Written by godzilla84

3 Jul 2012

Thank you for the positive feedback from my last account. This follows on directly from last time.

A few weeks later, I had been to the GUM clinic to get myself tested and got the all clear. I texted Tim and let him know. When I was at work, we acted the same as before, just a bit of banter about football as and when we saw each other with the occasional knowing smile between us.

Two days after I had texted Tim, I got a message on my phone from Rachel. “Tim is away in London for a few days. Would you like to come round tomorrow night?” I replied “yes that would be great.” Her reply was “bring a change of clothes and your toothbrush, you’re staying the night ;-)”

The next day and a half seemed to go backwards. All I could think about was fucking Rachel again. Eventually I finished my shift and headed home to get a shower and pick up an overnight bag. I had the fastest but most thorough shower of my life and was out the door in a flash. I was in my car, half way between Bootle and Formby when my phone lit up. I had a text from Tim “Have fun tonight! I can’t wait to hear all about it when I get back.” I smiled to myself and put my foot down and before I knew it I was pulling onto their drive way.

I rang the doorbell and after a few moments, Rachel answered the door in a low cut red knee length dress and gave me a peck on the cheek. I stepped inside and within seconds of the door closing, Rachel was on her knees undoing my belt and pulling my jeans and boxers down. She took my cock all the way into her mouth, gently scraping my balls with her red painted nails making me shiver with pleasure.

She stood up and walked into the living room, I followed her trying to pull my jeans back up at the same time. She sat on the same sofa I had first fucked her on a few weeks earlier and patted the empty cushion next to her. “Seeing as how we have all night, I thought we could relax together and watch a DVD first?” She asked.

I did my best to hide my disappointment and sat down next to her. She got on all fours in front of the TV looking for a DVD and I watched her bum thinking about what I had to look forward to later. She found what she was looking for, put the DVD on and joined me on the sofa, but now she sat side on to me with her legs resting on my thighs. I rested my hands on her shins feeling her smooth skin with my fingertips.

Rachel gave me a sexy smile and said, “You can go further up my legs.......” I took her invitation and pushed the hem of her dress up, exposing her thighs and a lack of underwear which made my cock twitch. She felt my hardening cock press against her legs and raised her eyebrows. “Shall we forget the DVD and go upstairs?”

Suddenly, in a daze I was following her up the single flight of stairs to their bedroom watching her sexy bum sway from side to side as she walked. I reached out and put my hands on her bum cheeks making her jump slightly and break into a half hearted jog. We got onto the landing and turned to face each other.

She kissed me and grabbed my t-shirt and lifted over it my head, I undid the zip on the back of her dress and let it fall, leaving her naked in front of me. We walked into the bedroom and she lay on the bed with her legs apart. “Fuck me with your tongue” she ordered.

I got between her legs and started to lick around her clit. “I said fuck me with your tongue” she reminded me. I did as I was told, forcing my tongue as far inside her as I could manage with my nose on her clit. She gasped and grabbed my head, mashing me against her pussy. I swirled my tongue around inside her, feeling her contracting her muscles inside. I continued this for a couple of minutes until she stopped me and said. “Finish getting undressed, I want your cock in my mouth.”

I had my shoes and jeans off before she had finished the sentence and my socks and boxer shorts followed swiftly. “Get on your back on the bed. You’re going to tongue fuck me while I deep throat you” she almost whispered. I did as she said and then she swung a leg over my head and presented me with her swollen pussy lips as she took the head of my cock in her mouth, licking a bead of pre-cum from the eye. Then without warning, she took my cock right down her throat making me gasp in surprise and pleasure.

I started to fuck her with my tongue but I couldn’t concentrate with the sensations engulfing my cock. She paused, and then she spat on my arse hole, making me jump. “Don’t panic, you will like this.....trust me” I felt her finger tickling my ring, making my cock go harder than I have ever known it. I struggled to stay still because of the sensations I was feeling. She stopped and sat up. “I will give you a treat later” I thought to myself, “this is a treat” but just smiled. Rachel turned around and said, “I think it’s about time I had that lovely cock inside my cunt”.

I had never heard a woman say cunt and it excited me. “Well I supposed I should give you what you want” I smiled back. She pushed me back down and swung her long leg over me again. She held herself above my cock and lowered herself onto it, impaling her cunt. The sensation for me was unbelievable.

The first time I was fucking a woman without protection. I could feel her warm wetness surrounding my shaft. She ground her pubic bone against mine, mashing her clit against me rocking back and forth. I rested my hands on her hips, then pulled her down against me and kissed her, the first time I had initiated a kiss. “Mmmm, you’re getting confident” She sighed.

A couple of minutes of Rachel rocking back and forth on my cock had got me close to shooting my load so I suggested a position change to help me slow myself down. “Doggy?” I asked. “No, missionary. I want to see your face when you spunk inside my married cunt” She screamed softly. She gave my cock a quick suck as we changed positions and lay back with her legs apart ready for me to penetrate her. I paused for a moment and admired the view in front of me. Rachel saw me pause and leaned over to the bedside cabinet and grabbed a camera. “Take a picture of me like this” she said. “I want Tim to see what you saw. I quickly took a couple of pictures and threw the camera on the bed.

“Fuck me. Fuck me as hard as you can and shoot your hot cum inside me!” She ordered. I pressed my cock against her now red lips and with one push I was all the way inside her. I started to move my hips slowly. “As hard as you can” she repeated. I thrust as hard as I could over and over again until I was in a good fast rhythm. Suddenly I felt her hands on my back and then her nails dig into me gently and then scrape round to my ribs. “Kiss me, and make sure you are kissing me when you cum” Rachel sighed.

I lowered my head to meet her lips and she grabbed my head pulling me into the kiss. I was getting close and Rachel sensed it. “GIVE ME YOUR SPUNK!” she screamed. I felt my balls tense up and thrust as deep and as hard as I could as my cock twitched inside her filling her with more cum than I had ever shot before. I collapsed on top of her, our bodies sweaty and stuck together. Rachel gripped me tightly with her arms and her muscles inside her pussy, squeezing the last of my load out.

I rolled off her and lay back on the bed next to her. My cock was semi hard and Rachel leaned across and took it in her mouth, licking the combination of our juices off me. She licked a big dollop of spunk from the base of my cock and came up to kiss me, sharing it with me. “We have a dilemma” she said. I looked at her confused. “You’re too hairy down there. We need to tidy you up.” She got up and walked out of the room. “Follow me” she called from the landing.

When I got onto the landing Rachel was in the bathroom, leaning over the bath putting the plug in. I walked in behind her and felt her pussy. She jumped a little then parted her legs giving me better access. I could feel my spunk and removed my fingers and gave them a lick and put them to her mouth. While we waited for the bath to run, I continued fingering her and scooped more of the spunky mess from inside her lips, this time I licked it all from my hand and then kissed her.

With the bath almost full, Rachel produced a set of electric clippers. “Sit on the toilet seat; I’m going to trim you first.” I watched nervously as she wielded the clippers round my nether regions. When the worst of my forest of pubic hair was gone, we climbed into the bath together and in the warmth of the water Rachel mounted my cock again using the sides of the bath to support her weight as she moved up and down on my cock. The extra warmth of the bath water and the stimulation of her pussy on my shaft felt amazing and I could feel myself getting close to cumming again. Rachel sensed this and climbed off me, “Not yet. I still have more work to do.”

She got out of the bath and walked over to the sink and picked up a razor, shaving gel and a shaving brush. She drained some of the water from the bath leaving my cock exposed again. She squirted a generous amount of gel onto my balls and worked it in around my shaft with the brush. “Stay still, I don’t want to cut you.” I laughed nervously “I don’t want you to either!” as she expertly started to take the stubble away with the razor. Every couple of minutes she would grip my shaft and wank me, keeping me hard while she shaved. Eventually I was completely smooth round my shaft and balls and she picked up the shower head and rinsed the remaining foam off. It felt amazing being so smooth.

We pulled the plug and let the remainder of the water drain away. “Put the shower on now, I want you to wash me.” We got under the water and Rachel passed me the shower gel. “I want you to make me clean before we get dirty again.” I soaped her back up, letting the suds run down the small of her back into her bum crack then reached round and cupped her breasts in my soapy hands.

She pushed back against me, my cock hardening and resting in the gap between her bum cheeks. I pressed my cock hard against her and she reached back and lined my cock against her slippery bum hole. “Fuck my arse. I want to feel your spunk running out of me” I thrust gently forward past her tight hole, the warm water and remains of the soap helping. “Deeper, all the way!” she cried out.

I started to pump my cock in and out of her arsehole but I could feel my spunk rising and I wanted to last longer. Rachel realised that I was holding back and begged “don’t slow down, I want your spunk” I responded, thrusting faster feeling her tightness round my shaft. She looked over her shoulder at me and moaned “Mmmm, spunk in my arse.” I lasted less than a minute before granting her request. With a deep grunt, I emptied my balls into her.

With my cock still buried deep in her arse she turned her head again and kissed me, forcing her tongue into my mouth. “That was amazing she gasped!” I was slightly dizzy but responded “I have never cum that hard before. It was incredible.” My cock started to soften and slipped from her hole followed by a blob of cum that dropped into the shower tray and flowed with the water down the drain.

Rachel picked the shower gel back up from the floor and started to soap my torso and then my crotch, wanking my now limp cock and fondling my balls making sure I was clean. I rinsed off and sat on the floor of the shower and started to soap her long legs, massaging her thighs and buttocks as the warm water rinsed over us.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off and headed back to the bedroom where we collapsed onto the bed together. I don’t remember falling asleep but the next thing I remember is waking up and wondering where I was before realising that Rachel was under the duvet, sucking my cock. I pulled the covers back and looked down at her. She stopped and smiled up at me. “Sorry, did I wake you?” I smiled back and let my head fall back onto the pillow.

She continued where she had left off and I moaned with pleasure as she licked my now smooth balls. “Mmmm, that feels fantastic. I must be dreaming” After a couple of minutes Rachel stopped what she was doing and crawled up the bed before straddling my face and rubbing her pussy lips over my mouth and then carried on sucking my cock. I responded by gently sucking her clit.

She was soaking wet before I had even started and within a minute or two, she was literally dripping. I lapped up her juices; it was a pleasant taste that I didn’t recognise. I inserted a couple of fingers into her well lubricated hole and tried to find her G spot. After a couple of seconds she jumped and gave a half squeal half giggle and stood up on the bed. Facing away from me she crouched down and lowered herself onto my now, rock hard cock. I watched as my cock disappeared inside her.

I noticed that her arsehole was exposed because of the way she was sat and I pushed one of my fingers, still slick with her pussy juice into her sphincter, making her gasp. She looked back at me with smile and a glint in her eye. “You are a naughty boy.” “I was innocent until you corrupted me” I lied. She pushed back against my cock and finger pushing them deeper into their respective holes.

Watching my unprotected cock disappearing into this beautiful woman who was more than twice my age and was also somebody else’s wife was such a turn on and I felt it throb each time she rocked back against me. Eventually, Rachel got off and lay back on the bed with her legs apart. I knelt between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock against the entrance to her pussy ready to fuck her in the missionary position. At the last second I decided to go down on her, I wanted more of what I had tasted earlier.

I licked gently at her clit, savouring the taste and then dived in like the cat that got the cream so to speak. She pulled at my hair, mashing my face into her crotch, not that I needed any encouragement. I alternated between fucking her with my tongue and tracing circles round her clitoris. Eventually she begged me to fuck her again.

After a couple more minutes with my tongue, I gave in and placed my cock back at the entrance to her hole and with one push; I was in to the hilt. “Fuck me slowly” she sighed. Gently I built up a rhythm and I could feel my balls slapping against her bum. As I fucked her she played with her clit and I felt her fingers brush against my shaft. I leant down and kissed her, she responded grabbing my head and kissing me deeper then continued fingering her.

After a couple of minutes of fucking and her own self pleasure she climaxed, shuddering and writhing. The contractions of her internal muscles against my cock tipped me over the edge and I came inside her, not as much as last night but more intensely. I felt my cock spasm a couple of times as I shot jets of hot cum inside Rachel’s warm pussy then I collapsed on top of her breathless.

I rolled over and lay back recovering my breath and before I realised what was happening

Rachel was licking and sucking my still hard cock, cleaning the mixture of spunk and pussy juice from my balls and shaft. She pulled my foreskin back and licked around the head before taking my whole cock deep in her mouth. Still sucking, she swung a leg over my head so that we were now in a sixty nine position and between mouthfuls of my cock she announced. “It's time for you to clean me up.” Tentatively I stuck my tongue up her creamy wet snatch. “I want you to get every last drop of spunk out of there and then tongue it into my mouth”

She stopped sucking me and sat upright, astride my face. I licked as much as I could get out of her warm snatch and then wriggled free, holding my own spunk in my mouth. I knelt up facing Rachel and kissed her deeply, using my tongue to push the creamy mess out into her waiting mouth. She swirled her tongue around mine making sure I still had some in my mouth and the said “swallow, swallow like I am.” and gulped it down without hesitation. I did the same after a moment of contemplation.

We kissed again but this time; just for the sake of it then collapsed on the bed, exhausted. We lay there for a while before Rachel got up and walked out to the bathroom. I heard her turn on the shower and she called “we had better clean up before you go home” I staggered to the bathroom and joined her in the shower cubicle. We soaped each other and rinsed. “I hope you enjoyed last night and this morning as much as I did” Rachel smiled. “Absolutely.” I replied enthusiastically.

“Well next time you can take turns with Tim. He is going to be so horny when I tell him what we have been up to.” We got out of the shower, towelled each other dry and I got dressed. Rachel put a housecoat on and came to the front door. “Thank you for a great time. We will definitely be in touch soon for more fun, I promise!” She opened the door and gave me a kiss as I left.

More to come if anybody is interested.