Written by Dirty Barry

5 Apr 2018

Hello, I’m Barry and I’m 62and divorced. I want to tell you about inexperience I had on a bus journey from Edinburgh to London last November. I have never had a problem with the ladies, I have a few ‘friends’ who I fuck now and again but most of them are my age or a little younger. The youngest regular shag is 45, her husband is ok with it because he’s my age and cant get it up as often as she would like so she comes round and we fuck for hours. But this story is about a completely random opportunity that came my way on my bus journey. Now, before I start I know there will be some who say that this just never happens but that’s crap because 1: it did happen and 2: its not the first completely random shag I’ve had but that’s another story.

The bus journey I chose was the National Express 21.30 from Edinburgh to Paddington . It’s a shit journey because its so long but it goes direct pretty much and is cheap. I get on and sit towards the back, there aren’t a lot of people so I expected a quiet trip and expected to be able to sleep. Most of the people on the bus which was only about a quarter full were youngsters, possible students and a few other my age. None of them were particularly noticeable except for one young lady. I found out later that her name was Emma.

Emma was 22 and a stunner. Well spoken and had an amazing figure. She appeared to have the small titties that I love and an amazing ass to go with the rest of her amazing body. As any dirty old man would do I checked her figure out for as long as I could until she sat down.

Then about an hour into the journey she seemed to have a heated discussion with a young guy who appeared to be trying it on with her. I watched her get up and come sit opposite me, we got chatting and she told me that she was always having guys hit on her. I said that it was unacceptable and I smiled and asked if she wanted me to go and punch him in the mouth, not that I would have of course but it made her laugh.

We chatted and she came to sit next to me and we chatted some more, I flirted quite a bit and told her how attractive she was and so on not trying to some over as hitting on her but just flirting which she did back.

By now most of the other passengers where either asleep of well on the way so the bus was quiet. Emma shivered so me being a gentleman got my long wool coat and put it over her. The flirting and chatting continued with us both being covered by my coat and her jacket. I noticed that her arm was resting on my lap which gave me a hard on, then the flirting got worse. She said that she bet I was a hit with the ladies’. I started to tell her about a few of my friends and she said that she bet my lady friends were pretty with big boobs. I laughed and said that some were bit that I preferred smaller breasts. She said ‘ well I’m ok then’ and we laughed so I decided to see how far I could go with her and told her that I had noticed and that I thought she looked amazing and that her boobs were just my ‘cup of tea’ which made her laugh again so I knew I hadn’t offended.

Then she asked me what made me such a hit with the ladies and I pretended to be shocked. ‘well, apart from the fact that I’m handsome and have an amazing body for my age’ I said. She pretended to slap my arm telling me that I was so full of myself. I thought ‘ in for a penny, in for a pound’ and so I added ‘Plus I have a big dick’.

Emma giggled and moved her hand to my crotch, she said that she had noticed. Then she snuggled in and moved her hand and put her arm around me. I thought that was it but then she whispered to me ‘ do you want to feel my tits’ ? Before I could reply she took my hand and put it under her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits her hard with solid pea sized nipples. I had a good feel and Amma started quietly moaning. She looked up at our fellow passengers to make sure no one was watching us and then put he hand back on my crotch and started to gently squeeze. My cock was hard as nails by now and she noticed ‘ your fucking huge’ she commented.

Emma un buttoned my trousers and pulled my cock out and slowly started to toss me off before slipping her lips over my bell end and taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. For a good few miles I just sat there as this stunning young lady sucked me off whilst I put my hand inside he jeans and felt her ass and fingered her arse hole.

She sat up out of breath and suggested we move to the back of the bus which was empty. I did myself up and we moved. One or two people looked back so we waited until they settled down again. Emma undid my trousers again, looked at me and licked my mouth before going down on me again. I managed to stretch my arm around her to get a good feel of her tits. I was glad we had moved to the back because the engine and the distance between us and the other passengers helped to mask her groaning and gagging.

One thing I’m good at is stopping myself from cumming until I am good and ready and I Was determined not to have this end too soon. After a while Emma stopped and came up for air, she told me that I could cum in her mouth is I wanted but I said that I would rather cum in her pussy.

She looked at her for a few seconds and said ‘ what the fuck’! She undid her jeans and pulled them down to her anckle’s taking one leg out, when she slowly moved over and sat on my lap facing away from me and lowered herself onto my solid cock. Emma grabbed her jacket and seemed to stuff the arm of it in her mouth before she started to rock her ass and slowly bounce up and don on my shaft.

I had a good squeeze her of perfect tits and slammed my cock in as deep as I could. I kept a watch out and saw that no one was looking at us so I fucked her harder but as quiet as I could and shoved my finger up her ass so whilst my cock was fucking her pussy my finger was fucking her ass. Amma was going nutts and I thought that I had to end this before someone saw us. I warned her that I was going to cum. Emma started shaking and I thought she was having a fit until she took her jacked out of her mouth and whispered ‘ I’m cumming, I’m cumming, please cum in me’.

I fucked her hard for a few more seconds and then let go a flood of cum into my new hot fuck buddy. Emma lowered her head, her body and arms shaking, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and I cam again. She sat there long after I had cim inside her eventually lifting her self up off my still hard cock. I got out some tissues for helped her clean herself. She looked at me and said ‘fuckign hell man, that was fucking amazing’.

We managed to sleep for a couple of hours before we arrived in London. We got off the bus and Emma came up to me. I expected her to just say her goodbye’s and that was that, after all this young lady could have her pick of the guys but she told me again ‘ that was amazing’ and told me that she had never cum as hard as she just did. I asked her what she was going to do now and was told that she was going to make her way to her boyfriend’s place. I said that I Was going to find a hotel and get some sleep. Emma asked if she could come with me.

I found a hotel near the bus station and we collapsed onto the bed but neither of us had any intention of seeping. Emma got up and took her clothes off. For the first time I saw just how amazing she was. Her slim figure, small perfect tits, perfect ass and shaved pussy. ‘I want to fuck’ she told me so we did. I lay her on her back and fucked her hard, I rolled her onto her tunny and lifted her tight ass and fucker her even harder. This time neither of us had to be quiet and Emma made the most of it. She begged me to keep going so I did until she let of a deep squeal and was clearly having an orgasm. I let go again and filled her with cum.

We slept for a couple of hours until she said she had to go. We showered and she sucked me off again, I managed to find some more cum to deposit in her ass and then, after dressing we hugged and she left. She asked for my number in case I was ever going her way but I don’t expect we will ever meet again.