Written by Mrs

3 Dec 2017

My partner and I recently went out in London for a few drinks. He loves me dressed to impress and after a few drinks I love flashing anything and everything. I was wearing a short wrap over dress, lacy black underwear, stockings and heels. After a few drinks we started to play our usual games. We wanted to fulfil a fantasy where I would stand at the bar facing my partner and ask the guy next to me to find out if I was wearing underwear or not in anyway he wanted to. Then to remove the underwear he found and take it to my partner. My partner wanted to look me in the eyes as I felt a strangers hand slide up the inside of my thigh, slipping his fingers into me and removing my panties. He wanted to sit there and be handed my soaking wet knickers by some bloke I had just given myself to. Unfortunately no one was catching my eye so I joined him on the large corner sofa where several people were sat chilling. My partner said I needed punishing as I'd failed in my mission and told me he was going to remove my underwear right there and then and he didn't care who was watching and so he did. By this point I was extremely turned on and very excited. He then made me sit there legs wide open for all to see whilst he played with me. I lost count of how many times he made me cum and have no idea who watched. At the end of the evening we got a cab back to the station. By this point I was feeling so filthy I couldn't help sitting with my legs wide apart in the back of the cab playing with my clit and fingering my cunt all for the cabbie to see. My partner ripped open the top of my dress so my breasts where on show and sat back to watch me play for another man. The cabbie could barely keep his eyes of the mirror as I made myself cum just for him. It was a very fun and horny evening, hopefully one day we will fulfil our fantasy ;) xxx