Written by mrandmrscuckold

14 Mar 2015

my wife and her friends were having a girls day out at the races it was a chilly day quite dull, but ann ( my wife ) went dressed in a low cut dress with only a wrap no coat as she said it will just get in the way if it brightens up.

anyway the taxi came her friends Julie,kath & gill were all dressed up to the knockers.

ann is in her early 50`s 5ft 7in size 14 and great tits all her friends are around the same age etc, they are all married and very flirty.

when ann came home around 6pm very merry. we had planned to have a takeaway that evening but she was full of life telling me all about the days events, they ended up winning about £50 between them after the drinks etc.

she said they were talking to a group of guys up here from Hull for the weekend, they were fun and bought them quite a few drinks throughout the day, she said they were going into town and asked the girls if they wanted to join them, they all said yes at first but as the drink flowed and time got on they said in the taxi they just wanted to get home and relax for the night, ann had other ideas though she said she wouldn`t mind going into town so I said get yourself away then, ann and I have dabbled in the past with other couples swapping and she has had a few other guys which I have known about we are very open with each other, and I`ve even watched her getting fucked a few times .

anyway ann said please come to town with me, as she`d maje it worth my while later if I did, so off we went ann still dressed in her low cut dress, with her nipples poking out off we went, we had a few drinks when she got a txt asking where her and the girls were she did not mention she`d gave them her mobile number anyway as we were leaving to go to the bar they were in I said look lets pretend I`m just a friend you bumped into on the way to the pub.

ann said why I said so we and especially you can have some fun anyway we walked in there were about 7 guys she introduced me as her friend so we had a drink moved onto another pub were I noticed she was quite clingy to this guy called will he was about 45 /46 5ft 10, shaven head I kept back one of the other lads brought the drinks again it was around 11pm by now we were all very merry ann was quite pissed by now dancing around will suddenly came up to me and asked if there was anything between us I just smiled and said no just friends I`ve never seen her in a few months, knowing now he was ready to make a move on her

about 20 mins later lets go to a club one guy said so 5 guy said ok will said another mate was too drunk so he`d take him back to the hotel asking ann andmyself back for a drink, I had no option ann said ok straight away linked his arm and I helped his mate back to the hotel will took him up to the room when he went I said to ann I`m having one drink and I`m away you stay and have a good time, ann said no he`s sharing a room so I said ok bring him back to ours I`ll keep out of the way.

will came back down I drank and made my excuses and left, getting home thinking of ann and what she was up to I had a steaming hard on as I sat wanking I heard a car pull up at the end of the driveway I jumped up ran upstairs and saw ann and will coming up the drive, they were very loud once in will asking where the loo was as ann got them a drink.

from the upstairs landing it looks onto the lounge will took no time in getting hold of ann and kissing her with ann all over him grabbing onto his arse as he kissed her, he just lifted her up onto the sofa before I knew it he had a tit out sucking it and I could see him parting her eager thighs with the other hand rubbing her fanny ann obliging opening her legs as his fingers found there way into her thong, I could hear her wetness as his fingers slurped in and out of her cunt.

ann lay back as he pulled her thong to one side and started to eat het well trimmed wet pussy. I was there watching making sure I did not make a noise which is hard when your pulling yourself watching your wife about to get fucked.

his head came up and he stood up and started to take his shirt off then his jeans his boxers dropped to the floor I could see ann`s eyes light up as he had his back towards me, he stepped forward ann instantly went forward and started to suck him off as he held her head with one hand while rubbing her tit with the other hand after a min or so he stood her up loosened her dress it fell to the floor took off her bra she stood there in just her thong still pulled to one side with her cunt hanging out of it, he pulled them down as ann laid back he lifted her leg over his shoulder and started to eat her wet pussy again, I could her him slurping her juices and ann was starting to moan and jerk a bit just then she started to buck and I knew it was just the start of her orgasm ann squirts quite often and is very vocal when she cums. will stood up pulling her up from the sofa he sat down and ann sat on top of him guiding his cock into her wet fanny she rode him moaning out loud as every time she sat down. she took another inch of him inside her, I could see by the look on his face he was about to blow his load deep inside her, just then ann screamed with delight as he filled her eager cunt to the brim his hot cum dribbling out as she bounced up and down on him.

ann lifted herself off as she did he grabbed her wrist pulling her down to lick and suck off every last drip of spunk left on his cock she licked him slowly looking straight into his eyes (she does that to me all the time ) slowly sucking his cock further and further down his shaft until she had all his cock down her throat.

they relaxed sitting there naked I shot my load all over the landing carpet watching her being fucked, they later came upstairs fucking again twice throughout the night as I lay next door wanking and listening to them.

the next morning he got up walked down the drive and that's the last we saw of him, I fucked her there and then she was still full of his spunk from the previous fuck. what agreat night for all.