20 May 2017

This story is one of my wife's favourite encounters. We had moved in together only a couple of months before it happened. Liz had an insurance running where an agent would call each month and take payment which was recorded in a pass book and signed by him with the date. When we moved, a different agent began calling, we chatted in a friendly manner and got quite friendly. As I worked shifts at the time, sometimes I was on nights when he called. We knew the day he came each month and my shift patterns were predictable so i knew when I would not be there when he called.

I had an idea and as she liked me telling her stories in bed of her meeting other guys and having fun, I began to mention Paul's name as a guy with a strong fancy for her and harbouring the hope of getting to fuck her. I noticed she always got off on such mentions and introduced him to her mind as a good stud. I soon had her breathing increase to an urgent panting as i told her the dirty things he was going to do to her next time he came. As I fucked her one particular night I said 'Your lover is calling tomorrow, why don't you let him know you want his cock in you' She came almost immediately and hissed 'You want me to fuck him don't you?' 'Yes of course I do' I replied. With that she squirted her juices round my cock, hung on to me like a limpet and gushed while squirming and gasping for breath.

When we had finished she was in a mess, still panting hard and rubbing herself against my thigh. I lay for a moment and then said I thought she might like to make a move on him and that i had seen him looking at her in a way which suggested he really fancied her. She told me he had made a pass a few weeks earlier and she had put it down to friendliness. i reminded her I was on nights the next evening so she was free to suggest or do anything she wanted.

The next evening my shift began at 6pm so after a meal I got ready and kissed her lovingly saying her lover would be here within the hour. 'I know, I'll ring you if anything happens, I love you' 'Love you too and I trust you completely' I said as I left. Once away from the house i felt very nervy, almost scared, unable to really concentrate, constantly thinking what would possibly going to happen half a mile away in our house.

What did happen was that she had a plan and timed it well. Running a bath, she left some underwear on the sofa, bra, thong and suspender belt with a new packet of stockings to one side. Then she bathed and trimmed her pubic hair short and neat. Her breasts were young and firm, nipples small and perky, hair quite full as was the style at the time. She got out of the bath about five minutes before he was due to call, dried herself and remained in the bedroom playing with her pussy knowing that he was usually there within five minutes or so of his 6.45 arrival time. She jumped when she heard the doorbell go, heart skipping several beats and towel wrapped round for modesty, she ran down the stairs and to the front door, seeing his shape the other side of the frosted glass. Nervously with trembling fingers she undid the latch and opened the door. Paul smiled broadly on seeing her in the towel which was chosen to cover only just a bit more than modesty would allow.

She let him in immediately and shut the world away, closing it and ushering him into the lounge where her passbook with his cash lay on the table right next to the sofa and her sexy lacy underclothes. Liz asked Paul if he had time for a cup of tea. He said no but would love a glass of water as he was parched. She turned and went into the kitchen where she could see in the reflection of a glass door, that he was looking at her clothing she ran the tap and saw he was also looking directly at her now because she now picked up his reflection in the window and she was facing away from him. She decided to bend down and show her pussy while pretending to look for something in the bottom cupboard. Of course the towel stretched and ungathered from its tuck and strangely as she stood up, the towel dropped away and left her standing naked with a glass in her hand. Paul's eyes were stuck on the vision, Liz grabbed the towel and sort of held it against herself but one breast and a lot of thigh was exposed. He came through to the kitchen and took the glass and said 'That is a lovely sight, no need to cover up', grabbed the towel with his free hand and she did not put up a fight and followed him into the lounge. He took a mouthful of water and put the glass down then chucked the towel to the far side of the room before taking her in his arms and kissing her. She responded and ran her hand over his trousers, a hard lump met her fingers. 'I take it you are impressed' she said. 'Too right I am, but I am with another rep waiting in the car so I can't do anything tonight, can we meet tomorrow when he isn't here?' 'Yes, I'm on my own again if you want to come here' They kissed and fumbled and he almost forgot to take the money and fill in the book.

As a parting gesture he looked at her underwear and said 'Love to see you in them tomorrow night' 'That can be arranged' she said.