Written by zxzxzx

20 Feb 2011

As I told you I had court my wife Heather having sex in our bed we a guy she works with

The next morning I got before Heather and went down stairs, my thoughts where mixed up,and I didn't really know which way this was going to go, I sat there like a lemon, I had to think it throe, on one hand I should of kicked her out with the bloke,but I didn't,the sort time I watched them it got me really aroused watching the sex act take place, I still had that image in my head, but what I did afterwards that made me feel really guilty and ashamed, I jest don't know what triggered it or made me do it, but to have sex with her after he had jest sagged her, was unbelievable and to have oral sex as well, wot the hell was I doing,I was now dreading facing Heather,and I am the one that was getting shit on

I looked up and Heather stood in the kitchen doorway, I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I looked at her, she came and sat down, there was silence for what seemed a long time,from the expression on her face she was felling a lot more guilty than me,we both spoke together when we did,I said no no you first, looking down she said, I am really sorry I know its wrong and I should of never let it happen, do you want me to leave, to that I said no, we really need to talk about this, I really need to know the truth and what is going on

She explained that Roger thats the guy, had been coming on to her for months, and she was flatted by that,she didn't think other men would find her attractive now a days, it seems his a womanizer,and has the pick of lots of other females, so when he hit on her it was flatting, and lots of other women that she work with fancied him,she never went after him, I could understand that,Heather not a plain Jane, she has a nice body quite a good figure a nice bust 38C and real good legs,she do tend to hide that up in the way she dress which is a bit conservative she seem to likes more conventional cloths,so we got talking, I did think there be a huge row, but no we talked, I asked are going to work you be late,she said she was to embarrassed to face Roger today, and phoned in sick, when she did she was told something going around Roger called in sick

After a time we got down to what it was like for her, she had told me it never started out with her wanting sex with him, she loved me and still do very much, it was sorter naughty flirting with him, and it was over a long period, they where more like friends, then the end of last year they went out for lunch then drinks,she thought she had it all under control and would never cheat on me, till the firms bash,and she has a few drinks and he gave her a lift home,they had petted a little before, but this time when they got home here, they kissed and his hand when up her skirt and fingered her, she got really horny, he played with her tits as well,she rubbed his dick in his trousers, and it did feel very large, he was the one that got it out,at first she was nervous about touching it, I said I could see he is bigger than me, how big is he,Heath said well he says his seven and half, so that put him at two and half inches longer than me, but she said its a really fat one,her fingers wouldn't quite meet round it,she said she did start wanking it

he wanted her to suck it, but at first she wouldn't, she said it was the drink, she did take it in her mouth, but only the end, that made him cum quite quickly, she didn't want it in her mouth,but his first spurt hit the back of her mouth and she had to swallow it,some thing she never done before, she pulled off it but got most of it in her face and neck she finished him off by hand, when she got in she got spunk in hire as well , so she used the other bathroom to clean up before coming to bed that night

She said she wanted to tell me but didn't know how to,there was two more times they gone out together, which I never knew about,both time it had ended up with her bring him off by sucking and hand,both times she got some sperm in her mouth and had swallowed what she got,she said it seems dirty but she didn't mind it,he tried to fuck her each time but she wouldn't do it,they get very close to it, she knew she give in sooner or later, and that was when I had gone away to work, she had made her mind up she wanted to

We ended up in bed about then, and my got the sex was like the night before we went at like mad things,I didn't think I had it in me, after I had rolled off Heath asked do you want to do what you did last night,I was hopping that wouldn't come up, so I asked do you want me to,OH YES yes please, so I found myself between her legs licking away, and I have to say loving it

So where do we go from hear, the question came up, I asked do you want to see Roger any more, there was a long purse, Heather clearly thought about it,well what do you think,putting it back to me, would I object if she did,I hesitated, not really knowing what to say,in the end I said maybe, do you want to, neither of us wanted to say yes or no, in the end it was me that said yes,BUT THERE IS A LOT TO CONSIDER, we ended up talking for a long time, after we disused it neither of us has said out right she would see him,but it was plain to me she did want to

It was late afternoon and the phone rang, I picked it up, it was quiet on the other end so I gave it to Heather,I guessed it was Roger,I listened, it went like this, no I phoned in sick,no he is fine now,yes I am okay,no his not upset, his here with me now, he pick the phone up,I am sure he is alright, it was a bit of a shock, I mouthed to Heath tell him we need to talk and he can come over some time, there is more to come