Written by Dave 19

24 Jan 2019

This is a true story that happened last summer. Just after Christmas I started working at a local car showroom as a mechanic. It was a family run business and the owners Mr and Mrs D were a really nice couple in there 50,s. The wife Mrs D was a classy looking Milf who always came to work in s black suit shirt skirt and you could tell she was a stockings and suspenders lady. She would always turn the heads of the guys in the workshop and she knew they watched her and would say good morning boys in a very seductive way as she came through the garage. The boys would occasionally chat about her in the tearoom and say how they would love to get her and do the business as they thought she would like a bit of rough. Well enough about Mrs D (Emma). One Friday afternoon the Boss Mr D came down to the garage and asked me to take one of the cars and go and pick up his wife at the golf club and run her home as she had been there for lunch and had too much champagne and needed to get home. I got changed and got the keys of a nice merc and went to collect her. I was waiting outside and Emma appeared with another couple of ladies and also looking stunning. They all got in the back of the Merc and started giggling as they had been on the bubbly all afternoon. Can you take us home James said one of them and Emma leaned forward and apologised for her Friends Mandy and Jane and asked me to drop them home and gave me a peck on the cheek and run her hand over my shoulder, my cock stood to attention and we head off to drop the two to one house. When I dropped them off Emma said she would get in the front as I wasn’t her bloody chauffeur. We headed off to her house and she was all chat and was clearly flirting with me. She asked me did I have a girlfriend. I told her I did but she worked long haul for BA, that wouldn’t be good for your sex life she said and I nearly chocked as she put her hand on my leg. We pulled into her drive and she directed me around the back of the house which was bloody massive. As the car stopped she got a text and started to laugh. That’s Mandy being very rude, she wants to know if you have a big cock, ffs this is my bosses wife. She was texting her back and giggling. I told her I will let her know and before I could say a thing she had her hand on my bulge and kissing me really deep, was I dreaming or what but no this was real. Emma slowly moved her head down and started to bit my cock through my trousers and then undid them to release my by now throbbing cock. Omg she said now I know how you got your nickname in the workshop. The boys called me donkey after they saw me in the shower one night after the boys went to the gym. She started to lick the tip of my cock with those amazing lips she slid her lips over my shaft and with experience she took nearly all of my 9 inches down her throat she kept using her mouth to wank me and I couldn’t hold on any longer and told her I need to cum. She paused and looked up and said she wanted it down her throat every drop. She took me deep in her mouth and grabbed my balls and squeezed every drop down and licked me dry. I didn’t know what to do but she said thanks Donkey I can tell Mandy how big you are and that you can shoot a massive load. She said in her text that she fancied you as well. She got out of the car and said you guys all think I wear suspenders don’t you, yes I said, well she said I do but never panties and lifter her short skirt to flash her hairy mound at me. Part two to follow