Written by Dee aka Nancy

10 Jun 2017

For your info there were a couple of men before Man No. 1 and Man No. 3. Very disappointing performers and on the selfish side so are not worth writing about.

Now Man No. 3, I met on line a week after having a mild heart attack - nothing major, caught in time and angiplasty performed before having a full blown heart attack and clot removed and a stent put in. Not surprising due to all the shit I had had in the past. But enough about that as its boring and it is just for a bit of background. Something happened while in hospital, don't know if it was the drugs or the event, but I felt so fucking randy all the time and was advised that i couldn't have sex until I could climb a flight of stairs and not be breathless. Well I could do that!

So 13 days after the episode, I arranged to meet Man No. 3 for a coffee. He lived about an hour's drive away and off I went. We met and clicked and after a couple of hours he asked what I would like to do, come back to his or go for a walk in the park. I said I would follow him back to his.

We sat and chatted at his place and eventually he made a move (I like to let the men make the first move and see how long it takes them), Well we started kissing but was unfortunately interrupted when his daughter came back home. We said hello etc and then she went out again. We proceeded upstairs after locking the front door!

Well he had a very good sized cock and thick. 6.5 inches long (come on guys, don't exaggerate, my hand when in a fist is 3 inches, so I can get quite an accurate reading of the size), pushing down it was 7.5 inches. I went down on him and tried to deep throat, but it was difficult and I couldn't do it (with practice on him, I now do it much better and further down!).

I slowly sucked, swirled, licked and wanked him for about 20 minutes. He then said it was my turn and he went down on me. OMG he knew exactly what to do, I was in heaven as he licked, flicked and sucked my clit. Sorry guys, I usually need a lot of tongue action to cum! But he brought me to the point of ecstasy and beyond within 10 minutes. It was mind blowing!

On went the condom and he entered my pulsating pussy and slowly fucked me deeply, making me squirt and cum repeatedly and my cunt squeezing his hard cock as I was rising to orgasm each time.

On and on he pumped changing positions frequently. Eventually on my knees from behind he started to thrust into me harder and faster and as I reached my last orgasm, I cunt tightened and I held it for a few long seconds before releasing and making him cum.

It was an exceedingly good first fuck and one to be repeated frequently!