Written by maxblythe

2 Jul 2010

Having recovered from the session with Lucy and Jennie ,I was looking forward to the more tranquil environment next door .I did not have Liz's phone number ,so chancing she would be home I called ,needing to tell her what materials would be required and to check when would be suitable for her to recieve the delivery .As she answered the door it was clear something was different ,the warm welcome was absent ,I was worried that cow Lucy had divulged the gory details from yesterday ,however before I could say anything she indicated with a nod of her head that someone was in the house ,"hi Max do come in " ,taking the hint I apologised for calling unannounced and started to explain about the materials ,"who is it " a man's voice demanded ,"it's Max ,the man who is doing the building work " she pulled her face as she replied ,"well bring him through,I wan't to ask him some questions" shrugging her shoulders she took me through to the lounge .A small ,chunky man was sat on the huge sofa ,which only served to minimise his stature ,"this is my husband " said liz ,I leaned forward to shake hands ,he just looked at me "so you want £150 pounds a day then ,just for building this flower bed ?" ,I was amazed at his arrogance ,"most certainly I do ,but if you can't afford it no problem I understand " Liz smirked and I thought he was going to explode .Regaining some of his composure "of course I can bloody afford it ,but its only a small sodding wall for christ sake " taking a deep breath I replied ,"well firstly before I build the wall I will dig out a trench ,which is over 80 feet long ,then mix 3tonnes of concrete for the footings , then build the wall then fill the bed with six tonnes of top soil ,oh and by the way all materials and soil will have to be brought around the house in a wheel barrow by me ,so yes its just a small wall " . Before he could speak I turned to Liz ,here's the material list ,and my phone numbers on the bottom ,I think you need to chat it through with your husband and let me know if you want to have the job done ", with that I turned and went to the door ,"bye thanks for the enquiry " I smiled at Liz and closed the door behind me .

As I drove off I thought well that's fucked that,maybe descretion would have been the best option ,instantly remembering the smug little bastard,no fuck him .It could only have been five minutes ,when my mobile rang "Max ,it's Liz ,when do you want to make the delivery ,would tomorrow be OK ?" I replied that it would ,and offered to be present when the lorry arrived to ensure it went smoothly ,"that would be lovely ,thankyou I'm afraid my husband won't be here tomorrow ,but I'm sure we will manage without him , see you tomorrow " with that the line went dead .All arrangements were quickly made with the builders merchant for a delivery at ten the following day ,so alls well that ends well !!

The following morning I arrived at 9.45 ,removing the barrow and shovel from my boot ,Liz came to the door a beaming smile on her face "have you time for a coffee ? I nodded "it will have to be quick though,the wagons on it's way " I followed her into the house ,as she closed the front door she turned and kissed me "I'm so sorry about yesterday ,he really is a horrible little man " smiling I pulled her to me ,planted a long kiss on her lips ,and assured her that no harm was done ,and couldn't resist commenting that I was so relieved he wasn't in the kitchen yesterday !! Liz just blushed remembering fucking in his kitchen just wearing holdups and stilleto's ,"yes that would have been awkward " she stuttered ,then laughed "you dirty boy ". Saved by the bell the lorry arrived ,supervising the unloading I started moving materials around to the garden as soon as it left .Fortunately it was a dull day ,after moving 250 blocks ,and three tonnes of sand ,cement and gravel I was drenched in sweat ,I had removed my shirt long since but sweat was pouring down my back . Liz came out with a coffee ,"why not take a break ,you look shattered" taking the coffee ,and lighting a well earned cig I explained I only had to cover the cement and would then have half an hours break ,then I could start on the trench . She went into the house reappearing immediately with a towel ,starting to dry my torso ,"god you're wet through ,aren't you uncomfortable ?" I couldn't help laughing "this job is going to be like this ,even though it's only a small wall " pulling a face "OK mister sarcastic,what will you have for lunch " she asked ,explaining I wasn't hungry I asked for another coffee,she beconed me through to the kitchen ,handing me the coffee she got to work with the towel ,first my back then she moved around to work on my chest and stomach .When I was dried to her satisfaction she spoke "oh by the way I should have told you but you can't work afternoons " laughing at my puzzled expression "you see I have other plans for you ,and we can start now with a shower ,follow me " . She led the way upstairs and in to I assumed her bedroom ,turning to me she undid my belt and the buttons of my jeans ,"now you get out of these damp cloths and I'll run you a shower " returning quickly she watched me loose my clothing ,"now you get a good soak and I'll be waiting for you ".I must admit to feeling dissapointed ,I had expected her to join me.

The bathroom was huge ,a maasive spa bath in one corner and a shower cubicle in the other ,both of a size more in keeping with a sports club ,into the hot cascade of water and steam and the usual aches and pains vanished .When all the soap had been washed away I enjoyed a couple of minutes longer ,just letting the needle spray invigorate my body .Then a quick towel down ,wrapping the towel around my waist before going back into the bedroom ,Liz was in bed,lay on her side facing me ,turning back the covers on the empty side "well are you going to join me ? if not at least drop the towel so I can look at you " As the towel fell to the floor I couldn't help thinking what a source of surprise Liz was , she initialy looked as if butter wouldn't melt ,but I guess still waters do run deep !! . As I slid into her bed she fell onto me ,covering my face and chest with kisses ,her hands exploring my body,as if they were checking that I had dried myself fully ,"just lie still ,leave everything to me "her voice husky ,the tone brooking no challenge . She wrapped her fingers around my cock ,which as yet was not fully erect ,her eager hands quickly corrected this situation as she slid her fingers along its full length,her attentions now concentrated on the tip ,sliding beneath the sheets her wet mouth found its target .She used her mouth slowly licking and sucking ,but not to achieve my orgasm ,more designed to gradually increase arousal ,this was achievd ,I thought my cock was goung to split in two ,it had never seemed bigger ,rock hard and throbbing to her every movement .She maintained this state of arrousal for a full five minutes without once getting me near comming ,it was so rigid it was in danger of becoming painfull ,lifting her lips away from me her head reappeared above the sheets ,throwing them back she straddled my thighs and expertly guided my throbbing tool into her pussy .Her eyes never left mine as she slid slowly down the shaft ,inching herself onto me ,every movement measured and precise ,everything geared to maximum arousal and minimum stimulation ,she was going to make this last .And so it was for ten minutes she slowly rode me ,sometimes stopping to lean forward so I could use my mouth on her tits ,sometimes leaning way back showing me all her body impaled on my dick ,but all the time maintaining pressure on my cock with her tight ,tight pussy!! I was begining to think she was trying to kill me with pure pleasure ,lifting herself off my member she turned around ,now straddled but facing away ,remounting and with each movement knowing I could see my prick vanishing into her ,whilst at the same time gaining extra stimulation .Her movements became more deliberate ,lifting so just the very tip stayed in her ,knowing that I could see the rest of my cock ,with just her pussy lips wrapped around its tip ,her arse gapping as she held her pose ,"for fuck sake get me fucked " I ordered " if you're not carefull my head will explode " looking over her shoulder a tiny ,wicked smile crossed her face .All my urging accomplished was more of the same slow ,erotic sexual stimulation ,that is until she decided the time was right ,slowly she eased off my prick and moving her bum slightly towards my chest started to slowly wank my aching tool .Gripping me tight in her fist wanking the full length,"does he want to come then ?" using a little girly voice ,obviously enjoying my tension ,and gently taking the piss ,"well I suppose we could " still making no move other than her slow wanking ,"do yo want me to fuck you now ?" not waiting for any reply she stood then lowered herself slowly down,watching my face as supporting her weight on her knees, she slowly impaled herself on my prick .With this sight I lost it completely grabbing her slender waist and thrusting my hips upwards to ram my prick into her ,now she returned my vigour in full ,fucking like a mad thing ,grinding herself onto the deep thrusts ,"come on then give it to me ,yes let me have that spunk " her voice urgent ,matching her violent thrusts ,hunching forward slightly ,her hands resting on my ribs she tightened her grip with her pussy ,her long strokes quickly bringing me to the very edge .As I tightened she sensed the change ,pumping even faster until finally the stream of spunk shot from my body ,as I groaned she fucked harder "every last drop ,I want every last little drop "she growled ,punctuating her comment with slow ,aggressive thrusts .At last she was satisfied I had no more to give ,falling forward onto my chest ,her arms around my neck ,her deep breathing flowing through her chest into my body ,at last she moved planting a deep kiss on my lips she spoke "let's hope the wall takes a little longer than expected ,I think our afternoons will be so much fun " and I think she may just be right !!