Written by Steve_Johnston

1 Dec 2012

After Sue and I had taken Linda dogging, we were all on our bed naked after having showered and had a bit more “fun”, we discussed the night’s events in detail. Sue had said although our threesomes were fantastic, we generally went through more or less the same routine every time.

To be honest I wasn’t complaining. How many blokes get to have regular sex with two fit girls at the same time, and be able to sit and watch the best girl on girl action you can imagine? We had been having our regular threesomes for getting on close to a year at that point, and we were all completely relaxed in each others company and all went with the flow.

Sue said “I’ve been thinking about what that woman we met said” “what was that” I asked. “She said that everyone has a pain threshold, and once you’ve found it, it’s a real turn on”. “I wouldn’t much fancy having my bare arse, thrashed until there are welts on it, and I can’t see how that could be a turn on”, I responded. Linda came in with “yes, but that’s the point, that woman might get off being beaten until she bleeds, whereas others might fine a slap of the arse cheek a turn on, as Sue said you just need to fine your own level”. “Well if you two want me to “punish” you bad girls I’ll gladly oblige, but you ain’t caning my arse”. “Oh yeah, we’ll see about that” said Sue and then leapt on me shitting across my shoulders, pinning me face down on the bed. “Sit on his legs Lin” said Sue. I then felt Linda’s weight on my legs. To be honest neither of them was more than nine stone wringing wet, and I could easily have pushed them off, but I was intrigued to see what Sue had planned. Sue sat upright and turned to face Linda, the next thing I felt a sting on my left buttock as Sue slapped it. “Who said anything about caning” said Sue as she slapped the right cheek. “Come on Linda let’s give it to him”. They then both proceeded to slap my arse until I could feel it glowing red. I can’t say I felt any pain it was just a tingle, and having two naked women sitting on me smacking my arse was a real turn on. I said “OK, I give in, let me turn over and you two keep the same positions”. They both moved off me and I rolled onto my back, “OK, Sue sit on my face”. Sue moved across me and lowered her wet pussy onto my mouth, my tongue wasted no time finding her hold, and I licked the length of her crack, pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could and then flicked it across her clit. I had a raging hard cock pointing skywards. I felt weight across my legs and then my erect cock being held firmly, there being no one else in the room my correct assumption was that it was Linda doing the holding. I then felt her warm mouth close over my engorged knob, and begin a sensual blow job. I could hear Sue moaning as my tongue serviced her moist cunt and clit, a few moments later I felt extra weight on my face as Sue pushed her throbbing clit against my tongue, and let out a gasp as she came.

Once Sue returned to the land of the living she joined Linda at my cock, and said “go on Lin, make him pay go sit on his face”. Linda’s cunt soon replaced Sue’s on my mouth and I repeated the service I had given to Sue to Linda and Sue’s mouth replaced Linda’s on my cock. It seemed to go on for ages then Linda shouted “Oh yeah here it comes”, as she shuddered an orgasm over my face. Seconds later I ejaculated into Sue’s warm mouth, and she continued to suck until she had taken every last drop of spunk from my cock into her mouth. By the time I opened my eyes Sue and Linda were lip locked, having their usual spunky French kiss. It has to be one of the hottest things you’ll ever see, watching two gorgeous women swapping your spunk between each others mouths.

Some time later as we all lay there I said, “OK, it was a turn on having my arse slapped, I’ll give you that”. “I don’t think I’d like to have done to me what that woman took, but a bit of dom, sub roll play could be good fun”, replied Sue. “I’ll go on the internet and see it I can fine some props”, said Linda. “So will I” said Sue. “And I’ve got an idea for something Steve can make”, she continued……….Now I was intrigued. And we arranged to re-group the following week.

I’m sure I mentioned in one of my posts that I work from home. I made a lot of money in the late eighties, working in the stock market in London. We both had nice his and hers Merc’s, I’d paid the mortgage off, and we had a tidy little nest egg tucked away in the bank, so I decided to pack everything in and work for myself. My hobby was carpentry and wood turning, so I set up, making bespoke furniture from a workshop in the garden. I would make made to measure book cases and units and then fit them in people’s house’s hence having the Vito van. I find working with wood very relaxing, and when you produce some unique item, also a sense of satisfaction. However I didn’t think I’d be putting my wood working skills to use making what Sue had in mind.

She produced a crude drawing of what looked like a builders “saw horse”, four legs, two at each end, about 3 feet apart at the bottom going up at an angle to join onto a centre panel about a foot wide and 3 feet long. “Thanks, but I’ve got a couple of saw horses already”. “Very funny, smart arse” came Sue’s response “it’s a “punishment bench, if you one end with your legs apart you can attach the ankles to the bottom of the legs of the bench by straps. You can pad the centre bit so the “victims” stomach and chest can lie on it with the head hanging over the end, and the arms hanging down the other set of legs where the wrists can be attached by another set of straps”. “Victim” who are you the “the witch finder general or something”? “Ha, fucking ha. It would be great fun, the person tied to it could get a spanking, or a woman it that position would be just perfect to shag from behind, so we’re not into that full get beaten until you bleed nonsense, but it’d be a real turn on being powerless to what the others were doing to the chosen “victim”, we could all take turns. What do you think”? “I think you’re fucking nuts, but I have to say it could be a good bit of fun, don’t tell Linda I want to see the look on her face when see walks into the bedroom and sees it”. We both stood there and laughed our heads of, for some reason I just found it hilarious. Sorry you had to be there to appreciate it.

During the next couple of days I knocked together Sue’s “punishment bench”. And even if I say so myself, made a pretty good job of it. The legs were very smooth as the last thing I wanted was a splinter in my cock. I got four sheepskin lined dog collars, which I attached at wrist and ankle height on the appropriate legs. Instead of Sue’s idea of letting the head hang over the end, I cut a face sized and shaped hole, similar to a massage table in the centre panel. I then covered the panel with sponge and covered that with a vinyl leatherette type material.

When I showed it to Sue, she said “that’s great; you’d think it had been bought”. “Cheeky bitch, I do, do this for a living you know”. “Sorry hon, that’s not what I meant, it just looks really……….You know, good”. “Well I don’t think we should wait until Linda’s here to see if it’s the right size, it needs testing” I said. “Do you want me to be a bad girl”? “No, I want you to get your kit off and assume the position so I can shag your brains out”. “Trust you to spoil the moment”. “That’s why you love me”. “Don’t get to cocky Stevie boy, true though”.

We both locked our mouths onto each other and had this fantastic French kiss sucking each others tongues as we undressed each other, there and then in my work shop. Sue bent over the bench and placed her face in the hole. I secured her ankles and wrists with the straps, not too tight but tight enough so she would be able to wriggle out of them. “OK, slave lets see what punishment you should get today”. I said in mock acting parody. I gave her arse a couple of playful slaps making in redden. Her beautiful shaven pussy and arse hole were on full view and I parted her labia to expose her clit which I gently rubbed with a finger. “Steve, cane me I want to know what it’s like”. I looked around my work bench and picked up a ¼ inch thick piece of dowel about 2 feet long. I swished it through the air so Sue could hear it. I then placed it against her arse cheeks and pressed down with it so she could feel it against her skin. I then lifted it about a foot and brought it down across both arse cheeks, not hard enough to make a welt but I though pretty hard. Sue gave a gasp. “You OK”? I enquired. “Do it again, a little harder”. “You sure”? “Yes”. I raised the dowel again and gave a second stroke slightly harder than the first, making a clear crack sound as it struck Sue’s flesh. Sue let out a yelp, which concerned me until she said “that’s it give me six straight after each other just like that”. I did as I was instructed, and Sue gave a cry after each stoke, I paused after the third stroke because of Sue’s cry’s and she shouted “please don’t stop, give me six from now”. I administered six strokes to her arse, clearly leaving deep red marks although now quite raised welts. I couldn’t believe it I had a raging hard on. I knelt down behind Sue and began to rim her arse hole with my tongue; Sue began to moan with pleasure and soon began to shudder from an orgasm. I stood and slid my hard shaft deep into Sue’s sopping cunt, I pounded away in Sue’s love hole for a long time, before shooting my thick hot spunk deep inside Sue’s pussy. I withdrew my cock and put my hand between her legs. Soon my spunk oozed from Sue’s gash and collected in my palm. Once I was sure I had gathered as much of my cum as I could I went to the front of the bench and knelt down looking Sue in the face through the hole in the bench. “OK cum slut, time to taste my spunk”. I offered my hand up to Sue’s mouth and she lapped up all my come with her tongue.

After releasing Sue we went back to the house and sat in the lounge. “Well how was it”? I enquired “Oh Steve you have no idea, it was amazing, every stroke of the cane made my clit tingle, it hurt, but…..I can’t describe it, it hurt but in a very erotic way, after about 3 stokes, the next one’s made me feel I was on the verge of cumming, that’s why I told you not to stop, I was hanging right on the edge of cumming every time you hit me. And as soon as you started licking my arse well…That was it I exploded. We’ve done some stuff over the years but I have to say that was the most powerful orgasm I think I’ve ever had”. Holy shit, I though, that’s saying something. “Have to tell you seeing you helpless and then caning you bare arse whilst looking at your wet fanny was a massive turn on”. “I think we have got some thing here” continued Sue “when Linda’s here we can take turns being the victim and the other two, can administer the punishment. I cannot wait”. Neither could I, and the next instalment will give you all the details of the first BDSM session with Linda. Hope you are enjoying my tales. S.