Written by pot lucky hubby

7 Dec 2014

Liz is a lovely wife and has a lover that she meets each week for a chat and cup of tea. He is married and has happily kept her well fucked for three years now. I am very happy with the situation and we include him in our social meetings and frequently discuss what they are doing. Needless to say, I am fully aware when they are meeting for sex as Liz tells me and is always delighted to allow me to watch her preparing to leave for a night out with her lover, often at a hotel in nearby York.

I am treated to photos via mobile phone and have a superb collection of eighty plus pictures of varying sexual exploits, her sucking his sizeable shaft, him fingering and exposing her cunt for the camera, some of his cock in varying stages of getting inside her, many of her bum with her lovely cunt puffy and ready for use, and the real deal of come running from her fucked cunt. I never cease to be impressed by his ability to please her and I of course get my share as she tells me of her latest adventure.

We have recently had an extension built and Liz wants to arrange for her lover to stay for the whole day at our house, naked and fucking, hoping to get more than one treat of spunk in her. I am happy with this and have purchased a small digital camcorder so they can film their exploits in my absence. This will obviously be a huge turn on as any guy in a similar position to me will confirm.

I seem incurable with this situation but can tell you that I am now sixty five and in my younger years thought that sex would end as early as my late forties or early fifties. Don't believe it, my sexual urge is as fresh and strong as ever, regrettably, my ability to stop getting over excited too soon is proving my undoing. But the tantalising idea of Liz being with her lover sustains me so when I explode it is normally when her lover is tucked up at home again and my wife is lying naked with me, telling me her story.

The idea that my lovely wife will happily strip for the camera and display her sexy body for her lover's enjoyment is a divine feeling.

So there you have it guys, do not despair, lusty thoughts do not diminish for everyone