Written by Yorkie Boy

6 Aug 2019

How quickly our lives have changed, in just short of a year Emma and I have retired from work, though we both still do a bit, bought a new house, in a new village environment and gone from expecting a quiet rural life to opening up new sexual experiences with new friends.

Despite some sharing earlier in our life, Emma and I now have a very open relationship, but also a massive degree of trust. Today, whilst tending our private garden, Emma looked stunning, the quintessential English Rose. A long, linen dress, hanging loosely on her curvaceous frame highlighted by todays sun behind her. Clipping and deadheading flowers and shrubs she is a delight to watch. Her new confidence, found as a result of Peter and Jerry, complimenting her, cumming over her and so far, in Jerrys case fucking her. Gone is the doubt that she once had about her size 18 curves not being attractive, now happy to show off her assets to best effect.

“Hello gorgeous.” I shouted to her.

“Hi, are you coming to help?”

“Maybe later.” I’m not much of a gardener and I was happy watching for now.

She came in about half an hour later and looked a bit unhappy. Sitting opposite me on the settee, she asked, “Do you think I’m a slut?”

“No, why? What’s up?” It was clear that something was bothering her.

“Well this past few months, we’ve changed a bit, haven’t we? You know, shagging more and shagging other people more.”

I moved across to sit next to her, putting my arm around her I asked, “What’s bothering you?”

“Well I’m really enjoying it, but does that make me a slut?”

“No,” I reassured her, “Well not yet anyway.” I added cheekily and got a dig in the ribs for my troubles.

I stroked her neck and tried to comfort her, as she was clearly thinking about something. After a little bit of time she came out with it. “Jerry asked if he could take my anal cherry?”

“Fucking Hell. With that monster? Are you sure you even want to go there?”

“No. That’s why I’m asking. I want to do anal, but only because he has suggested it. I'm a bit frightened though”

“Hey Babe, never say never. We can work towards it; you may need me to break you in though?”

Emma had already described Jerry to me as being exceptionally well hung, but rough, not a caring lover and the thought of that monster in her arse worried me let alone her. But now she had raised the subject, something she had previously not wanted with me, it was back on the table so to speak.”

We cuddled for a while, I reassured her that her being a slut at home was fine, if we continued to discuss things. “Well he also talked about DP. Double penetration, but I think he was thinking of himself and Pete, you know they are almost inseparable.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him.”

“I don’t want to upset him or even spoil things for you either. I know you and Carol get on fine and Sue wants your body all the time.”

She leaned across me as she said that and stroked my cock through my shorts, “I want it all the time too though so what you going to do.”

My hands moved to her thighs and worked upwards, she was soaking wet already and I moved her knickers to one side and slipped my fingers straight into her cunt. I teased her clit with my thumb and moved my fingers in and out of her pussy, making her moan as she lay back on the sofa. Doing this she parted her legs further, but I moved, slid her pants down her legs and replaced my fingers with my tongue. I love oral sex and I know just how to please Emma. I lapped her juices from her cunt, chewing very gently on her lips and working my tongue for all it was worth. She doesn’t orgasm too easily but clearly today she was ready for it and after only a few gorgeous minutes she flooded my mouth with her juices, screaming out loud, “Oh Yes, Yeeessss, Yeeeesss you bastard yes.” She continued to writhe around, grinding her cunt into my face and clutching at the back of my head with her hands, pulling me into her. Fucking hell, I could hardly breathe, but it was worth it, what an orgasm.

She took a while to calm down and as she did, she sat up and thanked me, kissing my lips and tasting herself on my lips and tongue.

“Can I have you up my arse first?”

“Really, are you sure?”

“Yes. I want you first, then if I like it, I’ll take Jerry.”

“Fucking Hell, are you sure, he’ll tear you in half.”

“He’ll have to learn to be gentle, or he won’t get his chance.”

I placed my hand back on her pussy, inserting first one, then two fingers, she was soaking wet and that’s just what I wanted. I slipped a finger from her cunt to her puckered star, and gently, very gently circled it, wetting it and then slipping a finger gently in, she gripped slightly, and I had to tell her to relax before easing my finger in further and manoeuvring it and teasing her arse. I spat on my other hand and used the spit to lubricate my inserted finger some more, easing it gently again before with drawing it. I told her to stay where she was and I went to get some lube from upstairs in our bedroom, and her vibrator.

When I returned, she had taken off her dress and lay naked on the sofa, I applied the lube to her arse and inserted my thumb this time, gently easing her opening outwards, increasing its size only slightly. She did not resist now and even purred some satisfaction. I played a little longer, kissing her pussy again as I did so, exciting her, preparing her, then, without turning it on I inserted her vibrator, slowly, a bit at a time. Emma clearly enjoyed this and so, once it was in, I turned it on, and the reaction was fantastic. I held the vibrator in place but sucked on her clit again, even I could feel the vibrations on my tongue as the vibrator did its thing. Emma came again in a matter of minutes. Screaming again and stopping just short of squirting. She looked drained.

“Enough?” I asked.

“No. Fuck my arse, that was gorgeous.”

Who am I to resist? I had a hard on from my oral exertions and already had lube at hand, I helped Emma turn over onto all fours and placed my cock at her not quite so tight entrance now. I rubbed against her arse for a short while before easing the head in. She gasped a little again, squeezing on my cock with her arse muscles, almost too much as I knew I wouldn’t last long. I waited until she relaxed again and pushed further, once the helmet had done its trick and opened her up, the rest of my length followed easily. I waited a second or two before withdrawing and then pushing back in, slowly at first but then with an increasing rhythm until I was lost in the moment and just went for it drilling her arse until she screamed, “Come inside me, fuck my arse.”

I did and I shot my load, pumping into her until I was drained. I slipped out and saw my cum dripping from her arsehole. I scooped some up with my finger to show her, “Emma darling, your arse is full of my spunk.” I offered it to her and she licked my fingers clean before swapping the cum into my mouth with a lingering kiss.

“Thank you darling. Thank you”

I was shot, but I explained that Jerry was a much bigger man than me in the cock department and that I didn’t think she was yet ready for him.

oral, anal

“Then he will have to wait whilst we get ready then.”

Oh joy. More to follow if you are interested.