Written by Adrian

30 Jun 2008

Some years ago I was working for a Japanese company in the UK and one of the benefits was a trip to Japan. I won't bore you with all the details except to say it was a wonderful experience, quite apart from what I am about to relate to you now. I was in my late twenties at the time and one day we had a free evening. A friend and I decided that we would like, if possible, to visit a typical Japanese bar, as opposed to the tourist places we had already been to.

We left the hotel, which was right by the Royal Palace gardens, and walked along the road. Neither of us could speak more than a few words of the language but we saw a girl standing on a corner we soon came to. I asked if she spoke English, she did, in fact she had just left her evening class for English language. We explained to her what we wanted. She laughed and told us that she knew just the place and would take us there.

She led us along the road, only a couple of hundred yards or so, to a an office skyscraper building, However, we didn't go inside but down a flight of steps that led underneath the building and there, to our surprise, was a bar. She took us in, it was very basic and she introduced us to a couple, I guessed in their late thirties, who ran the place and we ordered beer and a drink for the girl. We then sat down at a table with our backs to the wall.

When we looked around I noticed that the bricks with which the wall was constructed were concave. I asked why, she told us that the bar was centuries old and that the bricks were worn like that by so many people leaning back against them over the centuries.

We stayed in the bar a long time, the owners and other men in the bar were delighted that we had found them and we were treated to many bows of friendship.

In the end we left with the girl whose name was Misome (pronounced Miss-o-may). She was very pretty, petite with a nice figure, as always with Japanese women, we found it difficult to assess her age. As we left the bar she said that she loved the company of English men, we smiled politely and said, 'Oh, yes?' She then said that she had never experienced being with an Englishman, she understood that we were 'larger' than Japanese men. At first we thought that she meant physical size, but further conversation proved that she meant in sexual terms.

'I would love to go with you,' she said. There was no mistaking this time what she meant, I looked at Pete and we sort of nodded to each other. I said, 'Okay, where?' She smiled, 'Please come with me.' She led us to a building that comprised hundreds of small flats and to her place which was on the tenth floor, 'It is for students,' she told us.

We followed her in, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all very tiny compared to what we were used to. She said, 'We shower!' She stripped in front of us and stepped in the shower, we followed suit when she had finished. The she led us to her bedroom, it was decorated and furnished in a very feminine fashion.

She had a lovely body and, unusually I believe, at least at the time, she was shaved. She had small breasts with little pink nipples, a plump mound and a neatly lipped cunt. We all got on her single bed somehow and began kissing and fondling each other. She drew in her breath sharply when she saw our erect cocks, Pete and I were very similar, around seven inches with me being a little thicker than my friend.

Misome's breasts were incredibly firm and she loved it when we each took a nipple and sucked and licked them. It was obvious that she was becoming aroused and I noticed the lips of her cunt swelling and parting. I caressed them, in moments they were slippery with her juice and her inner lips protruded. While Pete continued sucking her nipples and being wanked by Misome I went down on her. I spread her legs and heard her gasp as I kissed her cunt lips then used my tongue.

She was moaning and crying out in Japanese, she grabbed my head and forced it tighter into her cunt. I tongue fucked her then sucked her clit. She came. She came very noisily, she said something in Japanese, it sounded as if she were pleading. Then she said in English, 'I want it inside me.'

I looked at Pete, he said, 'If I don't fuck her soon I shall shoot my load anyway.' 'Go on then,' I replied, moving away and he mounted her. Misome's face was screwed up as he entered her as if in pain, 'Ai! So big!' she said. Pete fucked her gently but didn't last long and he was soon coming up her. She cried out, smiling with delight. Pete flopped on her for a minute or so then rolled off.

I mounted her, looking at her cunt which was now open, I saw her inner lips had extended out over the outer ones and that she had a big swollen clit for the size of her cunt. Spunk was beginning to drool out of her love canal.

I entered her, she was very tight but easy to get into because she was so wet and there was so much spunk lubricating her, I pushed up inside her hot passage, spunk squirting out onto both our thighs. I fucked her harder than Pete had, it was messy but so erotic especially as she had become very excited and was working hard against my thrusts. She moaned loudly and suddenly came, her cunt contracting on me. I managed to ride out that one but a few minutes later she clamped everything on me and her cunt grip was so tight that I exploded deep inside her.

I shot half a dozen fierce spurts and there was loads of cum filling her. I flopped and she kissed me. She kept on saying things in Japanese and I could feel her body throbbing for ages afterwards. She must have been pretty experienced for before I rolled off she had taken Pete's cock in her mouth and was sucking and licking it for all she was worth.

'Oh, my God,' Pete gasped, 'she's got me hard, I've got to fuck her again!' Misome let Pete's cock slip from her mouth, she held it, 'What you call this?' she asked. 'Cock,' I replied, I pointed to her cunt, 'Cunt,' then simulated fucking, 'Fucking!' Misome, covered her mouth as Japanese women tend to do when they want to laugh, 'Ah!' she said, 'You tell me naughty words!' We all laughed and Pete said, 'I want to fuck you again, alright?' 'Oh yes please, I like 'fuck' many times!' She giggled again with her hand to her mouth. Pete mounted her and began fucking hard, 'Oh, I like, I like very much!' Misome cried.

This second time, like most men who can manage more than once, Pete lasted a lot longer. While he fucked, her Misome took my cock in her mouth and began sucking and licking it, it didn't take long for me to become hard and I began fucking her mouth. When his breath started to shorten, Misome said, 'I like watch you finish over me.' Pete obliged a moment or two later. He wasn't a great shooter but he had a reasonable amount of spunk and coated her breasts, then rolled off totally exhausted, 'It's called coming,' he told her, 'and this is spunk.'

I took my cock out of Misome's mouth and mounted her again. I fucked her hard and fast for a couple of minutes then settled down to a long-term fuck. Half an hour later I felt the sap rising for a second time, I pulled out, grabbed my cock and a couple of strokes later shot my load. I aimed at Misome's face, she didn't flinch as it landed, not once but two or three times, the rest joined Pete's on her breasts. I rolled off. 'I like, I like very much,' Misome said and kissed me with her spunky mouth, I licked spunk off her face and pushed my tongue into her mouth.

'Hai,' she said, 'I like too!' I gave her lots more to swallow. After that we all lay back to recover. Pete said, 'So how did you like being fucked by Englishmen Misome?' 'I like, I like very much, big 'cocks', much...er spunk, very nice, better than Japanese boy. I like to fuck with you more! I like very much, much fucking!'

Well, we arranged to meet her again and we all fucked some more, this time in several different positions. She liked it doggy-style, but she was certainly a true cock lover, she told us that she'd had more cock and spunk with us than she'd ever had before, 'I think I come to England and fuck English boys!' she said. I wonder whether she did?