Written by shy Susy

26 Dec 2009

I have been horny for a while, and been on this site, I have been gagging for some sex, but felt to ashamed to to contact anyone off here. I was driving home from work on Xmas eve, traffic was bad (M6), I was not looking forward to Xmas, and I pulled up in a service station, I needed to pee (badly). I also stopped and had a coffee, it was busy, I purposely choose a table with a guy on his own, I am a well endowed girl, and had a low cut top on, I had a Jacket on, as it was a little tight, but OK under my Jacket. When I sat down, I thought I would just see if this guy might be a bit interested, if not, I would read my book, and not make a fool of myself. I am not very confident, but my fanny was aching for a bit of hard cock. I took my jacket off, and his eyes went straight to my 46d tits, I pulled my top down just slightly. I asked him if he minded me sitting there, he said not at all. He looked a friendly guy, between 50 and 60, I am 36. We got chatting about Xmas, he had stopped off as he had another 2 hours journey, he too had needed a pee, and he was hungry. He was in his work van, he was some sort of handy man, he looked a bit rough round the edges, but I liked that. We chatted whilst we had coffee, and he began to flirt with me, saying my boyfriend was lucky to be able to play with tits like mine. I was quick to tell him I did not have a boyfriend, and nobody had played with them for about 12 months, and that they were suffering from neglect. He said he would be very obliged to have a play, if I would get in the back of his van with him, so I said well only if I can have a play with your cock. I was beside myself with desperation to have him fuck me. We walked to his van, it was parked right in the middle of the car park (it was dark), but did not have any windows. We got straight to it, he pulled my tits out of my bra and top, and I started to feel and rub his cock through his trousers, we both knew what we wanted. The floor of the van was hard, but I needed him in me ASAP. He was hard, and I sucked him off for a few mins (I could taste his piss and sweat) whilst he played with my tits. He then went down on me, and finger fucked me, then he lay on the floor, and I straddled him and his cock, I was like a woman possessed my tits in his face when I could, until he came, he came before me, so he finished me off with his fingers up my fanny, and he had the handle of a screwdriver up my arse...I soon came. He was flaccid, but I put his whole cock in my mouth until he became harder again, he then wanked himself so he was hard enough, and he fucked my arse and came again in there.

I think the whole thing only lasted for about 30 mins as we were both sex starved....we had a great half hour though, unexpected and satisfying......and just a little naughty.