and more, Mark slid a finger inside me, simulating intercourse. Then he added another finger at the same time caressing my clit with his thumb. I came and went on coming. Mark gasped, 'Christ, you gorgeous fucking cunt, I want to fuck the arse off you!'

The crude words, which, at that time neither Dave nor myself used, aroused me even more, 'Oh God! Fuck me Mark, fuck me!' I panted. I spread my legs and he moved over me, I grabbed his cock again and rubbed it against my clit before entering it for him. He slid up inside me, the extra girth ensuring that it rubbed my clit all the time. I was in a sexual daze as he began moving, gently at first as he slid back then into me again,.

He must have done it like that for several minutes before starting to thrust harder jamming his big balls against my bum each time. He was kissing my neck and becoming more excited himself, he put his arms under my knees and grabbed my shoulders. I was practically doubled up as he began thrusting almost brutally, it didn't hurt becsuse I was so wet, I could feel my juice running down my cleft and round my bottom. My mind was full of sexual images and I was kissing him wherever I could, grabbing the cheeks of his bottom and pulling him into me.

Suddenly he groaned, 'I can't help it, I'm coming already! Christ, I'm coming!' He rammed his cock up me so hard that I felt he would split me, when he withdrew, a fierce jet of hot spunk shot deep into my willing fanny. Five more times I felt him spurt, glorying in the feeling as he filled me with his seed. The he flopped on me, 'Sorry I was so quick!' he gasped, 'What a fantastic feeling your cunt gives me!'

I kissed him tenderly and stroked the back of his head as he buried it against my breasts. My whole body throbbed with the thrill of it all, the most complete fucking I had ever experienced, Dave didn't know what he had coming!

After we had recovered aomewhat I kissed him, 'That was the best I've ever had,' I told him. He kissed me back, 'I can't remember ever cumming as quickly as that since I was a teenager,' he said, 'don't worry, next time I'll fuck you until you ask me to cum, I'll make sure that you're completely satisfied!' I kissed him again and didn't tell him that I had never been so satisfied before!

He slipped out of me as his cock shrank and he rolled off, 'Ever sucked a man's cock?' he asked. I shook my head. 'Well, you're going to now, it's the quickest way to get a man hard after he's fucked once. You've got to learn everything, that's what you wanted, right?' 'Yes.' 'Come on then, just kneel by my side and kiss my cock.' I did as he said. The knob of it was slippery and sticky at the same time, I licked my lips, I could taste my fanny then another taste, it could only be his spunk. I didn't find it unpleasant so I sucked the limp thing into my mouth. 'Suck and lick,' Mark said. So I did, I found the combination of tastes intriguing and soon had it clean. I licked it all off his balls too then went back to his cock, sucking hard and using my hand to pump it I soon had him hard.

'There,' he said, displaying it proudly, 'you like that?' 'Love it,' I responded lying back and spreading my legs. He looked between them, 'What a truly gorgeous, beautiful, cunt you have, Ronnie. A man would have to be a saint not to fuck that! Come on, on your face!' I rolled over an he pulled me to the end of the bed and up onto my hands and knees, he stood behind me. I looked between my thighs and saw that he had his cock in his hand, he rubbed it in the slippery mouth of my fanny and against my clit then slid it in. He started fucking straightaway.

How many times can you describe what fucking is like? I don't know, all I do know is that his cock didn't actually feel hard inside me, almost soft in fact, but it massaged deep inside me and rubbed my clit at the same time. That was something to do with the angle that he used, Dave's cock certainly didn't do it and I usually ended up manually caressing my clit to make myself come with him. I foumd it so thrilling and had never had such erotic images and thoughts before while I was being fucked. With Mark, in the end, I found that I was only aware of the feeling of being fucked, not who was doing it, it was simply pure intense sexual feelings and it caused me to cum,cum and cum again.

I became so sloppy wet that it was squirting out round the cock that was in me, it ran down my thighs and splashed over my stomach and bottom. I didn't want it to stop, I was being grasped round the top of my thighs and the cock was thrusting hard up me, slapping balls and stomach against me. Then I felt the most enormous sensation overwhelming me and I had the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and I blacked out. I wasn't aware of how long I had been like that, only of Mark holding me up. Once I had recovered he began fucking again, but I'd had enough, my clit was sore and all I wanted was to feel his spunk shooting deep inside me and to finish.

'Now, Mark, spunk me now!' I panted. He said nothing but rammed it in so hard that it hurt before I felt that wonderful sensation of his spurting in me. I collapsed then, Mark didn't hold me up, just made sure that I was safe on the bed. His breathing came in great gasps as he fought for air, 'I don't know what to say, Ronnie, that was fantastic, what a cunt! I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!' I opened my eyes, I was lying wide legged, half off the end of the bed. I felt cool air on my superheated fanny and the oozing of the mixture of spunk and love-juice.

Mark was staring between my thighs, 'Let's get you further up the bed,' he said and helped me slide up to a more comfortable position. He was still breathing hard as he lay down beside me, he turned to look at me, 'Are you alright?' he asked. 'Yes, thanks, I passed out back there, didn't I?' 'You did, it was only for a second, you obviously have never had such an intense orgasm before?' 'No, I haven't, in fact I don't normally cum while I'm being fucked, I normally have to bring myself off afterwards.' 'Poor you.' I said, with a smile, 'I shall just have to teach Dave what to do! Thank you, darling that was the most wonderful experience, I never knew sex could be like that. Do you know that at times I wasn't aware of who was fucking me? I just had these so intense feelings from my fanny, it could have been anybody! Sorry Mark.'

He laughed, 'No, a man can only do so much, the rest is in your mind, I'm glad of my part in bringing you such pleasure.' I said, 'You are going to do me again, aren't you?' 'Of course, but let's have a rest. Would you like a drink? I bought a bottle of vodka and some tonics.' 'Love one,' I replied.

It wasn't too long before we got started again though and that led to another surprise and incredible experience. We began in just the same way with kisses and caresses, but this time, afte kissing my breasts and nipples and sucking the latter, Mark carried on kissing down over my body. I got a shock when he kissed my fanny again, my stomach, thighs and bottom were all filmed with my love juice and spunk. But that didn't deter Mark, he soon had his tongue inside me. I had never experienced oral sex and the way he kissed, licked, and sucked me, swallowing the mix of spunk and love-juice had me coming almost immediately. It ended with another huge orgasm as he sucked my clit, and the surrounding delicate flesh, into his mouth then drawing away with his lips tight shut. I passed out again and came-to to find Mark kissing my mouth then forcing my lips open and emptying the contents of his mouth into mine.

I swallowed the mixture, I was so aroused that I could feel my fanny opening and closing like a fish's mouth. Mark mounted me immediately and started fucking. After a while he turned me over and entered me, flat as I was on the bed, from behind. It was another first and intriguing feeling, everything was so tight. After that he turned me on my side and was fucking me in what I gathered was called the 'spoons' position, I tell you I learned so much that night! We fucked in one position or another for a long time, but now, with intense passion spent, more gently.

Mark was talking real dirty to me and I responded in the same manner, I told him that I wanted to see him ejaculate. He said, 'Let's just fuck like this for a while, so I can build up my supply.' We changed again, this time he called it the 'Lazy' position. I lay on my back with my right leg bent at the knee while he slid his legs under it and taking my left leg between his. This, to my surprise, meant that his cock was right up against my cunt and he pushed in and, as he said, fucked lazily while I just lay back and enjoyed it!

I can't say that I had taken any notice of the time but Mark just went on lazily sliding in and out of me while I virtually dozed in a pleasnt sexual haze. However, all good things come to an end and after what seemed like hours

Mark said quietly, 'Want to see me cum then?' 'Oh yes!' I replied jolting awake.

Mark slid out from under my right leg and knelt instead over my legs which were now more or less closed. I looked at his cock, it was ramrod stiff and glistening with our juices. He took it in hand and began masturbating, I have seen Dave do it when it was my time of the month but, somehow, this was different. To see that big purple head disappearing into the folds of Mark's abundant foreskin each time his hand rose up the shaft fascinated me, he was breathing hard and gradually increasingly the speed of his pumping. He was looking straight down at my cunt, I opened my legs as far as was possible to give him the best view, excited once more at his expression as he looked at it, I spread the already open lips wider with my fingers.

'Oh God!' Mark panted as he wanked hard, 'just raise your head when I tell you, but don't flinch, I want to see your beautiful face covered in spunk. He got what he wanted, he groaned and I saw that purple skin tighten fit to split wide open and suddenly a stream of thick, off-white cream spurted out of the little hole and splashed on my face, indeed two or three jets did so before the force fell off and the rest landed on my neck, breasts and stomach. It was intensely exciting and I teased my clit in paroxysm of thrilling pleasure.

I licked at a rivulet of his life-fluid as it oozed over my lips. Liking it, I licked at whatever I could reach before scooping more with my fingers and swallowing each time. Mark sagged over me breathing hard, 'Like that then, you sexy cunt?' he said fiercely. I smiled with gluey lips, 'Wonderful, I've never done anything like this before!'

We took a while to recover from that, we kissed softly with spunky lips until we gradually relaxed and lay back. I put my arm round him, 'God, Mark, that was absolutely fantastic, not just you cummimg all over me, I mean everything, I've learned so much!' 'Let's hope Dave likes it too then!' he replied.

After we'd dozed a bit we went and showered together, then we cleaned up the bed, just leaving one dry towel underneath me, God knows what the Motel people thought when they saw those towels! Mark turned me on my side and, incredibly eased his erect cock into me. He put his arms round me and we went to sleep.

Sometime in the night he began fucking gently again and I found myself pushing back onto his cock until his gentle movements changed into lovely, increasingly hard thrusts. He came inside me and we dozed off again. It happened two or three times, I was so tired, wide open and sloppy that it hardly woke me, but I knew I was fucked when I woke in the morning. Mark's soft cock was still inside me, I let it drag out slowly so as not to wake him then went and showered.

After Mark woke up and had showered we made love again a couple of times before we had to clean up so that we could vacate the Motel cabin in time. We went and had lunch in town then parted, I promised Mark that, if it was okay with Dave, and I was certain it would be, then I would repeat the experience. We did, quite a few times, and he did teach me quite a few more wrinkles for getting the best out of sex, but that was more or less it and the next time you read about Dave and I, you'll be reading about his experiences.