Written by SubSue

12 Sep 2008

Well I did as I was told by my wife (Kathy) and my best friend (Mike) and went upstairs and changed into my nightie. Then I went and got Mike's bag and took it into our marital bedroom and put it on my side of the bed. Next I removed my make up, cleaned my teeth and went to bed in the spare room.

Not surprisingly I couldn't sleep. My heart was pounding and my cock wa rock hard. I had just finished having a furious wank when they came up the stairs giggling all the way. they went straight to the main bedroom and shut the door.

The giggling continued then things went quiet, next I heard the familiar creaking of our bed as he started to make love to my wife in my bed, all while I'm in the spare room wearing a pink nightie wanking myself silly for the second time in 15 minutes.

They were at it for some hour and a half before things quietened down and I drifted off to sleep. But I had a restless night as I kept waking erect and my mind racing about what might be happening next door.

When the alarm woke me in the morning I realised I had no clothes other than the nightie I was wearing and I had just 10 minutes to serve their drinks at 9:30 I rushed down to the kitchen and made their drinks and knocked softly on their bedroom door. I entered and they were just waking up they took their drinks off the same silver tray as I'd used the night before. I turned to go and Kathy told me sharply to stop.

I turned back to face them and she said "What's all that on the front of your nightie?" I looked and there plain to see were the stains from my wanking. You are a little wanker aren't you?" she said and I meekly nodded my head. "Ask Mike what he would like for breakfast - I'll have poached eggs on toast" Mike said he wanted a full English breakfast and I was dismissed to prepare it and told to serve it to them in bed.

As I was going back up the stairs with a fully laden tray I could hear the familiar creaking of the bed springs and my wife groaning. The door was ajar and I could not knock as the tray was too heavy. So I pushed it open with my foot and was confronted by Mike's bare bum thrusting into my wife in the missionary position.

I waited some 5 minutes before they were ready, my wife had a very satisfied smile on her face. I served them both and then they said that Mike would not be going to football with me today as he was staying here, I was given 30 minutes to get ready and get out of the house. A quick shower and I was on my way. In the pub everyone wanted to know where Mike was and I just mumbled excuses, what could I say he's in my bed shagging my wife? I would never go to football again if they knew!

My mind was not on the game and when I got home around 6:30 the house was in darkness. The kitchen was a tip, nothing had been washed up and in the lounge there were still the empty glasses from the night before and several dirty plates.

I found a note in the kitchen, which said I had to change into my maids outfit clean and tidy the house so it gleamed, change the bedding on the sheets and be waiting in the hall when they arrived home. But I had to be on my hands and knees with my nose on the carpet facing away from the door with my bum in the air and knickers showing clearly. I was not to move until I was told to.

To be continued.....