Written by john-stiff

30 Mar 2008

yet another true story that never fails to bring a smile to my face!!

This goes back to 1988 and i was working through my apprenticeship at a printers in Doncaster.

My manager at the time was called, lets say...Dave. This now would have been mid november.

Now Dave`s missus was called....\"Sue\", if we worked on a saturday then she would come into the factory to see Dave and arrange to meet him in town later...shopping or whatever. She had a fantastic figure and at the time would have been about 28ish, i was 20.

Now she used to turn up in these really tight black cord trousers and looked horny as fuck. At the time i was trying to shag anything that moved and was very much enjoying myself!

So this one day i`m in the darkroom with Dave and joked \"jesus christ mate, Sue always looks sexy as fuck in those trousers, her ass is beautiful!!\", \"really?\" he says, and as i`m this walking hard on at the time starts going on about how good she looks!!!

Anyway, week or so later i`m in the darkroom again and he comes in also. We`re working away and he then says \"Oh yeah, told Sue what you were saying the other week!!\" So i reply, \"Yeah right!!\" Dave then went on to tell me that she quite fancied me and that maybe we could have some fun!!! I`m daft and wouldn`t believe him!!

She again came in on the next Saturday and yes... looked fuckin great!! Giving me a lovely smile.... so then i`m thinking well well well!!!

We are now into December and the Xmas do just outside Doncaster.

We all get there and she`s there looking very fit in an all in one dress number with no bra on under!!! her nips were nearly through the fabric!!!

As the night goes on she ambles over and says \"Dave told you what i said then?? So what do you think?\" I thought it was a wind up but i`d have several beers and when i looked round, Dave was at the bar smiling knowingly!! I thought fuck it and said...\"If you`re serious, go out into the car park and i`ll come out in 5 mins after you and we`ll see wont we??\"

\"ok\" she says \"We will wont we!!!\" and flashed me a great smile and walked out swinging her cracking arse out of the room.

I stood there thinking \"Oh shit!!!\" then again caught dave`s eye, again smiling!

Sod it i thought and headed outside.................

There she was, nipples again out like chapel hat pegs!! I walked up and just planted a kiss straight on her, wham!! the tongue`s straight in my mouth and she`s rubbing my already stiff cock!!

I pulled down the little straps on the dress and eased the top down, out dropped a pair of perfectly formed tits, the nipples did not disapoint!! So i`m there sucking on them, and then getting my hand up the inside of her legs to find a very wet pair of knickers!!

I slid my fingers into them and she was sopping wet!! digits straight into her, it was a very bushy number but i could feel, well kept!!

She suddenly said, \"You`re comin home with us tonight!!\"

So the night goes on and as i was still living wityh parents at the time, just rang them to say i was staying at a mates.

Dave was driving, so on leaving the venue, i`m led into the back with Sue.

We`re straight away all over each other, her tits are out, shes got my cock out, gets sucking on it, i`ve got fingers into her again and Dave`s practically crashing the car on several occassions!!!

\"Don`t use it all up now!!!\" he says.

Anyway, we get to thier house and dive straight into the lounge, Dave`s on the sofa and Sue`s sucking his cock, i remember his dick being pretty short, but by God, the girth!!! I am possibly longer but a bit more slender!!

So i sidle up behind her and slip my cock straight into her twat and start banging away. I remember even now, looking up at the ceiling thinking \"This is fuckin brilliant!!!! If me mum could see me now!!\"

We all ended up in their bed, she`s been sucking us both off, Dave had banged her while she sucked me off, then we ended up reversed again, i looked down and looked at a pair of pink lips and a neat little asshole!

I leant over and said \"Do you want it up your ass while you do that??\"

\"MMMMMMMMMM\" she went, so i looked at Dave and proceeded to slide it up her arse!!

It was a first for me, a my God was it tight!! But she was loving it....Dave wasn`t complaining either!!

She really was a horny bastard and basically was abusing me all night!!

I remember she had a trimmed pussy with a hint of ginger but if you looked from the side, the hair must have stuck out 3.5 inches!!! Loads of it!!

Anyway this sort of activity went on for several months with me finishing work and going to theirs for tea, drinks and afters!!!!!!!!!!!

After one nights stay, i was in the spare room and she came into me on the morning, i heard her come in and was laid on my front, she sat on the bed, and whispered, \"You really should turn over!!!\" So giving a oscar winning performance, turned over very \"Sleepily\"!!!!

She then proceeded to suck my cock again and then clamber up ontop!! I heard Dave shout....\"Leave him alone for fucks sake!!!!\" and laughing!!

She was riding me like sea biscuit!!! Then some of the lats broke in the bed!!

I fell out with her not long after thatbecause she was ringing me at my parents trying to arrange to see me on the quiet from Dave. No way was i having that!! I never told him about that, after several months we did become friendly again and there were comments about me visiting again but i never did.

They split up not long after and believe it or not, Dave has ending up getting a great deal of fun out liasing with ladies of the night!!!

Hope you enjoyed this as much as i did at the time!!!!