Written by LuckyGuy

21 Jan 2008

My wife's Aunt was 50 at the weekend and we were invited to a surprise party for her organised by her 23yo daughter (Susie).

We got there on time and all waited in the dark for the Aunt to turn up. I have to admit, she was very surprised, and the whole party really took off.

I had decided to drive as I had to work yesterday, so I happily watched a lot of the other party goers getting more and more drunk.

Later on in the evening I decided to step outside for some fresh air. Knowing it wasn't warm I put on my coat. Not long after going out, Susie came out for some air also. She obviously hadn't thought about the cold and just came out in her very short skirt and tight fitting top. Well to say I could hang my coat on her nipples would be an understatement. As she talked to me, I just couldn't help but look at them.

'You must be freezing?' I said 'Would you like my coat?'

She laughed and looked down at her nipples then said 'Yes please'

We chatted for a bit and I still couldn't help looking and started to get a stirring below. This didn't go unnoticed and Susie said 'Well by the looks of things you're not cold'.

I went red and apologised and said 'I better go back in'

'Here is your coat' she said, and as she took it off and handed it to me I just looked her in the eyes and went in for a kiss. She immediately started rubbing my cock through my jeans.

'Not here' I said, and we moved round the corner where it was a bit darker.

As soon as we were round there she was on her knees with my cock out and in her mouth. It didn't take long before I was ready to cum and I let her know. She just looked up at me, sucked me right to the base and took my whole load without spilling a drop.

She stood up and went to go back in, but I pulled her back and pushed her against the wall before dropping to my knees and lifting her skirt. She had the tiniest thong on, which I moved to one side, before I pushed my tounge deep inside her. It didn't take her long to cum either.

We tidied ourselves up and went back in to the party, her first and I followed a couple of minutes after.

As the party finshed we all said our goodbyes, and as I kissed Susie goodbye on the cheek she pushed her mobile number into my hand.

I called her earlier today and we have arranged to meet later this week somewhere a little more comftable.