Written by Maverick_john

16 Feb 2010

My story will be quite tame compared to some on here, but it is true. I am a Sales Director of a Company and in my department I have 4 girls aged between 33 and 44, I am 55 and married. One night a few months ago, we held a Company party, and for the first time I noticed what a great body one of my girls had. I was bringing the girls drinks from the bar, and noticed Julie in front of me, standing with her back to me. She was wearing tight jeans and long boots, her small bum looked fantastic. From that day on, I took more notice of her, and quite fancied her. She wasnt the most beautiful woman, but seemed to have a great body. She was about 5ft 7in, I guess a 32dd, and size 8.

Anyway, a couple of months later, we were holding another function and I suggested to my girls that if they wanted to go, I would drive, collecting each of them from home and returning them. They all accepted, thankfully even Julie. I worked out where they all lived, and realised that I needed to collect Julie first (and obviously drop her off last) We had a great night, and after dropping off the other girls, I was alone with Julie, who had moved into the front seat.We chatted small talk on the way home, and then I finally plucked up the courage to tell her how stunning she looked. She thanked me, I dropped her at home and that was that.

A couple of weeks later, she was finishing for a weeks holiday, but was due to stay at home. A couple of days into it, I sent her a text, merely saying "hope the holiday is going well" I didn't think for one minute that she would reply, but was really hoping that she would. And she did, saying "holiday great, missing you xx" Well that was it, I thought I actually have a chance here. I texted back a few times, she responded, eventually I asked her if she fancied coming out on the Friday night. It took a huge amount of courage to ask her, but she said "yes it would be good to chat" As I live miles away, I booked a room in a hotel not far from where she lived, telling my wife I was away on business. On the night, I collected Julie from home, and told her that I had booked dinner at the hotel.

When we got there, I had to check in, and asked her if she was coming up to the room with me, to take my luggage. She accepted. When we got to the room (which was a beautiful suite) there was a complimentary bottle of wine, which I opened and poured two glasses. As I passed the glass to Julie, I kissed her, she responded thankfully. We chatted for a few minutes and than went to dinner. When we finished eating, I asked her if she wanted to return to my room with the wine that we still had from dinner. She seemed totally at ease with this, I was delighted. When we got to the room, I grabbed her, to kiss her again, she responded very warmly, hugging me very close, and pushing her body into mine. I could feel my cock growing, she obviously felt it too, and started moving her body with mine, making me even bigger. We seemed to be kissing and hugging for ages. Then much to my surprise, she started to unbutton my shirt, opened my jeans, unzipped me than fell to her knees in front of me. I was wearing a thong which she removed very quickly,she then wrapped her lips around my cock, and started wanking me into her mouth. It was ecstasy, I bent down and removed her top, and unclipped her bra. Her breasts were magnificent,I was later to learn that she was a 32ff.

I did not come into her mouth, but stood her up and opened her jeans,she then whispered to me that it was the wrong time of the month, but somehow I didn't care, here I was with a 38 year old woman having a fantastic time. We laid on the bed and she wanked me, the juices landing on her tummy. We drank some more, then went to bed and awoke the next morning.

I now see her at about once per week, we have a fantastic sex life and i cannot believe how lucky I am. I know it will end one day, but as my wife and I haven't had any form of sexual contact for about 8 years, I feel that if it ended with Julie than that would be the end of my sex life for ever.