Written by Herts

6 Apr 2018

We got to the club about 7:00pm. The event started at 6:00pm but didn’t want to be the first in the place looking like spare parts. We needn’t have worried as it was quite busy by the time we got in.

Kit off (we like kit off) and a shower followed by visits to the steam room and sauna. We both enjoy a steam and sauna, Viv can stay in there a lot longer than me and was enjoying the experience. I got too hot but as we had never been here before, I thought it better and safer if I stayed with her. Eventually, she carried me out and we went to the coffee lounge to cool down a bit.

After about half an hour, we went for a wonder about the place. What you would usually expect in a sauna, changing room (open) showers, coffee lounge and about 6 private rooms. On another floor, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and another shower block. Top floor to find 2 open rooms, one with a large mushroom shaped bed, a swing and settee, the other with a settee against a wall. Behind this room was a smaller room, I don’t remember the décor though.

We decided to go to the Jacuzzi and chat for a bit. We had been chatting to a few people in the Jacuzzi, a couple of guys and 2 couples. It was clear that the 2 ladies from the couple were “enjoying” each other’s company whilst we talked and (I) played footsy with one of the male partners. After we left the Jacuzzi, we went to the lounge for a chill and a drink. I did a little lap dance for Viv! Which she didn’t appreciate and through a cup of cold water over me.

Then we went to a private room to have some “us” time, probably the best and most enjoyable part of any evening. I have to confess, whether the heat from the steam room and sauna or what, I was not fully stimulated. We decided a little live porn was required so went to the top floor. The two couples we had been chatting to were rearranging the floor mats close to the swing so they were just underneath the settee. A small crowd of on lookers had already gathered as the two ladies started to get passionate with each other.

We stayed a distance away and started to stimulate each other. Before we knew it, two or three guys were close by watching and fumbling under there towels. “Excuse me darling” (always my way of asking Viv if she is okay if I get a bit naughty) “carry on” came the reply. I removed one of the guy’s towels and he sprang to attention. I started to gently massage him before lowering my head and starting to suck him. After a short time, I looked to see if Viv was still okay with this to find that she had removed the towels of two, possibly three guys (it was quite dark) and was massaging them. I have to say, this is one of the most erotic sites to see, I stopped what I was doing and snogged her face off!

“My legs are starting to ache” Viv’s way of asking me if I am okay and can she carry on somewhere more comfortable. “Do you want to lay down?” My way of replying carry on. We made our way to the mushroom shaped bed and laid next to each other. A few guys came over and dropper there towels. All were hard and all with lust in their eyes. Viv took two of the guys in her hands and started to massage them, I aren’t so greedy and was happy with one. It clicked that she was in quite a naughty mood. She knows this turns me on which in turn, turns her on. I knew it was time for me to stop and take care of her. Important when you don’t know the people you are with. You don’t know if any of them will try something. I got up and walked to the foot of the bed. The guys though were very respectful and well behaved. I started to massage Viv and could tell by her reaction, she was loving it, she couldn’t speak at this point as she had something in her mouth (actually two things in rotation.

Then a really nice guy came up to me smiled and dropped to his knees, he took me in his mouth and “WOW” he really knew what he was doing. I was loving it so much I had to stop what I was doing with Viv. At which point he turned his attention to Viv and went down on her. I could tell from her reaction, she was loving it as was he. He then turned back to me with equal skill seeming to instinctively know how far to take us both.

This went on for some time, and at one point when he went down on Viv I moved round the bed and gave her a great big hug. That was it, I had to have her. We only ever play safe with others but we do not wear (what Viv calls a raincoat) condom when it is us. I went back to my original position and presented myself to her, a gentle pass of my nails along her thigh and around to her lower back let her know it was me and I just slid into her. Our (new) friend came behind me and started to rim me. My head was all over the place, it felt so good the combination of making love to Viv and being teased at the same time. He stopped and moved around so he could massage Viv’s clitoris. She was moaning and still swapping guys in her mouth. Another guy came up to me and encouraged me to go down on him but the physics were all wrong and I could not reach. After a while, Viv started making noises I know and love and knew she was on the point of an orgasm. This was too much for me and with our friend massaging her clitoris, he moved his free hand and cupped my balls and we both came together. For me it was a very intense orgasm and I think I must have made some very strange noises. Viv was shaking and crying out almost if she were in pain, I scratched her sides, she loves that and we both calmed down a little and for some reason laughed.

I collapsed in a heap on top of her, both of us out of breath. We thought everyone would now leave us alone but the guy who had been so attentive came up to (mainly Viv) us and very sheepishly asked if he could “clean us up?” It took a bit to twig what he meant but Viv knew instantly and said yes please. As I slipped from Viv, he was waiting and gently took me in his mouth and licked me clean. He then turned his attention to Viv and spent an age, licking and sucking her, she didn’t orgasm but she really enjoyed it.

So that is it, our first experience with a cuckhold. We chatted to him later in the changing room. It is his thing, it’s what turns him on. He doesn’t live too far from us either and we might see if we can meet him again.

What an evening, chatting to one of the other couples later, they said they had “heard” us. Whilst playing with another couple. We left a little later and chatted about it all the way home. “What did we just do?”

We are sure this is quite tame compared with the things that get posted by others but hope you enjoyed this true story anyway.