Written by happy couple

28 Feb 2014

We paiendowed our tickets and walked down a small corridor leading to the dimly lit cinema the film was of a female police officer getting fucked by two guys, we sat about half way down behind another couple, there were a few guys dotted around in there too, after about five minutes I noticed our friend from the sex shop had entered he sat in the same row as us although a few seats along, I had my arm around my wife's shoulder and my hand was brushing her increasingly hardening nipple, she turned her head and kissed me, my free hand started to rub her thigh, my wife whispered to me that the woman sitting in front of us was walking her partners cock, I chuckled and slid my hand higher she parted her thighs giving me access to her smooth were pussy, I slipped a couple of fingers deep inside as she moaned, her hand rubbed my cock through my trousers as I continued to finger fuck her pussy, I unbuttoned her blouse tof get at her tits, our sex shop friend moved a seat nearer, I stopped kissing her and started to suck her nipple the woman in front of us turned and smiled at us, she then dropped her head to suck her partners cock.

I was a little worried we'd be discovered and thrown out or have the police arrive, but this only made it more exciting, my wife and I have been to clubs and been with other couples but this was a new for us, my wife had freed my cock ( now I'm not endowed with a ten inch whopper like some I read about, but an average size)and she was happily walking me whilst sitting with her leg over mine with my fingers in her pussy and her blouse open showing her tits which I was sucking.

I looked across to the guy from the sex shop who had his cock out playing with himself I gave him a look offering him one of my wife's tits, he readily accepted and moved to the seat next to her, his head dropped down taking her nipple into his mouth, my wife just gave me a look and then kissed me I broke off the kiss to pay her other boob some attention, his hand was running up her thigh, I whispered "play with him" and again she gave me a surprised look, I watched as she reached for his cock ( a little larger than mine I might add) I took his hand and placed it on her pussy, her breathing was getting heavier and her moans more audible as she now had four fingers pistoning in and out of her, two from each of us.

The couple in front had now turned to watch us the dark haired woman was kneeling on her seat whilst he was behind her, the other cinema goers had now started to pay us more attention and where standing around, I noticed the guy in front wasn't standing behind his other half he was fucking her, she leaned over and rubbed my wife's tits, now my wife is bi so not adverse to girly attention, I could tell my wife was nearing orgasm so increased my pace on her pussy, her body tensed as she came clamping her legs together, our sex shop friend shot his load over her hand, my wife now took me into her mouth, I knew I wouldn't last long as her tongue piercing flicked over me, that did it and I pumped mu skunk down her throat, as she sat back up the woman in front leaned over and kissed her, she went back to rubbing my wife's tits, her partner grunted as he came, our sex shop friend slipped away as we recovered ourselves " I'm Lorraine the woman said and this is Peter" we giggled and introduced ourselves, they told us they were staying in a nearby hotel and asked us if we fancied joining them for a drink.

That's another story in you're interested.