Written by Anun

29 Nov 2012

When I got together with my now wife, we were regularly at each other, fucking, licking and geneuching,I could not get enough of her body and thankfully she found me her idea of a man. She was size ten when we met and as she was only twenty three, her body was very fit and sexy, hence my inability to leave her alone. I am glad to say that this is still pretty much the picture thirty years later, but with the very rare occasions when illness or injury struck forcing a mild amount of celibacy.

Liz was a very friendly lass who I met in York on a colleague's stag night in a pub in Micklegate. One look at her breasts covered by a tight tee shirt and I was hooked, but later scrutiny of the rest of her body confirmed that her beauty was not merely confined to her tits.

I am going to reveal a couple of things which we did in the height of our frenzy for each other at my instigation. First I discussed ways that we could extend our experiences sexually, suggesting things like threesomes and outdoor sex, which we agreed on. I was at length to say that threesomes would be with her as the minority sex and that I had no interest in taking another woman as I was more than satisfied with her, and it has remained that way for all these years.

That said, I first wanted her to drive around in the car wearing very little, just a coat covering stockings and suspenders and shoes. She had a short fur coat which was ideal and she went upstairs to change ready for a drive shortly before the old pub chucking out time. When she came back down to me as I sat naked nursing a rigid erection I nearly blew my spunk there and then. My girl had black stockings and suspenders and red heels and just the coat. I said how gorgeous she looked and she asked for the keys, which I shakingly passed to her. I gave her a kiss and a feel of her naked breasts, noting that her nipples were very hard, a sure sign that she was turned on too, then she was away. I watched her cross the road and jump into our car, giving a cheeky flash of her naked bum as she opened the door.

Watching her go was a torment and I felt my cock twitch involuntarily. These were the days before mobiles and there were quite a few phone boxes about, mostly working. The plan was that she would cruise for suitable victims and then either stop and ask for directions and flash from the comfort of the car or get out and go to a phonebox, then pretend to call while flashing to some lucky guy. This called for judgement and timing as she didn't want idiots trying it on or to end up in a dangerous predicament, but to attempt deliberate and full exposure if possible.

Twenty minutes or so passed before the phone rang. She told me she had just got into the phonebox near the old rugby ground in Haxby Road, York and a nice looking guy was about twenty yards away and walking towards her, the phone went quiet and then I heard a squeak as the door was opened and Liz asked if the guy had some change as she was running out, a short time later she said thanks and closed the door. She told me her coat had been open all the time and that one of her breasts had been exposed as she exchanged the money for his. She was breathless and I was wanking as she told me that her cunt had also been on view.

As the money was running down I heard her say she was very excited and that the guy was staying close probably for a second look. I told her good luck andthe phone went dead. Apparrantly he was close to her car and she left her coat open as she walked the few feet to it and thewn he approached as she turned the lights on. Winding the window down andleaving the coat open, he asked if she was alright and she saw him staring boldly at her. There were several people approaching so she covered up while they passed and then she let the coat open again. He made a comment on how lovely she looked and she said it was for a bet. On impulse she asked if he wantewd to get in the car for a while and smiled at him broadly. He was in the car in a flash. She said 'No touching yet' and drove away towards a quiet road on the trading estate which was being constructed. Pulling in near another phone box she said she would let him touch her but not full sex, then took off her coat and allowed him access.

Soon the car was misted up and he got his cock out which she enjoyed wanking as he played with her body, she let him attempt to lick her cunt but the steering wheel was in the way so he suggested she sit in the passenger seat and they could leave the door open, which she did, leaving her coat on the driver's seat and walking naked round the back of the car as he stood on the verge watching her come to him and soon he had made her come as he licked her and she sucked his cock as a special treat, then as the climax came, he shot his spunk over her tits and stomach,ending a quick and exciting meeting.

Liz returned about an hour and a half after leaving and walked back across the road to our tiny house with her coat undone. When she got in she showed me the spunk on her body. Her skin felt cold with the chill of the night but she was red hot and had felt exhilarated by the occasion. We agreed it was a fantastic turn on but that it should only be done once in a while. We collapsed on the sofa and I plunged my cock into her very wet cunt. Being young then, I shot my come deep inside her very quickly due to the tension I experienced while she was gone dressed so provocatively, but then we retired to bed to relive her story and plan another exploit.

Over thity years on the memories are still vivid and some recollections edge towards downright reckless but we are still living and enjoying sex together and with male friends when the mood takes us. For the record I have no bi tendencies, I just love Liz getting fucked. I hope that is not viewed as selfish but she is all I want and adore, as simple as that. We have met some nice guys on SH and have had a lot of laughs. Life is to be enjoyed, but don't get hurt.