Written by Cynthia

26 May 2017

I'm slim, but with a curvy figure including firm breasts for my age (53), very fit from aerobics and yoga, and can't get enough sex. My husband of 26 years is also slim and fit, has great 'equipment' so we continue to have wonderful sex after so many years of marriage, but he can't keep up with me in bed. I had a big appetite for sex before but, since menopause, I need it every day, and some days more than once. I think part of it is knowing I'm on the 'down slope' of life and there just isn't that much time remaining.

He certainly satisfies me in bed when we do it, but he recognizes he can't keep up with my need for it so frequently. He knows I love only him and our marriage is safe since the extra sex I need is a purely physical need with no emotional component, so we have an 'arrangement'. When he's away on work travel a couple of times a month, I can 'play' all I want so long as I'm discrete and our neighbours and friends don't know. And when he's home, I can 'play' during the day when he's at work, under the same rules.

I'm writing this in the evening on the third afternoon hubby is away on travel with him returning in a few hours. The first evening I called up a much younger black guy I've had before. We went to a club that caters to white women looking for black men and drank and danced. He likes to show me off to other black men there for a little while before taking me home. He stayed with me the whole night and when he left around this morning, I was so sore from all the rough sex I like to have every so often, I put some personal lubrication up inside to ease the soreness, then went back to bed.

I awakened around lunch time totally famished. Hot 'monkey' sex, especially all night sex, always has that effect on me. I had a leisurely lunch, a long soak in the bath, then off grocery shopping at our small local supermarket. I wandered around, thinking about the wonderful fucking I had received, which soon awakened my lust. After selecting the essentials to refill the larder, I lingered in the produce aisle with a growing itch between my legs. There was a younger good looking man in his early 30s looking somewhat lost trying to make a selection of melons and I saunter over to him with my cart and ask, "Having trouble deciding? A man of your experience should know if melons are ripe enough."

As he turned to face me, he took in the inviting look on my face and then my fit and nicely curvy figure for an older woman. He caught the flirty tone and double entendre, so when I continued saying, "With melons, its important to squeeze them just so to ensure they are mature and ripe, firmly so they know you're in control, but with gentleness and caring." He returned my smile and bantered back, "Yes, I see that one must be careful to handle them correctly, not to roughly and not to timidly. One needs to almost caress them to reveal their full perfection." I let his comments hang in the air for a few moments as I brightened my smile, then he invited to share a pot of tea with him at his since it was close by.

Once at his, we discarded all pretence of having tea along with our clothing as we attacked each other just inside the door. We kissed and caressed intimate body parts as we undressed each other until we stood naked locked in an embrace with our tongues down each other's throats, our hands continuing to caress and probe bodily protrusions and crevasses.

We stumbled into his bedroom and sprawled on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Passionate necessity for both of us dictated we enjoy each other with me on the bottom since our bodies seemed to naturally fall together in that position. He climbed between my legs as I moved them apart and raised my knees. My pussy was still a sore from my previous encounter so I had put lubrication up inside, so he didn't have any trouble shoving his substantial cock up me in a single deep thrust. I grunted from the stretching when he went in, then encircled his upper back with my arms as he withdrew his cock almost all the way. When he immediately shoved it back in I grunted again and that began our first fuck.

We fucked with some urgency. He needed to do me hard and fast, maybe because it had been a while since he's had his last woman, or maybe just because he was young and highly sexed. I really don't care since I like being fucked that way when I'm really horny and, no surprise to me, I was really horny again. We quickly climbed the heights and come almost simultaneously, he a bit after me when I he was sure I was coming. I guess it was one or more of the signs I gave him as I tightened the grip on his body of my arms and legs, my finger nails scratching deeply into the flesh on his back, my hips jerking, and the grunts of completion filling his ears.

I stayed with him for the next hour or so, having another extended session of hot monkey sex as he filled me three times with his hot cum. We were all over his bed as we took turns dominating each other in various positions. His ardour for me was almost certainly partly due to the fact that a person is so much more highly sexed when having a new lover for the first time. Of course, I'm sure having a woman like me who is highly sexed and aggressive in bed was also a factor. By the time we finished, the sheets were in total disarray and he couldn't believe it when I told him the truth when he asked my age.

Afterward, I repaired the damage to my hair and make-up as I readied myself to leave. He wanted to see me again the next day, but I coyly put him off saying he would have to catch me in the produce aisle again some day. He wasn't happy with that, but did kiss me passionately as we stood just inside the door to his flat. I kissed him deeply and passionately, and he after caressing my breasts through my blouse, he ran his hand up between my legs underneath my skirt and fingered me, pushed the gusset of my panties aside, put two fingers inside and fingered me until I was close.

I pulled away and bent over the arm of his sofa, the nearest place to be fucked, and said in an very urgent voice, "Fuck me. I want you in me again!" He was still naked as he had watched me get ready while lying in the bed and hadn't bothered getting dressed. He shoved in and fucked me to a quick come. We went back to bed and I stayed the night, getting fucked almost hourly between cuddling and talking until this around noon. We connected on an intellectual and emotional level, as well as sexually, and I didn't want to leave. He felt the same and he asked if we could become regular lovers, and I told him we would try it, agreeing to get together one afternoon early next week.

It was almost mid-afternoon and I called my best girlfriend arranged to meet for tea in a shop in her village nearby. I arrived first and took a quiet table in a corner. She joined me and one good look at my face and hair and general demeanour, and she blurted out with a grin, "You've just come from being with a man! Probably rode hard from the look of you. Do tell all. Don't leave out anything!"

We ordered tea and then I told her what she wanted to hear, leaving out the details she wanted to hear most. She's about my age, divorced, and plays the Friday and Saturday night pub scene as well as some of the local hotel bars. She's sometimes successful, but she always listens with amazement, then always says when I finish, "I can't believe you. You get more in a shorter time than anybody I know. How do you do it?"

I smiled and drank my tea for a few moments, then said, "I've told you before. It's a combination of being forward and brazen in approaching new men without appearing sluttish - a fine balance, but essential. Then I either let them do the pursuing with nature taking its course, or make the suggestion myself, all dependent upon their reaction to my approach. It's quite easy once you get the feel of it - no pun intended." We talked some more, then I returned home and took a long bath as I re-lived my day's adventures, then got ready for my husband's return. His airport limo should be arriving soon, and I'll post this tomorrow.

He will probably pick up on my just fucked aura and we'll be in bed early so he can fuck me while hearing some of the juicier parts of my experiences while he was away. It will be a double treat if he got lucky and had someone himself, and tells me about it. That's always good for another fuck or two before morning.