Written by Les

9 Jul 2009

Hi, this is the follow on from the story we posted on Thursday, May 28th.

Most of the renovation work Alan set us up with is now done, a few odds and sods is all that's left. We expected Lisa would have to fuck him and his colleagues again, but not that he would offer to put us in touch with some more work as well.

We attended a BBQ on Saturday just gone, where we were introduced to Rory, late 40's and a bit over six feet, strongly built with a flabby gut, a builder type if ever there was. And black!

Lisa was interested right away, she has never had a black guy before. And Rory was the contact for more work.

The work would be in Cornwall rather than local, but that is not unusual, and he liked the work my troops had done for Alan.

Late in the afternoon, and the party was on the run down for most folks, and Angus pulled me aside and said he was so keen to have Lisa again he was having trouble waiting. I told him to speak to Lisa, not me, I am not that way inclined! Laughing, he went over to Lisa and whispered in her ear. Two minutes later and they had both sloped off.

The most private place would seem to be Alan's office in the former front bedroom, he is divorced and lives alone.

Apparently, Angus was so wound up it was just, get naked from the waist down, over the desk from behind and after a quick finger, get on with it. The hurried and rough element helped Lisa to cum before Angus did, and ten minutes after they left, both were reunited with their drinks.

Angus spoke to Rory soon after he returned, and Rory spoke to Lisa. And off they went.

Lisa was several minutes later than Rory in coming back. And she looked flushed. Rory had taken her to the office, (it was a business deal after all!) and stripped her naked in short order, removing his own clothes from the waist down, to reveal a very long cock, of average thickness. He said that as Lisa was already wet they could get right on with it, sat Lisa on the edge of the desk and laid her back, putting her legs on his shoulders. Even though he took it slow, he had to pass Lisa a small dictionary to bite on so as to stop her crying out.

Rory had only put about 2 thirds of his cock into Lisa's wet hole when he passed any previous cock's reach. She was coming already. Working up the full length a bit at a time, Rory still gave Lisa a most memorable fuck, eventually getting into a smooth rhythm which he kept up until Lisa lost track of time and just kept coming, and biting hard on the book.

With a groan Rory let go a torrent of cum and stayed inside Lisa until they had both settled, and then left her to recover alone for a while.

The sex had rather sobered Lisa, so she took to the drinks for a bit and looked forward to the end of the party.

Alan's nearest neighbor is 60 to 70 yards away, so no one can over look his garden, and as Alan saw off the last visitor to leave, around 8.30, Angus and Lee were removing Lisa's blouse and bra, and Angus stopped to fondle the breasts while Lee removed everything else, as Lisa was sitting on a wooden bench. Lee began to finger Lisa as Rory brought out a thin double mattress, camping style, from the shed to place under the awning, away from the threatening rain.

Lee opened Lisa's legs further and got between them, cock at the ready, and slid straight in. Angus, looking up from her breasts briefly, said "Hey, the lady's still all creamed up, gagging she is, gagging!" Ignoring Angus, Lee set up his own rhythm and got going, hard. Lisa looked over at me, smiled, and came, glazing over for a minute or so.

Lee then got Angus to help set up his own favorite position. He sat on the bench and had Lisa dropped onto his cock, her back to him, and pulled her arms back. I must say she really looks horny like that. Even more so when Rory got down and began to lick her clit. Lisa was soon ready to come again, and I was forced to put my cock in her mouth to keep the noise down as she cried out from the pleasant torture. I made it worse by playing with her nipples, which were like the wheel nuts on a lorry by now.

When Lee had shot his bolt, Lisa was carried, in the same position, to the mattress and laid on her back. Alan was in like a flash to thrust his own hard on up her, and after a couple of minutes, he too shot his bolt. As he did so, I shot mine onto Lisa's face as I slipped out of her mouth.

Angus was next, lifting Lisa's feet to his shoulders, he knelt over her and thrust into her already at full tilt.

Lisa was on another world, unfocused and moaning continually as she was fucked, and she could not recall later who did what when, after she was sat on Lee on the bench. Until Angus was done.

Rory had a cushion which he placed under Lisa's rear, and carefully placed him self in position to fuck her, with her shins tucked under his armpits. Four or five thrusts and he was again in a place where only he had reached before. Lisa came right away and pulled Rory down for a snog. It was a bit messy and stopped as Rory gave a harder push, making Lisa lose control a bit, and he then set into his pace, about two thrusts a second, long and deep, and Lisa was one long, low orgasm for the next twenty to thirty minutes as Rory pleasured himself and her. The rest of us grabbed another drink and sat down to watch, we did not even see when it started to rain. Lisa was glowing.

The only noise other than Lisa and Rory was the occasional comment from Angus, crude but in praise of Lisa's body or libido. And then, eventually, Rory was ready to come. Raising himself over Lisa and forcing her legs over her head, he gave a couple of groans and and some harder deeper thrusts, making Lisa peak again, and he poured more cum into her.

As Rory relaxed we just had to give a ripple of applause. Lisa was almost asleep in about a minute, just laying in a pool of juices and glowing, Rory needed feeding and the rest of us needed another drink.

While we all had hard ons, and really wanted to fuck Lisa to gain our own release, I think we were all aware of having to follow Rory, and not being up to it. Angus's frustration finally got the better of him, and rolling Lisa over, he replaced the cushion under her and slid his cock into her bum, using the fluids already in place as lubricant, and quickly got up to speed. I could not tell what sort of groans Lisa was making but I needed my own finish too much to take full notice. Later she admitted we could have called in the Army and she would have been just the same, limp and available, just a pure sex object.

Angus proclaimed, "Take this you cum dump, your taking it all up yer arse!" and let rip, looking like his life force was leaving him through his cock, and he rolled off onto the grass and went even more limp than Lisa. I was to quick for the rest and followed Angus into Lisa's bum, not lasting any longer than him. Alan and Lee followed me.

It was about an hour before the night cooled enough to send us inside. Lisa wanted a bath, the rest of us had a quick shower and left her to soak, and Lee and Angus had to get going.

Lisa came down some time later in a short bath robe she found upstairs. Rory and I had talked business and Rory had declared the need to fuck Lisa again. I could not for a moment believe she would abject. And when Rory said, "What the hell do you want clothes on for? Lose the robe and get on the floor, it's time for you to get more cock!" Lisa just dropped the robe and lay down on it, legs apart.

Rory began by tonguing her to another orgasm before moving up and placing his bell end just inside her lips. He then said "Tell us all that you want some more cock because you are a cock addict, go on!" It was said in such a soft voice it was barely a command, but Lisa did it anyway, and as she got to the word 'addict', Rory gave it to her. Lisa let out a loud, "Ohhh" and wrapped her legs around him. The next 20 to 30 minutes were full of bouncing tits, peaks and troughs of orgasm, and frustrating but interesting viewing for Alan and me. I did not know I could get another rise that hard after the previous action, but it was almost painfully hard. Seeing my partner in such a state of ecstasy and lust for so long is just great.

Rory had them both roll over so Lisa could ride him but she had no strength, so they rolled back and he carried on pumping her until he said, "Enough. My turn now!" This seemed to mean it was his turn to have the fun. Lifting Lisa's legs again, he plowed into her red and puffy lips harder and faster, making her go off balance again, and soon groaned another load into her well used hole, where, before Lisa could even tell he had gone, I planted my hard on to spray my own sperm after his. Alan took over as Lisa calmed down, and for the first time he commented as he fucked her. "God, you could teach whores to take cock Lisa, fucking whores!" and shot his load on top of mine.

Lisa does not recall that, or even me getting in after Rory, but that is hardly surprising, she just was Alan that had her last.

We stayed the night, leaving Sunday lunch time, and Lisa will be seeing Rory again, as part of our (unwritten) deal for the work he will give my firm, is that Lisa will fuck him again. And she was willing to put that in writing even if we were not.