Written by neighbour15

11 Apr 2012

A day with Amy.

I had hoped to be able to tell yoou about a week with Amy but when her folks went away,her live-in boyfriend didn't go on his course as arranged.He came down with a dose of man flu and messed up all our plans.That was some weeks ago now and I hadn't seen Amy alone since.The other day was decent weather and I was doing some savage pruning of the shrubs in my back garden when I got a text message

It was from Amy.Normally her messages are brief and to the point,like,Nd a fk cm rd now.But this one had a picture attached.I opened the message to see a picture of Amy's naked arse.Nice but in real life much better.Then the message.

If u wnt 2 fk this.9.30.

Did she mean it literally?I didn't know but given the chance I would ,so I texted back.

Lv 2.

I looked around but couldn't see her anywhere at the windows,so I dropped my tools into the greenhouse and went in,had a quick shower and shave,dressed but no underwear and at 9.30 on the dot I rang the door bell.I was already rock hard.

Amy as you may know has very few inhibitions these days and has a gorgeous body.Slim,not bony,toned and well formed,slim hips and perfect tits.But I was till surprised when she answered the door wearing just a St Christopher.

'Dont look so shocked,' she said.'You've seen it all before.'

'Pleasantly surprised,not shocked.Nice to see you again.'

She locked the door as soon as we were in the hallway.She kissed me hard,pushing me against the wall,her hand as usual,straight to my zip,opening it,pushing my trousers down a bit and taking my rigid cock in her warm hands.

Then she moved away,pulled my shirt over my head and pushed my trousers round my ankles.She looked up at me then slipped my cock into her willing mouth.She sucked and moved with practised ease,slipping a finger gently into my arse.After a minute or so,she stopped stood up and took my hand and started up the stairs.Seeing her round arse cheeks inches from my face as I followed was too tempting,I put my hands on her firm buttocks and gave her a playful push.We both ended up lying on the stairs my cock pushing between her arse cheeks.Amy turned and smiled.

'Careful with that.'She laughed as I nudged my cock at her arse hole.'Stay there.'

I eased myself up off her and she scrambled into the bathroom returning a few seconds later.

'I always wanted to fuck on the stairs and for you to fuck my arse,so why don't we do both together.'

I could hardly believe it.But she was sure.She turned around again and with a bit of shifting position I slipped a couple of fingers into her hot,wet cunt.Amy murmured softly as I stroked her clit as I slipped my fingers in and out of her.Then I put my cock all the way into her and started thrusting gently,her cunt juices covering my cock.

Amy stopped moving.'Now please.I don't want you cumming there,I want your full load up my arse.I want to feel you spurting in me.Please.'

I needed no further asking.I positioned my cock at her arse hole,well covered in her juices but Amy had also obviously lubed herself when she went to the bathroom.I pushed gently at her hole as she pushed back also.My bell end started to go in,then almost with a pop it was in.Amy gasped and I stopped.

'It's ok 'she said,'just surprised how good it feels.'

She was so tight,I had never felt anything like it.My wife would never have contemplated anal.Amy was so hot and tight so I eased as much of my cock into her as I could then started thrusting,with Amy pushing at me,urging me to go harder as she grunted with each thrust.She was finger fucking herself at the same time and I managed to squeeze and stroke her right tit as it swung beneath her.Her nipple was hard in my fingers and Amy was becoming more and more vocal.Shouting 'Fuuuck,Fuuuck,' again and again.I knew she would be cumming soon and as I thrust into her well-lubed arse again and again,so would I.

Amy beat me to it.She pushed hard back onto my cock,her whole body went rigid and she cried out as she slumped down.I slipped out of her as I thought she had fainted but she was ok.She turned her head she had a wild look on her face.

'Fuck me,I want it all.'

She raised herself and I pushed my cock straight into her still open arse hole.With Amy grunting and pushing back at me again I was soon there.I held her hips and slammed straight into her as far as I could and shot spurt after spurt of hot spunk into her arse.Amy shook with pleasure as I emptied my spunk into her and we both flopped down on the stairs.

After a couple of minutes she started shaking.I thought she was crying and that I had hurt her but she was laughing.

'That was fucking brilliant,'she said.'Let's go to bed.'

We still had most of the day left,I was looking forward to slowly exploring Amy's gorgeous body.