Written by Annon slut

22 Jan 2018

I’m going to have to make up our names for obvious reasons but I’m 28 and married to ‘Phil’ who is 41. Phill is a lovely man and I love him dearly but he has let himself go and the only way I enjoy sex with him is when I’m on top because he is so big now I feel uncomfortable with him on top. I know you will think me a bitch but I’m just telling it as it is.

Last year we went to Spain as usual to his uncles villa. His uncle, Paul’ is 58 but in amazing shape, handsome, muscular & physically fit, his wife ‘Angela’ who is the same age also looks after herself. There was an attraction the first time I met his uncle but there was nothing more than flirting. That was 5 years ago but since ‘Phil’ had let himself go I sometime fantasise about Paul being between my legs although I had never intended doing anything about it.

But something changed on this holiday. Paul looked tougher and hotter that I had ever seen him and phil in his shorts looked fatter and lazier. It was a miserable holiday and I had to think about work and so on so as not to let my mind wander to the bedroom with me on my back with Paul on top of me. But one morning I let myself slip. We had breakfast and I had just come out of the shower and was standing with a towel round me looking out of the patio doors. My husband was sunbathing looking away and Paul was sitting with his legs in the water. I let my towel slip, confident he couldn’t see me behind the blinds. I touched myself and at one point I lost balance and had to put my hand on the glass to steady myself. I hadn’t been concentrating and when I looked up Paul was looking at me, his hand under his shorts. He was looking at me biting his lip.

I glanced at my husband and back to Paul who made a sleeping gesture telling me that Phil was asleep. What I should have done is covered myself but what I did was press my breasts against the glass and touch myself. Paul pulled out his thick cock and started to pleasure himself before tucking it away as Phil started to sit up. I moved away shocked at what I had just done.

After lunch Pauls wife ‘Angela’ says that she need to go shopping and asks Phil to help her. He complained that he wanted to lay by the pool but Paul and Angela both told him that he needed to pull his weight and help out so reluctantly he agreed. He said I was to come as well but Angela told him that I was on holiday as well and that it doesn’t take 3 to shop. Phil sulked for ages but in the end agreed. As they started to walk out Angela turned to me and said ‘we’ll be a couple of hours, she took my hand and told me to ‘have fun’. At the precise moment I think she was telling me that she knew what had happened and was ok with it.

I waved them off as they left and closed the door. Paul poured me a glass of wine and walked to the pool. I followed and say at the table. He finished his glass and slid into the water.

I watched him, I knew what I wanted to do but was unsure. Paul said I should het in the water so I did as I was told. We just swam and floated for a while but in the end I went to the shallow end and lay my head on my elbows and looked out at the nearby hill. Paul came up behind me and put his hands on my hips. I could feel his cock pressing against my backside. He moved a little and his soaking wet shorts slapped onto the hot slab about 3 ft from my elbows. I felt his cock pressing against me again but this time the was no material.

He kissed my cheek, I told him we shouldn’t and he said that he knew. But I didn’t stop him from pulling my swim suit from my shoulders down to my waist.

I just wanted him to touch my bare breast but he didn’t. He kissed my neck and my back, then pushed my swimsuit down my legs and pushed it away with his legs. Then he touched me, his hands cupped my breasts, his fingers rolled around my nipples.

We stood there for a while before he picked me up with his powerful arms and moved me to the end of the pool. He turned me round and sat me on the edge. He stood there, his powerful dark tanned body, his muscular arms and stomach and his thick long muscular cock.

His tongue gently entered my mouth before he climbed out and got a towel to lay on the floor behind me. Then he climbed back in and lay me on my back. His tongue rolled from my mouth to my breasts then tummy and finally between my legs. He was an expert and made me cum in moment but that was just the starters. After he had finished pleasuring me with his mouth he pulled me up and carried me into the pool lifted me a little with his powerful arms then lowered me onto his shaft.

Despite the fact that his girth was such that he stretched me he slid in with easy. His tongue explored my lips and his hand caressed my breasts and aching nipples and we gently fucked.

We just made love gently, the water hardly moving and it was wonderful but we needed more and for the next hour we had more. He led me back to the shallow end, lifted me off his cock and turned me around and onto my knees and entered me again. I could feel his ribbed shaft sliding in deep and then pulling away until it was almost out before sliding back in a deep as it would go. His finger deep in my anus and I came again. But then it became more urgent. He rolled me onto my back onto the towel he had previously laid on the paving and guided himself into me again and this time there was no love making, we fucked and we fucked hard.

I remember almost begging him to be rough with me, maybe it would make me feel better about betraying my husband. Paul held my head down with his powerful hand and fucked me again and again. I squeezed my breasts but he slapped them away and did it himself. I got carried away and demanded that he talk dirty to me, I told him to call me a slut, He stopped for a second and then started again, calling me a ‘dirty bitch’ and a ‘ slut’. He asked ‘ do you like my cock slut?’

In the end I had the deepest most exquisite longest lasting orgasm of my life and even as I lay there shaking he still fucked me. In the end his cock exploded cum and I felt it pour into me and we lay there exhausted.

We didn’t say anything for a while until he sat up and made sure that I knew that he didn’t’ think I was a slut. We laughed and then had sex again. Afterwards we chatted about Phil and how it was with us, I asked if Angela suspected and he laughed and said it was her idea. I looked at him and even when his cock was soft it was impressive. I went to take it in my mouth again but the front door opened. We grabbed out swimwear and got dressed and back into the water.

Phil and Angela came in with the bags, Angela looking cool and happy, Phil sweaty and sulking. Angela came to the pool and asked how things were. Paul said ‘amazing’ Angela laughed and said that was great to hear. We watched Angela make Phil empty the bags and as we did Paul stood beside me and took my hand and put it inside his shorts to show me that he was hard again. I was devastated that I could make use of it again but he had other ideas. He pulled me out of site of the kitchen where Phil Angela where busy putting good away, tossed himself off as quickly as he could before pushing his cock into my mouth and squirting the last of his cum onto my tongue. And as quickly as his cum had landed in my mouth he tucked himself away and we walked into the kitchen.

I felt a slut but it was a good feeling for a change. Paul and I fucked every day for the next week with Angela’s blessing and it felt wonderful and my husband didn’t even notice.