Written by Dee aka Nancy

14 Jun 2017

Now I know some people prefer to have names rather than initials etc, but some of my harem have the same name and I would then get confused - especially if I changed them so Numbers it is.

Well Man No. 7 is a horny fuck. He's 41, tall, dark and actually gorgeous and fit. He's the first with a hairy chest I have had (everywhere else, not hairy!).

We met in a pub for a drink - he likes to get to know his fuck buddies - he made that clear from the start and we continued to chat online for a few weeks. He knew about the fact that when I went to recent job interviews (now fully employed) I would wear stockings and no knickers. Why? It reduces my nerves on the job and I concentrate on being uncomfortable and not flash! It works. So he wanted to meet me with no knickers. Did I oblige, of course I did.

We had a drink and chatted for about an hour, my legs were crossed towards him with one leg touching his, he did not move away, a good sign! We then had to go our separate ways and he talked me back to my car which he admired, a sexy little sports car so I opened the driver door so he could look in the interior, as he stood back up he pulled me to him and kissed me gently. He continued to kiss me and I of course had to find out how he was reacting, yep he was hard, very hard! Yum.

He cheekily asked if he could check out my tattoo on the top of my thigh, We were partially sheltered by my car door and so I hitched up my skirt and showed it to him. He touched it gently and bent and gave it a quick peck. He then wanted to know if I really wasn't wearing any knickers. Go ahead I said have a feel, he did! Mmmmmm I like this man. A cheeky, naughty gentleman. We parted ways and I hoped he would contact me again and if so I had a feeling he would be good.,

Well, well, well, he contacted me later that evening, which was a surprise and we arranged to meet the following week at his place.

This time I was actually quite nervous, probably as I had hyped myself fantastising and wanking at the prospect of being fucked by him.

I arrived at his place at the said time (it is very rare that I am late) and knocked on his door wearing a dressing gown., We made small talk for a few minutes and then started kissing. Oh he's a tactile man who is gentle and loves the build up.

I held back but eventually I made the first move and opened his dressing gown and took his hard cock in my hand. Oh I love that silky soft cock skin! and started to wank him gently. He then, at bloody long last undid the zip of my dress and I let it fall down for hopefully the effect I wanted. Yep it worked - body encased in a beautiful black and red lace basque that could hardly contain my huge tits. He started to kiss me passionately and I pushed him backwards into the bedroom and discarded his dressing gown on the way.

Ha, got him to the bed and pushed him down and trapped him by immediately kneeling down and putting his engorged cock into my mouth, He was a good size, not too small and not too large, but with a good girth. I tantalized and teased him with my hands, mouth and tongue on his cock and balls.

Then at long last it was my turn and we swapped places, yep he was very good with his tongue and fingers, finger fucking me as he sucked, licked and slurped over my tingling cunt (first time with anyone, it takes me longer to cum) but he kept it going until I came, which was a relief to him!

I said I wanted to be on top so I encased his raging cock with a condom and slowly lowered down onto him and rode him slowly, leaning forward so he could suck and caress my tits. I started to milk his cock with my cunt muscles which sent him into groaning spasms and gasping that he could not take much more and had to cum, which of course he did.

Afterwards we settled on the sofa and had a drink and chat. I kept thinking I need to have him fuck me hard and fast, but wasn't sure if he was a single or multiple cummer. Well eventually I went for it and went down on him and got him hard and whispered I wanted him now from behind. I slipped on a condom and he got behind me and entered me. Fuck me hard and fast I said, and he did., I had to remind him to fuck me harder and faster. Wow, it was worth the wait as I came again and again, squirting several times.

Well, I left and although he has now moved a bit further away, it is actually quicker to get to him and we meet every couple of weeks and let off steam and lust.,

He would love to have a threesome - FFM - typical! but is open to FFMM as well. He was not so sure about a guy sucking him as he believed he would not be able to do it back. I might be able to arrange FFMM with him sometime in the future, but for now I enjoy having him all to myself.