Written by SWdelight

2 Mar 2012

The wife's been out all day with no knickers on and stockings with lovely suspenders stretched over her thighs. Her skirt is short and she has had to do some bending. Her neckline is low and reveals an awful lot too as she dips her body forward.

Having been with five men all day long in an office environment where she's trying to get a contract to supply, she will have had some comments and smutty jokes thrown in to encourage her to behave a little more explicitly in how she moves and how much she shows.

Later, I'm steering the wife toward a place just outside Ex where I'll get her a couple of drinks. After a while it will be almost dark and I'll take her elsewhere to feel how things went during the day.

On the other hand, she may have been asked out for a drink again, by one or two of the men present. If that happens, she'll let me know where they're taking her and I can watch as they laugh, chat her up and get raunchy with her.

If she likes them a bit, she'll go with them to somewhere else where they will ................