Written by Midas

13 Jan 2019

Two years ago, I spent the early hours of my birthday alone, while my wife was still out. We had been talking about fantasies, and one that I mentioned to her, was her bringing me home a fresh creampie. She always played it down. She is a good wife and giving her her freedom has never seen me suffer. She makes up for it in other ways for sure.

Well, I guess the stars aligned just right, because this fantasy came true on one special night or morning. But I know there was one little problem with making it happen. Her last lover, a very well hung man who she had an ongoing sexual relationship with for nearly three years (they had sex at least once a week during this period), had moved away a few months prior, due to a job relocation. She hadn't found anyone new to play with.

My wife works in the medical profession, so she's often on-call, and can be called into work at the hospital at any hour or work late.

A few days before my birthday, she informed me she was on-call the night before my birthday, and might have to work. This didn't seem unusual to me, so it didn't raise any suspicion with me.

That night my wife went to bed around 9:30, and I stayed up to watch a series marathon on Netflix (I'm a night owl). About an hour later, I heard her cell phone ringing in the bedroom, and very shortly afterwards she comes out fully dressed, and says she has to go in. After a brief kiss, she's out the door. As I said, I'm a night owl, and I tend to stay up even later on weekends when she's out on-call, so that I can greet her when she returns.

Around 4am I hear the garage door opening, so I get up to greet her at the door. As soon as she walked in, I knew something wasn't right. Usually when she's been out working this late, she comes in looking exhausted. This time, she walks in bright eyed, well rested, and she had this look on her face that can only be described as extremely satisfied!

The first thing I said to her was, "you weren't at work, were you?" She giggled and said, "no, Ken says hi." By pure chance, Ken, her previous lover, had to come back to town the same weekend as my birthday, to close the sale on his apartment. They had been planning this night for weeks. When she "left for work" she really went to his hotel suite, and spent two hours fucking him. Then they fell asleep with his cock still inside of her (which explains why she was both satisfied and rested when she returned home).

A couple of hours later, she woke up to find him hard and gently fucking her again. Once fully awake, things progressed into a hard pounding, passionate third round that lasted the better part of an hour! As soon as he came in her for the third time that night, she dressed, kissed him goodbye, and came straight home.

This was all told to me after she took my hand and led me into our bedroom, took off her clothes, and lay back on the bed. She spread her legs and wagged a finger at me, while saying "I have a gift for you honey. Come and get it, while I tell you about my night!"

I ate her beautiful and cum filled pussy and then fucked her. I mean really fucked her. She kept cumming and I kept pounding into her. When I finally came we both collapsed exhausted. It was no wonder as she had been fucked 4 times. We woke late and we fucked again. After a birthday lunch, she dashed over to see Ken before he left for one last fuck. She wasn’t away long and when she came home, we skipped dinner and I had her pussy again.

Best birthday ever!

I know its better, not knowing beforehand. The angst of knowing she's out fucking another man, while you are alone at home is very hard!