Written by Dan and Jess

17 Aug 2018

When I married her mind and I have earned a permanent place in her heart. That is love. Other men can temporary and occasionally be allowed a short visit inside her and we call that playing. It’s our game, a private show of performance for a watching husband. For me its one complex but powerful way of reminding myself how wonderful my wife is and how good she feels, especially when I hear it from someone else.

It’s even more than that, why I share my wife. I like to see her smile and enjoy her life. I don’t own her, just grateful for being able to share the road of life with her. That’s without the confinement of ownership and jealousy. Sex it’s just an experience that you share and in time, playing like this, becomes a secret that will strengthen your bond.

Many may wonder how we got started with this lifestyle. Well, lifestyle, it feels a bit blown out of proportions when you say it out loud really. It’s more of a secret we have and do that brings us closer to each other.

Anyway, it all started with whispers, yes whispers. I guess I took the leap and started whispering during sex. It was about fantasies and situations. Things like other men watching. From there the whispers progressed into other men trying to interact, carefully and softly. Would her fantasies allow it? The answer was yes.

Those very same men begun to visit us even in her whispers after a while. Pandora’s box was opened and the next step was easy. One night after a foreplay fuelled by whispers I said, ”Lets do it” as I was sliding into her. ”Do what?”, she replied. “This. With another man.”

There was no delay in her response. She bit her lip, grabbed my arse with her hands and pushed my even deeper into her, whispering, “Yes, let’s do it”.

As much as I like to reclaim her when our date leaves the room, and end the night falling asleep holding her, just as much I do like the thrill of being her foreplay.

A while before we head down from our hotel room to meet him, I make sure that she is ready for him with fingers, tongue and whispers. The idea of her meeting him soon all wet and already thinking about his cock is nothing but a sparkling bucket of horny for us both.

We have done it many times and some have been regulars. But something we both like is meeting him in the hotel bar with my wife. I watch how they connect and start interacting. Then I send them up to our room to be alone for a little while before I join them. I may see the glimpse of a kiss at the elevator before they are out of sight. A long ten minutes later sees me entering our room just to find them on the bed naked devouring each other’s bodies. I know that’s a perfect start of a long hot night that will linger in our fantasies and bed talk for a long time.

The words, “get your condoms”, whispered (just loud enough so I can hear) by my wife to our guest is a rocket full of thrill. Not only does it tell him that she wants to go further and that she is ready for him now. It also is a green light to me that the show is on. That she wants me to watch him fuck her now, right there in front of me.

I get the whole show. They are free to do their thing like I am not there, but I am. My wife and I keep the whispers game going. It is a game within the game. Of course it makes him harder when my wife says to him, “I love your cock” or “Deeper, deeper” while she rides his shaft. But once again she says it just loud enough for me to hear it. It makes it more intense for me and my mind switches to the reclaiming later.

When they have finished I try to leave them alone and give them some privacy. She will never ask him to stay. So I wait for the sound of a door closing and our guest leaving. It’s our time now. He’s gone but has left more than just memories behind. A warm and thick load of evidence telling us how much he has enjoyed my wife is a reminder of the special lady I have.