Written by Housewife

15 Dec 2008

We decided recently to have a new stair carpet fitted so went to the local Mall and booked it. The guy who measured up turned up that day and we arranged for the carpet to be fitted that week, as they had a cancellation.

My hubby and I love the idea of me flashing so we had arranged that I would be dressed in something quite sexy, but enough so as not to be too overt about it. On Thursday morning the fitter arrived and got down to work. He was about 40, tall, reasonably slim, and quite ruggedly good looking. He was very polite but I did notice him looking at me every time I walked by.

I was wearing a very short denim skirt with a black satin blouse (with a couple of buttons open), a black lacy bra (34D), and a pair of lacy black knickers. He followed me up the stairs and I bent over to show him something on one of the treads. I knew he could see my knickers from very close up and when I got to the top, I sat on my haunches as he stood half way up the stairs. I was showing him how he needed to fit the carpet against the tiles in the bathroom, and I opened my legs slightly so that could see. I knew that he had a very good view of my knickers which were pulled tightly into me. He was staring but I pretended to be interested in the carpet so did not look at him.

I went to make a cup of tea, and as is the usual practice, he went to his van to get the carpet which he had already cut to size. He got on with the work and I occasionally had to walk up the stairs to take up washing, etc, and I knew he looked every time.

At one point I went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of my bed talking to a friend on the phone and let him have a look by opening my legs whilst engrossed in the conversation.

I even flopped back on the bed with my legs hanging over the edge and watched him looking in the mirror. At one point he adjusted his trousers as he had got hard and rubbed it from outside his trousers.

I was very horny and when I had finished on the phone, I went downstairs and went into the lounge and rubbed myself. Imagine my embarrassment when he opened the door and walked in.He quickly came over to me and immediately undid his trousers and got out his cock. He knelt between my legs and pulled my pants to one side. I was frozen to the spot and he just pushed himself inside of me. I would like to say that he was a wonderful lover and made me cum lots of times but as I pulled him into me, he came within about 1 minute with a loud groan. I didn't cum but was right on the edge of a very nice orgasm. He collapsed on me and then got up and continued with the carpet. I had to make myself cum and rubbed myself for about a minute before a massive climax hit me.

When I had calmed down, I went into the hall and offered him a cup of tea which he drank as we sat chatting. It felt wierd, but somehow very nice.

I never did tell my hubby how far I went as I feel so embarrased about the whole thing. Nice memories though.