Written by Alan

7 Oct 2007

My name's Alan, you may have read my story the other day about my wife having sex with young Turkish guys, this story is quite different. We had been friends over many years with another couple of roughly the same age, Mary and Ted. Elaine and Mary in fact were quite close and Mary had been shocked when Elaine told her about her adventures in Turkey, even more surprised that I had allowed it. Elaine told me that Mary and Ted were like us in that they were very highly sexed and enjoyed a great sex life together. Then Ted died suddenly, as you can imagine Mary was devastated and, taking pity on her, Elaine invited her to stay with us after the funeral. Mary was a blonde with a comfortable figure, rather matronly I suppose you could say but very sexy with it. On the second night Elaine heard her crying in her bedroom and went to comfort her, she stayed with her all night. The following morning we left Mary in the house and went to do some essential shopping, driving there Elaine astonished me by telling me that part of Mary's problem was to do with sex. Apparently, she missed the regular daily sex she'd had with Ted very strongly and told Elaine that she found masturbation was not the answer. I said that the answer was simple, she was an attractive woman in her late thirties and could surely find a man to satisfy her needs. Elaine said, "It's a bit much to expect her to go trawling the pubs so soon after losing her husband isn't it?" I had to agree. "Well there is another solution," my wife continued, "I had my fun in Turkey, I wouldn't mind you having some with Mary, I know you find her sexy." I had to admit that the possibility had never occurred to me. "Well think about it then!" Elaine retorted. I did and thought, why not? What was there to lose? The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea, in fact the thought of having two women to fuck in my own home appealed to me very much, so, when we were having coffee later I told Elaine that I'd do it. She was so pleased, on the way home she kissed me, "I'm so glad," she said, "I'm sure that you'll enjoy her!" I thought so too.

We decided that the best way to go about it was to tell Mary that we had a nice surprise for her to 'cheer her up'. Elaine duly told her and that it would be completely unexpected. Mary's eyes lit up and she immediately seemed happier, I certainly hoped that she would be! Elaine told me that the previous night Mary had hugged and kissed her and it seemed to her that, had she allowed it, Mary would have made love to her, "She was very physical," Elaine said. That evening at about ten o'clock Mary said, "i'd like to have a bath, would you come and talk to me Elaine?" It turned out that Mary wanted, once again, to talk about her loss of 'physical love', as she put it. I had a quick shower before going to bed, Elaine said, "I think tonight's an ideal time, Alan, you ought to see her, she has a lovely body, not a trace of body hair and the most wonderful skin you could ever imagine. And," she went on, " she must be really gagging for it, she's talking about it all the time!" I asked Elaine to spread her legs and show her cunt while she played with and sucked my cock to as hard as possible. Then I put on a dressing gown and went and knocked on Mary's bedroom door. "Come in," Mary called. I opened the door and entered, immediately I was inside I said, "I'm your surprise, Mary," and, pulling the cord, dropped the dressing gown. Mary gasped, "Oh! What a beautiful sight, Alan. It is for me, isn't it?" "It surely is my dear," I replied and advanced to the bed.

As soon as I was within reach Mary threw the covers back and reached for my swaying organ. She was wearing a peach coloured silk nightie and looked absolutely delectable. She grabbed my cock and kissing it began to move her hand up and down the shaft. I pulled her nightie off over her head and disentangled it from her arms then threw it onto a bedside chair. She did indeed look glorious, her breasts weren't large but were full and beautifully shaped, the nipples already erecting. I clambered onto the bed and began kissing those lovely breasts, then she turned and kissed me, her lips tasted faintly of cock, I licked them. She was an experienced woman and knew exactly why I had done it, "It's lovely to have a man who knows what it's all about," she panted, "my body's reacting already," she let go of my cock and stretched out on her back with her legs just slightly parted. She looked absolutely beautiful. "What a lucky man Ted was," I murmured, "having such a beautiful woman to fuck." I surveyed her totally relaxed body, her breasts were still firm enough not to spread all over her chest, the nipples erect and pointing to the ceiling, bit of a tum, it only set off the swelling rise of her mons veneris. The lips of her vulva were superbly rounded and long, there was a glint of moisture in the valley between them. Her legs were smooth, long and lissom. She was so beautiful she took my breath away. My cock was so rigid it throbbed, I kissed her breasts, then her nipples, sucking and nipping them, she moaned softly. I continued by kissing my way down her body, her reaction told that she knew what to expect.

And I did what she expected, my lips reached and kissed that silky mound, a slight fragrance of her cunt teased my nostrils. I kissed the lips and her legs sagged open showing her long cunt. I ran my tongue up and down her now swollen lips and her cunt opened revealing well-formed inner lips. I licked those too, she was moaning almost continually and rolling slightly from side to side. Then she was fully open and I slid my tongue into her love canal and fucked her with it. Her moans grew louder and she was panting, I drew back and looked into the open mouth of her cunt. She had a a well defined clitoral hood from which projected a finger like clit. I sucked it, she screamed and came shudderingly, I licked and kissed the stiff little organ and she spasmed, moaning and gasping. "Oh Alan, fuck me now, please!" she gasped. I moved over her and she spread her legs wide as I got between them. I felt the soft lips and pushed between them, now my hard knob felt the muscled entrance to her love canal. I pushed and slid in. Mary gasped and I pushed up inside, she was tight, incredibly hot and very slippery. My balls banged against her bum and I drew back and started to fuck. I thrust in then her lovely cunt gripped me as I withdrew, she relaxed as I thrust again and gripped me again the next time I withdrew. She was certainly experienced, I was convinmced that this was an unconscious reaction but what a fuck it made! I concentrated hard, but this was a new cunt, I always came quickly in a new cunt and this was no exception, after only a couple of minutes of hard fucking I shot my load, groaning with exstasy. She held me tightly as she felt the fierce spurts deep inside, "Oh Alan!" she gasped. I flopped on her but stayed inside. After a couple of minutes I felt her rhythmically tightening and relaxing her cunt on me, a couple more and I was hard again. This time I knew, and so did she, that it was going to last a lot longer. I fucked to rhythm not too hard, but hard enough to keep her on the edge. So far she hadn't come and she didn't now, fifteen minutes later I shot a second load up as far as I could get as her nails raked my back. Then I flopped again and this time my flaccid cock slipped out, she held me, kissing me gently. "Oh Alan, that was so good, how did you know?" "Your body language," I told her, "but there's plenty more to come, you won't sleep much tonight.

Once I had recovered I began kissing her again eventually reaching her cunt again. She smelt strongly of hot cunt and spunk and I started licking the wide open mouith of her fanny, then I sucked at her, she convulsed and came, very noisily, if Elaine was awake then she must surely have heard. Not that we cared, I licked, kissed and sucked her, drinking the mixture of her cunt juice and spunk, getting hard in the process. I filled my mouth, slid up her body, kissed her and emptied my mouth into hers. She swallowed greedily, "More!" she panted. I went down and filled my mouth again, this time as I was giving it to her I pushed my cock into her. I think she was surprised, expecially as I started fucking her hard immediately. This time it really did last a long time, half an hour at least before I shot my load up her once more. She came again then and I slept. In the night I found myself getting hard, my cock against the cleft as I moulded myself against her back, she twitched and a hand fed my cock into her sloppy cunt, then she fucked me. It was lovely to lie there, just making sure that my cock was projecting as far as possible while she impaled herself. She panted as she thrust her cunt onto me until she couldn't do it any longer then a few strokes and I was coming once again. I went straight off to sleep until I felt her sucking my limp cock. She gave it a really good sucking and licking, swallowing every so often. I wondered what it would be like to suck at her cunt and rolling her onto her back I applied my mouth to her. God! There was so much of it, my mouth filled immediately with the mixture of cunt juice and spunk and kept on doing so, I felt that I must have drunk half a pint out of her. But of course it aroused her too, but my cock refused to harden so I sucked her clit until she came, then I kept on doing so until she cried out that she couldn't come any more. For hours my mind was filled with erotic images of her beautiful body and what I was doing to it, it seemed to me that I didn't sleep, but of course I did. But Mary was very demanding and, on waking in the morning, I had to fuck herv twice more.

I escaped to the bathroom around about ten o'clock totally exhausted, I tried to shower but couldn't stand for long so I filled the bath. I slept and it wasn't until Elaine came to find me that I woke, she laughed when I told her that I was completely fucked, "I'm not surprised," she said, "she's some sexy lady, isn't she?" She certainly was and a lot more surprising things happened after this first encounter, I might tell you about those too some time.