Written by beep beep

24 Nov 2017

Just a quickie. After a horribly long time without having time for sex due to renovation work at our house, we at last relaxed. I was feeling rampant and grabbed Liz in a tight clinch, kissing her and doing the little things I know get her going without exception. Nibbling ear lobes, licking inside her ear, kissing the back of her neck, gently squeezing her generous breasts and dirty talking to her. She got the picture and asked what my desire was. I immediately suggested she go and get in some sexy gear and we would take a drive somewhere. She kissed me and went towards the bedroom saying 'Don't come up, I will be a few minutes'.

The wait was agony in a way but my cock remained hard and I knew the wait would be well worth it. She called downstairs to ask where I had in mind and I admitted I was not certain, I just wanted her body shown off to some lucky guy or guys.

She came downstairs and opened the door, her heels clicking as they do and she appeared having done her make up very sexy, almost slutty. An old skirt I had not seen for years, in pink, short, just over fifteen inches, with a very daring split which showed the stocking tops and suspender straps. On top she wore a black chiffon blouse with no bra. In fact she looked every inch a high class hooker. We set off in silence, me wracking my brain to think of somewhere we could reliably show her body off while not offending anyone, not an easy task. Lizzie cuddled into me and said 'There is a late night film at the cinema in town if you would like to check that out, I mean we would have to go in separately and sit apart but it might work'. bereft of any other thoughts for the moment I agreed. She had a jacket which slightly covered her body, but the skirt could not hide her stocking tops. We paid our entrance and received plenty of looks from other cinemagoers and a few childish comments from some spotty youths who shut up when I looked at them in a threatening way while not acknowledging that the sexy lady was my wife. They took the hint and left.

Lizzie had her ticket and I mine, with it being a special showing we had allocated seats, she had requested a central position towards the back and I wanted a side aisle, both requests accepted and suitable seats given. I asked if there were many people in and was told it was only one third full, promising I thought. I said I was going to the toilet and gave her time to go in and get seated and not raise suspicion of our situation. I had a raging hard on and I needed to adjust my pants. In the toilet I took a cubicle and removed my pants and stuffed them in my pocket thinking I should have gone commando.

I took my place in the cinema and saw Lizzie was sitting next to a man of around fifty years old, quite casually dressed. They were alone in their row. The audience was mostly in front of them and I saw a perfect position two rows further back than my intended place. The film had begun so it was unlikely any more customers would come in. I settled and saw her take her jacket off and hang it over the empty seat in front. The man next to her turned his head and looked down presumably at her uncovered legs which would be showing all her stockings and quite a lot of suspender straps. My cock twitched and I ignored the screen, concentrating on the show to my right. I saw her turn to the man and say something, then moved slightly lower in her seat and her head rested on his shoulder. He turned half towards her and his left hand was touching her somewhere beyond my vision but I soon realised he was fingering her cunt because she began to move in her seat the way she does when roused. To be continued tomorrow morning, sorry, got to go out