Written by Kymaster

15 Aug 2012

A Head of The Game

I am forty and have just been exploring this web site for a few days since a very interesting if not rather disturbing experience last week.

I would describe myself as happily married to a beautiful curvaceous teacher called Joanne.We have been married 11 years but things have not always been easy to say the least as Joanne has struggled with an intense attraction to older men. During the holidays in particular she has had plenty of opportunity to play away and in the past this has nearly brought our marriage to an end.

I on the other hand have been faithful all the time together and just can’t understand how it is that while we share such a strong relationship she has gone behind my back. I am a very horny person and am always willing to satisfy her.

After a long abstinence of her extra curricular activity (several years now) I noticed the telling signs a few weeks ago before her school broke up that something was brewing just before the holidays. Very attentive to her mobile phone, withdrawing into herself and treating herself to sexy underwear.

At last. Little did Joanne know that I secretly had her mobile phone password, so playing it carefully I could look at all her messages and e-mails.

It happened that she had been making romantic exchanges with David the Head Teacher. who is 57.

“ Thank you for fucking me today in your office Dave, your hot cock really taught me a lesson I won’t forget in a hurry” read one of the horniest.

Before I would have been devastated by this. Instead, having been desensitized over many painful years I began to think how I would respond.

While Joanne was asleep I would take her phone from the side of the bed and read the messages in the living room on the couch. Imagining her being fucked by another man began to turn me on as I accepted that her lust for older men was something that would never go away. After several nights of wanking myself off at these thoughts, I decided to take pre -emptive action.

About two weeks into the holdiay a gift was given in that Joanne had arranged to meet Dave at our home one afternoon. I took the afternoon off work and nervously drove to our house not actually knowing what the hell would happen.

I saw Dave’s car parked on our drive, so parked mine the corner and instictively walked along the side of the house to the back garden. Before I got around the corner of the house I heard moaning coming from the livingroom through the open patio doors. The doors were slightly open but the curtains had been closed.

I knew that Joanne had fantasies of be taken by two men as I used to spot lots of these kind on her web favourites. As I peaked through the curtain I saw her bent over the arm of the couch with her ass in the air being taken from behind by Dave. Moaning and panting Dave was fucking her hard.. His big balls were slapping hard against her swollen cunt lips and Joanne was rubbing her clit against the couch and begging for more.

“Caught you, you bastards” I shouted as I pulled the curtain back. Dave withdrew with an almighty start and nearly fell over. Joanne immediately swung around. Her lace bra was still on but revealing her pert nipples. Her labia was red and swollen and her cunt dripping uncontrollably. Dave’s foreskin was pulled backwards over his 7 inch cock revealing his end which had already stared to deflate with the shock of this rude intrusion.

Both looked scared and vulnerable. At last I had her and her lover where I wanted them. I could feel my cock begging to harden in my boxer shorts at the excitement.

“ Right you two” I said forcefully, “you have a choice. Either I beat the crap out of Dave and tell his wife, the board of Governors and the rest of the school what has been going on, or you can let me watch you continue to fuck this afternoon and let me join in.”

Both looked at each other and gave a nervous laugh. Joanne turned to me and smiled and said “Well my sexy hubby, I think we’ll opt for the latter” “Yes very well” said Dave with a look of relief on his face.

I asked them both to go upstairs and got Dave and Joanne to lie down on the bed next to each other. I asked Dave to play with Jo’s tits. She has amazing size 36 Gs with beautifully pert, brown nipples that point straight ahead.

As Dave played with her tits I put my head between her legs and started lapping up the copious juice that had already been prepared by Dave down stairs. As I was sucking her clit and sticking my tongue up her hole I could distinctly taste Dave’s cock residue he had left behind. This got me horny.

While I was enjoying the taste of my wife's freshly fucked pussy, Dave propped her head up with a couple of pillows and presented his pelvis infront of her face.

Joanne greedily took both of Dave’s balls into her mouth and began to give his salty bollocks and good sucking. Spitting them out her tongue began to lick upwards from the base of his shaft towards his now bulbous bell end. Popping it into her mouth she started to give head creaming Dave off with her lips begging to take his cock deeper into her mouth. Dave’s cock had a stong smell that filled the room with sex and lust.

“That’s enough” I said “I want to see you straddle him.” They duly obeyed and Dave lay on the bed with his penis pointing bolt upright at the ceiling.

Joanne glided her herself down on Dave’s veiny rod facing him and began to move her herself up and down. I started to lick her nipples as Dave arched his back and thrust himself deeper in my sweetheart. Joanne told me afterwards that she had never produced so much juice as when she was on Dave with me licking her tits. I could recall hearing her wetness squelch against Dave’s bollocks as her rhythm got faster and Jo rubbed her clit against Dave’s pelvic bone.

Then Joanne began to initiate proceedings. Changing the angle of Dave’s cock she lifted her ass into the air. This can not be true I thought - my ultimate fantasy! “Fuck my ass you dirty bastard” Joanne screamed out. Despite the bravado I knew that this would be a delicate operation as her bum hole was virgin tight. Dave instinctively slowed down as I got the lube out of by bedside draw and wiggled a bit with my finger around her small, dark entrance. As I did so she readily pushed towards me. I withdrew and she sighed. A few moments later to her delight I gently pressed two lubed fingers a little more firmly into her hole entrance. Again she moved down greedily and again I withdrew. “ Put your fucking cock in me” she snapped. I dutilfully obeyed and I placed my red and swollen end at the entrance of her shithole and gently pressed it against her. I could tell by the time it took that Jo was finding it painful but she perstied while Dave patiently watched his mistress learn to take it up the ass. Finally I was in and Jo relaxed and enjoyed the two cocks slowly rubbing together against her muscle walls.

By this stage all of us were gagging to let go, not wanting to be the first one we all were holding off. Dave facing Jo took his hand and began to rub her clit between his thumb and two finger tips. This was more than Jo could take and she began to have the biggest climax she ever experienced. As her muscles rippled against our swollen dicks, I could feel the juice in my balls begin to move. I stopped moving up and down and just pressed in. Jo moaned. As she came it felf like her ass locked even tighter on my to cock and I emptied a whole lot of spunk into her. It was as if each spurt of creamy cum launched out of my dick landed in slow motion. This gave Dave permission to frantically push up and down releasing the thick liquid contents of his large bollocks deep into Jo crying out feebly as he orgasmed.

We all lay helplessly on the bed. Jo is usually pristine in cleaning herself immediately after sex but I could see cum pour out of both entrances on to our lovely clean sheets as she lay back and savoured the moment for at least ten minutes afterwards.