Written by ron &kaz

24 Aug 2007

Like a lot of men i longed for my wife to sleep with another man, so heres how it happened. A friend of ours named Ron who lived in Cardiff split with his wife , it was not his fault and my wife and i remained good friends with him. Most weekends he would travel up to stay with us and my wife would do a little flirting with him but nothing to outragious.Most Saturdays he would travel up and he would have a couple of hours sleep and we would go out for the evening.At around 7.30 my wife would take him a cup of tea up to bed and sometimes just chat to him about his problems, at this point i must say that my wife is 5ft 9ins and she has legs to die for and she would always sit next to him with one leg stretched on the bed and the other on the floor enableing to see much of her gorgeous legs, however this time she seemed to be with him for a lot longer than normal .

After what seemed like a life time she came down stairs and told me that as she sat on the bed she felt his hand touch her knee and when he realised that she did,nt pull away his hand started to slowly slide up the inside of her leg and after a short time his fingers were gently feeling her pussy through her knickers when suddenly he pulled his hand away appologised and said sorry and that it would never happen again but my wife knowing how much it would turn me on told him not to worry and leaned over and started kissing him full on the lips at this point his hand went straight to her tits and she said that she would be back in a while as she needed to know that i was ok about the situation. The bulge in my trousers as she told what had happened was all she needed to see and as she went back to the bedroom i told her to leave the door slightly open so that i could see what was happening and i wanted a blow by blow account of what went on .A fter a while i went up stairs and just as she said the door was slightly open and with the hall light on i could just hear my wife softly whimpering which told me that she was well turned on, at that i could wait no longer and i went into the bedroom to get a quilt as i knew i was going to be the one sleeping on the sofa but they were so far gone that i was able to watch and they didn,t even know i was there .Ron had his head burried between Karens legs licking her pussy while she just whimpered and ran her fingers through his hair when suddenly he removed his head from between her legs and whispered now its your turn and before i knew what was happening she took his cock and started to suck and lick it. at this point i noticed that he was he was larger than me and i wanted to see her reaction on her face but she was to interested in getting as much of it in her mouth as possible , shortly after this they got into the 69 possition and he started to lick her soaking wet pussy when suddenly Karen whispered fuck me R on and they changed possition and she whimpered again as he gently slid his cock up her now saturated cunt.

I decided to leave the room at this point and let them get on with it while i went back down stairs to look forward to her account of what happend.

The next morning i took them both a cup of tea and i was greeted with the most fantastic sight, my wife completly naked asleep with another man ,i woke them and my wife gave me a big smile as if to say did you enjoy last night , i left them and went bacck down stairs expecting them to be down within a few minutes but htey never came down so i went back upstairs to see where they were and to my surprise he was fucking her on the bed doggy style, again my cock was rock hard so this time i wanked myself wathing them and when i came i went down stairs to wait for them, after about 20mins Ron came down and told me that iwas a very lucky man and now it was my turn to fuck her.I went to the bedroom and Karen was laying naked on the top of the bed ,her cunt lips dripping with his cum and her love juices so i imediatly stuck my tongue up her soaking wet cunt and started to lick the mixture of his cum and her juices untill i could hold on no more and i had to ad my spunk to his. We both laid together when we heard the front door close , it was Ron .As we lay together Karen told me that while she sat with him the previous night he had told her that he had always fancied her and i was alucky man and as she stripped off for him he stopped her and told her that he had always wanted to take her pants off so she let him and as he was doing so she started to play with his cock.. for the next few days our sex life became more and more brilliant thanks to Ron but sadly a few days later i arrived home to find Karen upset. Ron had phoned and he told her that he had fallen in love with her and asked her to leave me. but she told him no and our friendship was over and she told me that she would never do anything like it again. but 8 years later that all changed so if there is enough interest i will write about that soon.