Written by Perrin

9 Oct 2011

This is an example of how, against the odds, a fantasy became reality for me, with the benefit of some real physical fulfilment for Mrs P. Although still very close in many ways after nearly 20 years of marriage, and two lovely children, the physical side had never worked out so well. For years I think we both kept assuming that we’d get round to sorting it out, but with frequency dropping off to perhaps 3 times a year, we were essentially getting by without.

I had never been the most confident nor capable lover, and anyway had no desire to go off “exploring” on my own, but I felt sure that Mrs P was still very capable of enjoying herself given the opportunity. Just as I would never betray her trust by wandering, I felt absolutely sure that Mrs P would never go off to find pleasure elsewhere behind my back. At the same time, increasingly I was finding the thought of Mrs P experiencing pleasure with another man hugely erotic. Eventually I plucked up the courage to confess the fact that this turned me on, expecting her reaction to be somewhere between disinterest and horror. At first she was dismissive of the idea, and I said no more about it, but I was surprised when, a week or so later, she asked me if I’d been serious when I suggested allowing her to experience another man. We talked about it some more, and to cut a long story short, after an amazing number of responses to our ad, we made contact with “Mike” (not his real name) online. Mike was a single, professional guy just a few years younger than us and also, as Mrs P and I are boringly white and Caucasian and she confessed to wondering if the rumours about size were true, a black guy.

We exchanged a few emails at first, before Mrs P was comfortable asking for a photo showing more than just a face. We got more than we bargained for as Mike responded with a fully unclothed photo, showing himself fully aroused. Now even I, as a conventionally hetero bloke, could not but marvel at the size and girth on display, and felt certain that if we went through with this, Mrs P was in for a treat that she simply could not experience at home.

We agreed to go cautiously, and to meet in a neutral venue first, before committing to going further. We had agreed that I would be involved throughout, save that although I’d go with Mrs P, I’d not be present in the room when things heated up. Although we were prepared to push our boundaries a bit with this, frankly neither of us would have been comfortable with me sitting in the corner of the room whilst Mrs P got down to business. Mike lived in the centre of town, so we met in a coffee house for an initial chat, and to make sure that we all got on. Mike was pleasant and sensitive to the fact that this was a first for us, and went out of his way to make us feel relaxed.. After an hour or so, Mike discreetly took a comfort break, giving Mrs P and I the chance to decide if she wanted to go through with this. After some reassurance from me that I was OK with proceeding, Mrs P decided that she was ready to take the plunge. I could see that she was nervous, but at the same time very excited, and I felt a thrill which is hard to describe.

Ten minutes later we were in Mike’s modern city centre flat, with Mike showing me how to use the Sky box in the living room, in order to keep me occupied for a while. That sorted out, he asked Mrs P if she was ready to “go somewhere more private”. My heart was thumping by this point – goodness knows what Mrs P’s was doing! She looked at me for one final wordless permission, and I sat down in an armchair, watching Mike escort Mrs P from the room.

The thought of Mrs P with Mike was hugely erotic, and I could think of little else as I sat in the living room – there was no way I was going to be concentrating on Mike’s Sky service! I gave it 10 minutes, before curiosity overcame me and, careful to be as quiet as possible, I opened the living room and moved cautiously into the hallway. There was first – I wasn’t sure which room they were in. After a minute or two, however, I made out some the low murmur of voices from behind one of the doors. Mike’s flat was a modern appartment – not one of the old stone or brick buildings common in the city – and (thankfully!) the sound proofing wasn’t what it might have been. The voices faded away, and I then heard a surprising sound – the creaking of a bed frame – quite loud despite the closed bedroom door. For some reason this seemed incongruous in a modern flat with chic furniture, but I wasn’t complaining! The creaking was not the sound of obvious “action” however, but more like the sound of someone sitting on the bed and shifting position. I was terrified that they were about to come out of the room and catch me standing there, and I swiftly retreated to the living room doorway. Just then, however, I heard another, altogether more interesting sound. Although she is quite capable of enjoying some physical attention, Mrs P is not usually highly vocally demonstrative in bed. The sound I heard, however, was unmistakably a low murmur of pleasure from Mrs P – and the sound was being repeated slowly. Of course I could only hear what was happening, but in the absence of the sound of that creaky bedframe, I could only guess that Mrs P was receiving some oral attention from Mike. Needless to say I found this immensely exciting, and found myself stiffening immediately.

After a few minutes, the sounds from Mrs P stopped, and I heard voices again, and that bedframe indicating some shifting around beyond the closed door. Again I retreated to the living room doorway, but then a fresh sound reached me – soft noises of clear appreciation from Mike. Now despite oral (both ways) being another fantasy of mine, it has never really featured in my experience with Mrs P – so the thought that Mrs P might be in there with Mike’s aroused manhood in her mouth (for that is the image my imagination presented me with to accompany the sounds I was hearing), clearly with pleasurable effect for Mike was indescribably erotic.

Another few minutes passed, until I wondered whether Mrs P was going to bring Mike off completely this way, but then again the bedframe indicated some more moving around inside the bedroom. This time, however, the creaking sounds resolved into a distinctly slow rhythmic pattern, with a heavy creak every few seconds. This was a huge moment –the rhythm was unmistakable, and there could be little doubt that Mrs P now had Mike inside her, and (if it were possible) I found myself hardening still further. Gradually, the creaking quickened, until after what seemed like 10 minutes or so the creaks were coming every second or so. The pace picked up still further, and recalling the photo, and listening to her muffled moans of pleasure, I wondered how Mrs P could stand it without climaxing, until just at that point I heard Mrs P crying out in apparent ecstasy. It was clear that she was trying to keep it quiet, but was experiencing too many waves of pleasure to do so. Incredibly, however, it didn’t end there – the creaking continued at the same pace, and perhaps 10 seconds after the first climax had subsided, another appeared to begin! Mrs P was evidently having more pleasure in one go with Mike than I had brought her in the last year. This, for me, particularly with no ability to see what was happening, and relying only on what I could hear, was almost exquisitely exciting.

Mrs P appeared slowly to come back down to earth, and the creaking slowed and stopped. There was the sound of more shifting around, and voices again. Again, I retreated to the living room doorway in fear of discovery. However, after a minute or so, the bed frame started its creaking again, although this time accompanied by the distinctive, if a little muffled, slap of skin on skin. Again, I was in part reliant on my imagination, but it did sound as though Mrs P was now being taken from behind by a rock hard Mike. This time the pace seemed to quicken much more swiftly, and after a few minutes the creaks and slaps were coming as fast as two, perhaps even 3 per second. I had to admire Mike’s staying power, but after a few minutes of this I heard Mike, making less effort to keep it quiet, reach his climax, and of course with the closed door in the way I was left to imagine him, albeit safely protected, unloading himself deep inside Mrs P.

Having fulfilled the ultimate fantasy, I crept back to the living room to wait for Mrs P and Mike to reappear, which they did – an hour and a half later!

I didn’t press Mrs P afterwards for the gory details, but we did talk about her enjoyment of the experience more generally. I turned out that as I suspected, she had indeed had the seeing to of a lifetime, and at age 40, her first ever multiple climax. There had been another two mutually climactic sessions in the hour and a half I waited in the living room after the first. Mrs P now sees Mike once every month of two, on her own now that we are all comfortable with the arrangements, and is I believe a happier and more fulfilled woman as a result.