Written by Keith1961

21 Sep 2014

After a night out in Norwich and a fallout with my girlfriend I thought the evening couldn't be any worse but in the end my bi curious juices were woken.A few weeks ago myself and my girlfriend went into Norwich for a meal and drinks , the evening started well ,my girlfriend looked georgous and when she put on stockings my cock was twitching in anticipation.

We were staying in a hotel in Wroxham my girlfriend knew some of her old Uni friends who lived on the outskirts of Norwich , after a few text messages my girlfriend told me that we may meet up later for a drink.

This I wasn't about because the plan was the evening was for us to have some fun any way we got a taxi into Norwich and had decided to go for a indian the place was nice and the food was very good , with too much beer in me I went to the loo on return I could see my girlfriend texting away , we had just enough room for ice cream than her phone rang she left to answer the phone , when she returned I asked who was on the phone she said just a mate and that was that .

I paid for the meal and I suggested a drink but she said my mates are in town can we have a quick drink with them , cut a long story short it wasn't a quick drink and our cosy evening was swamped with girlie talk , the final straw for me was my girlfriend was going to the toilet and she said can you get a round of drinks in for the girls , I've got no problems in that but that was the first time I had chatted with her but she was engrossed with her mates.

Then to take me over the edge one of her mates said she wanted diet coke with her vodka not full fat coke and all of a sudden I was made to look a twat , I said sorry about that but no one helped me at the bar .

I said just ask the barman to change the bottle my GF said you do it , I said your joking arnt you - I don't mind putting my hand in my pocket but our night out was now a girlie fest , I bit my lip and kept my cool.

Then I noticed some of the girls buying their own drinks I shouted to Kellie I whiskey and Lemo and a half a lager , she returned from the bar with only her drink , I said I will go and get the other drinks she said you can get your own your a big boy .

That was it , I said to my GF your so called mates are taking the piss , they never battered a eye lid when I was paying for the drinks but they won't at least get you one ........but she was all star struck with her mates .

I ordered my own drink and felt a right pleb my GF then said the girls were going onto a Karioke bar , I said we could get off but she wanted to go with her mates , I said I'm not I will get a taxi back to the hotel I gave her some money and said stay at your friends .

Our relationship was going thru a dodgy phase but drinkies with her mates gave me a reality check so I left , a short walk down the main high street I went into a taxi shop , still pissed off the cab came round the front I asked could I get in the front .

It's quite a long drive to Wroxham when I got to the hotel I realised I was £8 short for my taxi fare , I felt such a twat I had given most of my money to my GF , the taxi driver wasn't pleased I said what can I go to make it up , he said I want the money .

He got out of the cab and I could see he wasn't happy I got out and said I'm sorry and I would like to make things right .

After a couple of ciggies the driver said will you do anything , I said within reason why ......he said get in the car .

He said he knew the area and drove to a deserted track close to the Broads , he parked up and said to me to make up the fare you can suck me off , that is it - I said your kidding he started rubbing his cock thru his jeans .

I've always been a bit bi curious and the driver was in his early 40s and by the bulge in his jeans a good size cock , he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock after a little prompting I carried on rubbing him , he became vocal and said undo my jeans and get my cock out .

After a bit of wiggling I pulled his jeans down and his shorts and out popped a very impressive 7 inch thick cut cock , I touched the bellend and then started to wank him .

He stopped me and lowered his seat down I knelt down and I could smell his sweaty cock and balls , he guided my head to his cock I licked his bellend and then popped it into my mouth , he felt warm and then I took as much as I could in my mouth as he moved my head in a bobbing nothing , he told me to rub his balls and lick his shaft .

I can't lie buy I was getting hard and I started slurping as I was sucking , he loved this .

He said he wanted to fuck my mouth he got out of his cab and there was a wall close to the cab , he ordered me out and then on my knees I carried on sucking him he told me to look at him as I sucked then he started twitching and he started wanking as he spurted I pulled away from his load this pissed him off. He said you were to swallow that .

He told me I wasn't going anywhere until I had taken my load in his mouth , I told me to get in the car and pull down my pants - he started wanking my off I asked would he suck me he said I am the only sucker .

But he knew I was close to cumming a few thrusts of my shaft and i spurted on my belly and his hand, he offed me his hand and said lick if off which I did . I noticed he was hard again and with his car seat down he said suck me off , I was in cock heaven I swallowed m gagged and sucked away on his cock , rubbing his balls and then I felt him spurt in my mouth .

He said don't swallow show him his spunk in my mouth m which I did then I swallowed it .

He called me his cock sucker after getting dressed he drove me back to my hotel and he drove off , I couldn't believe how my evening had panned out I was hoping to fuck my GF then we had a fallout then I was on my knees sucking off a cab driver and taking a load in my mouth.

I want more ........I love pussy but cock sucking was horny.