Written by Sioby

3 Nov 2011

Hiya again, thank you so much for all your comments, i thought that i ended up finishing the last story a bit quickly, so here is what happened after the last one finished.

As you can imagine it was all a bit awkward. We all got dressed slowly and none of us were really talking or looking at each other. i guess that is what happens when something so out of the ordinary happens. I offered to make us all a cup of coffee, to sober us up, make it a bit more normal. Laura said that she best get home as it was getting late, she only lives a few roads away so got her coat on and said her goodbyes. Emily said that she would stay and help tidy up a bit, so we both got to tidying up the wine bottles and doing the washing up, so at least it would be clean for the morning. We chatted and had a bit of a giggle about this and that, well everything apart from what had just happened. it was nice that we had just gone back to being normal with each other and that what had just happened hadn't made it too awkward between us.

When we had got the place looking right Emily said that she had best be off to, so i went out into the hall with her while she got her coat on. I dont know why but i thought that i should at least try and say something about what had happened and try to clear the air a bit. I said i was sorry to her for what had happened, and she turned round and said that it wasnt me that had to be sorry cos it was her that started it in the first place. We both just stood there for what seemed like ages but was probably only actually a few seconds. Then Emily leaned forward and kissed me again. my brain was telling me i really shouldnt be doing this again, earlier i had the excuse of being tipsy but now i was a lot more sober and really should of known better. but i guess i didnt because i still kissed her back. We must of been kissing by my front door for a good couple of minutes, with emily in her coat ready to go. When we did finally stop kissing, i said to Emily, "you know you can stay if you want" she said that she'd like that so i took her hand and led her upstairs.

When we got into the bedroom i closed the door to make sure we didnt make to much noise. then i started getting undressed, i pulled my top up over my head and unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down over my bum. Emily was doing the same, and soon had her coat, top and jeans in a pile on the floor. i took off my bra and jumped into bed. Emily joined me and we snuggled up together trying to get the bed warm! lol we started snogging again, emily was pushing her tongue as far into my mouth as she could.both of our hands were getting busy under the duvet as well. i was cupping emilys small breasts and gently pulling on her nipple. Emily was running her fingers up the inside of my thighs and even though id had a massive orgasm only about an hour earlier i was more than ready to go again. when her fingers reached my pussy, i spread my legs open a bit, and she pulled my knickers to one side and slid a finger deep inside my wet pussy. I moaned into her tongue and lowered my hand from her boob down over her tummy and into her knickers. She was as wet as i was and i slowly ran my finger over her lips. I was getting a bit frustrated my her thong being in the way so i said that she should take it off. she pulled her finger from inside me, then lifted her bum so she could take it off. i decided i best do the same, and we were straight back to kissing and fingering each other. Emily pushed my legs further apart the slid two fingers in to my wet pussy, i dont think i had been this wet or horny for a long time and she quickly added another finger and started slowly fucking me with them. i took this to mean she probably wanted me to use more than one finger to so i pushed two then three fingers inside her as well. we had stopped kissing for the first time since we got upstairs as we were both moaning and concentrating on getting each other off, Emilys pussy was so wet that my fingers were sliding in and out of her so easily that i pushed my little finger in as well. i think Emily must of thought ths is what i wanted as well so she did the same to me. now i dont ever use three fingers when i okay with myself, let alone four, but it reall felt good, and soon i was cuming all over her hand. it didnt take long for Emily to start shaking as well and as i snogged her again she came as well. i felt totally exhuasted after wards. guess nothing gets you ready for sleep better than a good orgasm. we both cuddled up together and fell asleep naked in my bed.

The next morning i had to get up early as usual to sort the kids breakfast and stuff, and when Emily came down she stayed for a cup of tea and we had a good chat about what had happened. It was really nice and we agreed that it really shouldn get in the way of our friendship.

Obviuosly my husband has no idea about anything that happened that night, all he knows is that i had Emily and Laura round and that Emily stayed the night. In a way a feel so guilty about what happened, but on the other hand really hope something might one day happen again.

I hope you all enjoyed. please leave comments if you like.

Sioby x