Written by Dee aka Nancy

20 Jun 2017

Oh My God! This is about the biggest cock I have ever had!

We had arranged to meet in a pub, he knew what car I would be driving, as it is very distinctive and bright (and no it's not pink or has flowers stuck on it!) Actually it is a boy racer car.

We arrived at the same time and acknowledged each other and parked next to each other, I wound down my window and asked him into my car, we didn't bother with a formality of having a drink and chatting. I drove off and we chatted.

Man No. 10 was very inquisitive, as was I and it felt as if we were having a catch up after a few years of not seeing one another. He liked the fact that I was very open, and made him laugh a bit.

We both delved into our sexual fantasies and experiences as I drove around the countryside trying to find a secluded spot.

My fantasies was many men in one go and double vaginal penetration, MMF and MFF. His were more actual experiences, cuckolding and gang bangs. We had previously shared images and he a few video clips. I could see that he was well endowed but I really did not take in the perspective. After this adventure, he opened up more to his fetishes shall we say He likes to wear stockings and high heels, he would love me to wear a strap on and fuck him while I wanked him off, this part I am warming up to. With regard to stockings and high heels, I would love it. Anyway, back to the story.

Eventually as we were driving he asked if I wanted to see his cock, yeah sure! I wasn't going to refuse., He got it out and was gobsmacked by the size, Luckily I continued to concentrate on the road but kept glancing at it. It was enormous and very thick. I asked if I could touch him, yes of course, I put my hand around his semi hard cock. I have large hands and my thumb and index finger could not touch, the gap was about an inch. His length I estimated to be approximately 8.5 to 9 inches. It was huge!

We started to drive into a village and he put himself away, I was thinking, there is no way that cock will be able to fit into my tight cunt!

At long last we found an ideal spot and parked. It looked like a small disused car park with a bank and hedge shielding the road and trees all around. I put down the faithful picnic blanket and kicked off my shoes and knelt down. He got his cock out and I started to wank him and put the head in my mouth, He was so big I could only take his helmet and about an inch into my wide stretched mouth and sucked him off until he was very hard. I passed him a condom as I thought that even if it was a King Size I wouldn't get it on. He was very adept and stretched it wide so it covered his rigid cock.

Here goes!!! I was wet with anticipation, no foreplay on me today. I turned around on all fours with my bottom facing the road side and he knelt down and gently pushed a centimeter in. He was considerate and continued to slowly thrust getting deeper and deeper until he was fully in, I was gasping in awe, and in pain (but it was actually good pain).

I was getting used to his size and it did continue to pleasurably hurt and I looked up through the gap in the trees and saw a train pass by, wondering if anyone was looking and could see - I hope so, it made me smirk to myself.

Anyway Man No. 10 still taking it gently and slowly continued to fuck me and got into a faster and steady rythym, My insides were experiencing new sensations and feelings, I think I was in shock that I had this huge cock in me, it made me doubt about wanting double vaginal penetration!

After a long fuck, he came, and as he withdrew from me I gushed out, Oh I think I've peed myself! He responded and advised that I had squirted (big time) and the vacuum that he had created with his wonderful enormous cock, made me gush when he withdrew!

He shook off my juices on the picnic blanket and folded it up for me. We got back into the car and drove off.

I told him I was in shock and couldn't believe I had had such a big cock. He told me that I probably was as my driving was a bit off. We eventually made it back to the pub and dropped him off saying our goodbyes.

I thanked him later for the amazing experience and we continue to occasionally chat. I would love to fuck him again and a bit more, ie some of both of our fantasies, but no way, double vaginal with him!!!!!!

Anyways, as you have read, I am quite busy with my Harem of Men, although I do have a couple of others in the pipeline, one of which I have Video Skyped with as he had pulled over into some woods and started chatting and wanking to me as he was rock hard, asking if I wanted to watch him standing with his shorts down wanking in some woods. Mmmm very erotic and I have a few fantasies about it and more since.

While he wanked, I massaged my naked tits for him and he was gobsmacked by the size of my nipples and confided that they were probably bigger than his wife's tits.

He asked if I wanted to see him cum, of course I did, he got the angle of the camera just right and spunked copiously over a moss covered tree and I thought that the moss will thrive on the nutritious spattering it had received.

Hopefully I will be able to write about him soon!

Take care all.