Written by anon

23 Sep 2007

After reading a number of stories on this site, I thought I would add one of my own.

A old lad I know was having trouble with his computer, so asked me if I knew anything about them ?

So I arranged to meet him and the day arrived. His house was typical 1950's look, after all he was in his late 60's and his wife had died many years ago.

His computer was in his front bedroom, so up I went. Anyway I got it sorted out, but noticed he had a top of the range photo printer. "Any change of using that ? ", I asked him, fine was the reply. So back again a few days later.

Opened the files I wanted to print, female nudes mainly, arty shots, his eyes looked around the screen, I joked that I hope he was not offended.

Not up my street he said, tits don't intrest me anymore since my wife died. But he pointed at the screen at the small thumbnail pictures, that looks more like it.

I opened the file, shots of me in the nude.

His eyes lit up, not bad, he said, don't take this the wrong way, I'am not gay, but I always wanted to see another man play with his john thomas.

So I took my top off, then my trousers, for some strange reason, although a exhibitionist, I had always though of my self up to that point as heterosexual.

Off came my pants, he looked me up and down, not bad at all.

My cock was semi stiff, so I started wanking.

He sat on the bed watching and started to undo his trousers, next his hand pulled out his own cock. It was about an inch in length, but thick with it. I to had to admit I had never seen another man wanking, by this point I was rock hard, it had been a long time since my cock was pressing against my belly, early teens at that. Precum made my own cock head shine, he however, was slowly working himself and now had a thick three inch cock with a very big purple head.

He looked at my cock, you young un,s get hard very quick, I have to work at it, mind if I touch your's ? he said.

Nodding I walked over, my cock swinging as I did so. He stood up so he could drop is trousers and pants on the floor.

At that point I noticed he had massive balls !

He sat back down and started wanking me, my cock was not as thick as his, but longer at 6 and half inches, I could feel my heart beating faster, his hand sped up.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum, he said finsh you'r

self off then.

It did'nt take much, cum shot out in the big arc.

He grinned, his own hand working himself, about ten minutes later, a big grunt, and he came, lot's of it.

Well that's it for now.