Written by the student

19 Feb 2018

I was reading a story on your site from a family woman who had a lesbian relationship but doesn’t consider herself a lesbian and I know it happens because it happened to me. I’m now married with a family but I also have a close friend and we make love once or twice a week. Its purely platonic, I’m not in love with her or anything and I don’t consider myself to be a lesbian because I don’t look at other woman and with I could have sex with her. In fact she is the only woman where sex crosses my mind and it started in the most silly of ways.

I’m 33 and my ‘friend’ is 55. She is a teacher at the school where my children go, it stared with her helping me pass a test to get a job. Maths was never my strong point and we got talking, I told her about the job and what I needed to do and how I wasn’t confident and she said she would help. She is a very matter of fact way about her, she’s very dry and to the point. I have never known her make a joke or even show much of a sense of humour bit she is fantastic with the children.

My parents agreed to help look after the children so I could go to her home for extra tuition, we is a great teacher and helped me pass the test. But I didn’t want to stop going to see her, we talked a lot about things, life and places she had visited. I asked her once if she had even been married and her reply was cold, ‘I don’t see the point of relationships, they get too complicated’, so I pushed a little harder and said ‘ don’t you like sex , don’t you miss it’?

She looked at me and said ‘but I have plenty of sex’ . I was shocked at how blunt she was, I tried ot get her to tell me who he was, again she was blunt. I don’t have sex with men, just women. I felt embarrassed and apologised ‘sorry, I didn’t realise you where’ and then I stopped. She finished for me ‘ a lesbian’? I’m not. I think she could see the confused look on my face. ‘I’m not a lesbian, I have had sex with men but women are more sensual and know how to please another woman’. She went on to say ‘ most heterosexual get aroused and have secret wishes to have sex with other woman, you don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy sex with another woman, for example our aroused now at the thought of sex with a woman’. I told her I Wasn’t but she argued with me and said that she could guarantee that even a heterosexual woman like me would become aroused and would want to have sex with her under the right circumstances.

This was now officially the weirdest conversation I had ever had with anyone and I was determined to prove her wrong and I said so. ‘ very well, she said, I’m going to open your blouse and with that she started to unbutton my blouse until it was wide open and my bra was on show. Then she kissed my cleavage and then ran her finger round my nipple which was getting firm. I was actually feeling quite aroused, then she told me to stop her at any time I wasn’t happy or wasn’t feeling aroused.

This was like a clinical test for her and I knew it was wrong but I just wanted that little bit more. She pulled my bra strap down and then the cup over my left breast exposing my firm nipple. She ran her finger round it and then her tongue and then her lips and she gently sucked. Then my bra was pulled down and she slowly and gently placed as much of my breast in her mouth as she could and gently and carefully continued to suck. After a while she stopped and looked at my nipples which where hard. ‘see, your sexually aroused by another woman, now lets see how you feel pleasuring me’ and she takes her jumper off and unclips her bra to revel small breasts with long already firm nipples and we sit on the sofa.

She was still talking like this was an experiment and I guess that was my justification for carrying on with this. She outs her hand on the back of my head and offers her breast to my mouth, ‘ now lets see if this continues to arouse you’. I opened my mouth and let her breast in and started to lay with her nipple using my tongue, ‘gently suck me’ she ordered so I did. She squeeze my breasts as I did as I was told and it was erotic, she was right, I was enjoying having sex with another woman.

She pulled my head back and pushed her tongue into my mouth and we kissed as passionately as I had ever don with my husband. Then she stopped and I think I asked something silly like ‘ what are we going to do next’. She took me by the hand and led me to the stairs, ‘ now we’re going to my bedroom and we are going to have sex’.

We undressed and got into bed and I allowed another woman to fuck me for the first time. She was passionate and she knew what a woman wanted. Her mouth was between my legs ad she made me cum, I tasted her and it was wonderful, we explored each other with our mouths and hands and fingers and then when I thought it was over she placed her pussy against mine and we fucked. I had never imagined that another woman’s pussy rubbing against mine could be so sensual. She fucked me hard and I climaxed deeper than I had ever done with my husband.

I still don’t consider myself to be a lesbian, I don’t look at other woman in that way but once or twice a week I go for my ‘lessions’. There is no nice small chat, we agree a time, I go to her house and we get undressed and fuck. Some times we have a bath or a shower but I always cum hard and its always hard a furious and almost violent.