Written by Jane

26 Sep 2011

On saturday steve was out for the afternoon with his friends at a football match, I had done the weekly shop and was getting it out from my car, whilst doing this a neighbour , Jenny came down for a chat, her hubby was playing golf and although they had lived near us for over a year we had never really got to know each other.After gossiping for about ten minutes Jenny invited me down to her house for a coffee.

After sorting out the shopping I made my way down to Jenny.s, she was in the kitchen as i went in after making the coffee we sat down on the couch and just put the world to rights . The subject of sex came up jenny was just telling me that her love life was a bit less freqount that she would like it to be. I never tell anyone about Steve and our lifestyles , i find that even these days it can be regarded by sleazy by some people.

Ive got to say at this point Jenny is a bit younger than me very good looking and very sexy, but I am a mans girls although I have played with females before a couple of times it was always as a foursome and always with Steve there.

I was giving her tips on how to spice it up , she told me she had all the sexy clothes uniforms etc, but she was looking at something else, I told her that Steve and I sometimes play on cam , she didnt think her hubby would do that but it did turn her on, then she asked me about fantasies, did I ever think about having a 3 some with another guy, again I just told her I thought all woman had them , had i ever had fantasies about sex with another female of course I said yes , it was from there it a became a whirl we went from drinking coffee and giggling like school girls to writhing around on the bed naked. Even for me this was first but god I was soaking jenny was kissing my breasts and fingering my pussy I was just lying back taking it , lick me I said lick my pussy , with that jenny was down opening my legs wide a spreading my pussy lips with her fingers, then for the next 20 minutes she brought me to orgasm over and over again she was biting my clit sticking her tounge deep inside then her fingers then her tounge again I was in fucking heaven surely she had done this before it was incredible. She came up from between my legs and started to kiss me I could taste my self on her lips and tounge, I then went down on jenny kissing her body all the way down to her shaven pussy I started to lick her sucking at her lips , her juices were running over my tounge, it was then I heard her talking to someone looking up she was on her mobile telling her husband what I was doing, this turned me on even more god only knows what it must be doing to him on the golf course. after a few minutes she put the phone down , we started to kiss again , but I needed to go it still must of taken me 20 minutes to get dressed.

. I told Jenny we needed to do this again maybe with our hubbies there next time ... Yes she replied we must . Yesterday jenny called in to ask Steve and I if we wanted to come to theres on Friday night for dinner

I will let you know how we get on