Written by timreheht

2 Oct 2011

My friend called round the other morning for a coffee, he brought with him some pictures & movies of his wife (he likes to show her off without her knowing).

I made us a coffee & put the cd in the player & sat back to watch. The movie was of her getting dressed in stockings & matching bra, pants & suspender. She has a great figure on her for a woman in her mid 50s.as we where watching he was giving me a commentary about her & how good she sucks cock & how dirty she can be. All of a sudden he said `god I could do with a wank now. Go ahead I told him & with that he unfastened his pants, took out his now hard cock & started stroking it, I was sat watching him & the movie when he ask if I would like to wank it for him, We had often talked in the past about being involved in a three sum mmf where. the men would get involved with each other & how in the past he had been in that situation & winked & sucked a guy.

No your all right I told him but he was very persuasive & soon I had my hand around his very hard cock & was stroking it up & down. This was a first for me & to be honest I was getting hard doing it, He then told me to get on my knees between his legs so It would be easier for me & that I could then use both hands on him. I don’t know why but I just did it, I got down on my knees between his legs & wanked him with both hands & god did it feel good & dirty.

He was moaning with pleasure as I wanked him then he asked me to give him a little suck. Again no was my reply this is all your getting & I continued to wank his cock.

He shuffled down on the sofa a little at the same time putting a hand either side of my head. I think I knew what was coming next but for some reason didn’t fight it. He pulled my head down to his cock pushing it against my lips. Open your mouth he asked, M m was my reply as he pushed his cock harder against my mouth, this continued for a while until I finally gave in & his cock the first ever entered my mouth. He then pushed & pulled my head on his cock. The taste at first was a bit salty & I gagged a little but soon became quite ok really. Before I knew it he had removed his hands but my head was still bobbing up & down on him & one of my hands was playing with his balls. He was soon moaning louder & trying to push his cock deeper onto my mouth & I knew he was about to cum so I pulled my mouth away & wanked him harder just in time as he shot his load up & over his shirt & my hand. I continued to wank him & watch his face as the last few spurts of cum dribbled from his cock.

I quickly stood up & went to the kitchen & got him some tissue to clean himself up with. When he had finished sorting himself out he asked if I would like him to give me a wank, no it’s ok I told him I’m fine but I enjoyed that. Right then he said I’ll have to go now; he took the movie & left telling me he would be round again to see his bitch. Mmmm make it soon I was thinking as I laughed at him